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    Allies - World War 2.png
    Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the USA-icon.png United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japan.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt-icon.png Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    World War II was a global war between the Blue-icon.png Allied Powers and the Red-icon.png Axis powers that spanned between 1939 and 1945. The majority of countryballs eventually split between 2 alliances - the Nazi.gif Japanese-Empire.gif Fascist Italy-icon.png Axis Powers and the UK-icon.png USA-icon.png Soviet-icon.png France-icon.png Allied powers. The conflict was the deadliest in history and saw the advent of the first (and only) use of nuclear weapons in war.

    The war also coincided with the Holocaust, the most extensive in systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing in history, in which up to 11 - 15 million people were exterminated throughout the Nazi.gif German Reich, up to 6 million of which were Jew-icon.png Israel-icon.png European Jews.

    Timeline[edit | edit source]

    Buildup to War (1919-1939)[edit | edit source]

    After German Empire-icon.png German Empireball lost the Great War, Germany-icon.png Germanyball (Weimar Republicball at the time) was humiliated by the UK-icon.png France-icon.png Fascist Italy-icon.png Allied powers of the War, who forced him to sign the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, which took away some of his clay, and also limited his power. Germany-icon.png Germanyball experienced hyperinflation and France-icon.png Franceball invading part of his clay in 1923 after he tried to postpone his reparations, but eventually got back on his feet, and joined the League of Nations-icon.png League of Nations in 1925. In 1929, however, USA-icon.png USAball experienced a stock market crash, which affected all of his indebted, including Germany-icon.png Germanyball, who quickly lost all his money. As a result of his poverty, the unstable Germany, was turned into Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball in 1933 and re-anschlussed his demilitarized clay, known as the Saar, in 1935, then the Rhineland in 1936. Italy-icon.png Italyball, had become Fascism-icon.png Fascist in 1922 and had invaded Albania-icon.png Albaniaball's clay in 1926, then Abyssinia-icon.png Abssyniaball's clay in 1935-36.

    Meanwhile, in East Asia, Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball invaded North-Eastern Chinaball, one of Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball's sons, and took his clay in 1931, renaming him Manchukuo-icon.png Manchukuoball, and then started to go and get the Northern China. Meanwhile, as Nationalist Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball recovered from his split personality disorder in the 1930s, Japanball took advantage of him still being ill and kidnapped then raped him in 1937. USA-icon.png USAball responded by stopping trade with Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball.

    Meanwhile, in Europe, in 1936-37 Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball helped fellow Francoist Spain-icon.png Fascist Spanish to destroy the Spanish republicans Second Spanish Republic-icon.png Spainball, and bomb Basque-icon.png Basqueball in the Spanish Civil War. In 1938 Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball ReichTime.png Anschlussed Austria-icon.png Austriaball and it's clay, and did the same to Czech-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball and his Sudetenland-icon.png Sudetenland clay a few months later. Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball became independent and Moravians-icon.png Bohemiaball and Moraviaball become Protectorate. In 1938, UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball met Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball in Munichball, part of his clay to sign an agreement, in which Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball agreed to stop expanding his clay. However, when he broke the agreement in September 1939 by invading Polandball's clay, under a secret non-aggression pact with Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball, UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball declared war against Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball, after he refused to withdraw from Poland-icon.png Polandball's clay.

    Outbreak of War and Axis Expansion (1939-1942)[edit | edit source]

    Around this time, fellow fascist ball Fascist Italy-icon.png Italyball also ReichTime.png Anschlussed Albania-icon.png Albaniaball and Ethiopiaball, and became allies with Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball and Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball in 1940. Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball ReichTime.png anschlussed the clay of name Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball, Norway-icon.png Norwayball, Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourgball, Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball (family tradition), and Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball, then raped Franceball in May 1940, creating a puppet state, Vichy France-icon.png Vichy Franceball, who inherited France-icon.png Franceball's clay, since she had fled to UK-icon.png UKball's clay. Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball then tried to bomb UK-icon.png UKball's clay but was ultimately defeated and forced to withdraw from it.

    Meanwhile, Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball invaded Finland-icon.png Finlandball for breathing room forRussia-icon (ushanka).pngSaint Petersburgball, and although he won, He had lots more casualties than his enemy, so he invaded Estonia-icon.png Estonia, Latvia-icon.png Latvia, Moldova-icon.png Moldova and Lithuania-icon.png Lithuania instead, causing Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball to wonder if Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball was really that stronk after all. In 1941, Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball invaded Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon.png Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball and Greece-icon.png Greeceball's clay, with some help from Fascist Italy-icon.png Italyball, who later invaded Monaco-icon.png Monacoball's tiny clay. In Yugoslavia the Nazis set up multiple puppet states. Kingdom of Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball, Romania-icon.png Romaniaball, and Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball decided to ally with Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball, in hopes of not being invaded by him. Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball then decided to invade Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball's clay in June 1941. also Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball and UK-icon.png UKball had invaded pahlavi Iranball, since it had joined axis as well.

    Back in East Asia, Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball had invaded and raped France-icon.png Franceball's adoptive son French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball however France-icon.png Adoptive mother Itself Kill and Anschluss by Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball, before forcing Thailand-icon.png Thailandball to ally with him. In December 1941, he bombed USA-icon.png USAball's Hawaiian clay, causing him to declare war on Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball and Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball. Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball responded by raping UK-icon.pngUKball's adoptive children in South pacific,Central pacific, and Southeast Asia, British Hong Kong-icon.png Hong KongballBritish Malaya-icon.png Malaysiaball, British Burma-icon.png Burmaball, British Singapore-icon.png British Tringapore, British Solomon-icon.png British Solomon Islandsball, British Nauru-icon.png British Nauruball and USA-icon.png USAball's adoptive son, Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball and Guam-icon.png Guamball. By 1942, he decided to bomb Australia-icon.png Australiaball by bombing Darwin-icon.png Darwinball and he had also kidnapped Brunei-icon.png Bruneiball, Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East Indiesball, British New Guinea-icon.png Territory of New Guineaball ,Portuguese Timor-icon.png Portuguese Timorball. However, USA-icon.png USAball won a decisive victory on Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball's clay at Midway Island in 1942, then bombed Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball's clay, before taking the Northern Mariana Islands-icon (division).png Saipanball and Guandalcanal-icon.png Guandalcanalball island clay (But Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East Indiesball and French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball lost their own motherlands).

    The Tide Turns (1942-1943)[edit | edit source]

    In June 1941, Nazi Germanyball invaded both Sovietball's clay, and Vichy Franceball's clay in North Africa, his half-brothers French Algeria-icon.png French Algeriaball, French Tunisia-icon.png Tunisiaball, and Italian Libya-icon.png Libyaball. He also bombed British Malta-icon.png British Maltaball's clay, but since this is really rather irrelevant we will move on. On the New Year's Day of 1942, Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball, Dominican-icon.png Dominican RepublicballGuatemala-icon.pngEl Salvador-icon.pngHonduras-icon.pngNicaragua-icon.pngCosta Rica-icon.pngPanama-icon.png Central America, and some countryballs joined with the allies, forming an alliance called "United Nations" to defeat the fascist countryballs, and began to spread across the world. Meanwhile, USA-icon.png USAball helped the British army in North Africa, to defend Kingdom of Egypt-icon.png Egyptball at El Alamein, and eventually liberated France-icon.png Franceball's adoptive North African children from their evil half-brother's control. In 1943, USA-icon.png USAball and Brazil-icon.png Brazilball invaded Kingdom of Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball's southern clay, and UK-icon.png UKball liberated Greeceball's island clay.

    In Eastern Europe, Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball had invaded most of Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's clay, "liberating" Byelorussian SSR-icon.png Byelorussian SSRball, Ukrainian SSR-icon.png Ukrainian SSRball, Transnistria-icon.png Moldovan SSRball, Estonian SSR-icon.png Estonian SSRball, Latvian SSR-icon.png Latvian SSRball, and Lithuanian SSR-icon.png Lithuanian SSRball, with his new ally Finland-icon.png Finlandball, but was bogged down in the winter of 1942-43 by the winter and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's military tactics. He was forced to retreat, and was defeated at Kursk and Stalingrad on Soviet-icon.png Sovietball's clay in 1943. By September 1943, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball had reclaimed most of the SSRballs' clay, and Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball was on the retreat.

    In late 1943, UK-icon.png UKball liberated his sons British Burma-icon.png British Burmaball, British Malaya-icon.png British Malayaball, and British Singapore-icon.png British Tringapore, and his real sons Australia-icon.png Australiaball and New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball helped chase Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball out of Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East Indiesball, British Solomon-icon.png British Solomon Islandsball, and British New Guinea-icon.png Territory of New Guineaball's clay. USA-icon.png USAball landed in his son Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball's clay in 1943, and started fighting with Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball to liberate him.

    In Europe, however, Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball was busy murdering Israel-icon.png Jewcubes on Poland-icon.png Polandball's clay to notice Romania-icon.png Romaniaball, Finland-icon.png Finlandball and Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball abandoning him in favour of the Allies. USA-icon.png USAball pushed up Italyball's clay, but Nazi Germanyball took the rest of it before USAball could liberate it, and he created Fascist Italy-icon.png Italian Social Republicball. Italyball then switched sides to join the Allies. Meanwhile, UKball helped liberate Abyssinia-icon.png Abyssiniaball from Italyball in East Africa.

    Meanwhile, in East Asia, Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball couldn't bear the lack of its money and the policy of "burn all, kill all and loot out" was carried out, though it still couldn't beat the Taiwan-icon.png Chinaball, as Chinaball has a strong determination and the Japanese-Empire.gif Japanball got little clay.

    Defeat of the Axis (1944-1945)[edit | edit source]

    By January 1944, USA-icon.png USAball had liberated most of Kingdom of Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball's clay and Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball's clay in the Battle of Manila, and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball had liberated Poland-icon.png PolandballFile:Czechoslovakia-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball, and  Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon.png Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball's clay, and defeated Romania-icon.png Romaniaball, Finland-icon.png Finlandball and Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball.  UK-icon.png UKball and Free France-icon.png Free Franceball then staged an invasion to liberate Franceball's clay from her Vichy France-icon.png evil son at Monte Cassino in 1944, causing Vichy Franceball to surrender to the Allies (family tradition?). In June 1944, UKball, and his sons Ontario-icon.png Canadaball and USAball landed on Franceball's former clay, and liberated Paris, in September 1944.

    It's important to note that in 1943 and 1944, there were 2 uprisings happening in Poland. The 1943 one is known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising where Polish Jews rose up against the Nazis who were going to transport the remaining ghetto population to Majdanek and Treblinka concentration camps.

    In 1944 another uprising in Warsaw happened as the Soviets were  close to Warsaw and the Polish Underground State-icon.png Polish Underground Stateball hoped to liberate Warsaw before the Soviets arrived. The Warsaw uprising was the single largest military operation carried out by any European Resistance group in World War 2.

    Meanwhile, in the Pacific, USA-icon.png USAball liberated some of Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball's clay, including Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, while UK-icon.png UKball rescued his adoptive son British Hong Kong-icon.png British Hong Kongball and helped Taiwan-icon.png Republic of Chinaball kick out Japanball from his clay, along with Soviet-icon.png Sovietball. By January 1945, USAball had secured the Pacific islands' clay, and Chinaball was heading north. Manchukuo-icon.png Manchukuoball surrendered, while USAball finished up work on a special weapon to be used on either Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball or Japanball.

    In Europe, after the Battle of the Bulge in winter 1944-45, Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball had retreated from the Ardennes, and Luxembourg-icon.png Luxembourgball, Belgium-icon.png Belgiumball, and Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball had been liberated, the last one by Ontario-icon.png Canadaball. Meanwhile, Kingdom of Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball and Monaco-icon.png Monacoball's clay had been liberated by USA-icon.png USAball, and Soviet-icon.png Sovietball had liberated Kingdom of Yugoslavia-icon.png Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball, Kingdom of Hungary-icon.png Kingdom of Hungaryball, a newly liberated Austria-icon.png Austriaball, Poland-icon.png Polandball, and a newly freed Albania-icon.png Albaniaball's clay, rescuing the Israel-icon.png Jewcube that had not been murdered, and had even entered Nazi Germanyball's clay. By March 1945, Sovietball had won the Battle of Berlin, and was in the heart of Nazi Germanyball's clay. UK-icon.png UKball and USAball joined him soon afterwards, and Nazi Germanyball was mortally wounded in late April, and committed suicide on the 8th of May, 1945, ending the war in Europe. His children Germany-icon.png West Germanyball, and East Germany-icon.png East Germanyball were adopted respectively by USAball and Sovietball. ReichRawr-icon.png ReichRawr (aka the Saar) was adopted by France-icon.png Franceball, but eventually given to West Germanyball. Norway-icon.png Norwayball and Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball became free once again after Nazi Germanyball's death in May 1945.

    Meanwhile, Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japanball withdrew from China-icon.png Chinaball, Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball, and South Korea-icon.png Koreaball's clay, and considered surrendering when Soviet-icon.png Sovietball declared war on him, but hesitated to do so until USA-icon.png USAball dropped two nukes on his clay, causing him to surrender in August 1945, ending the war altogether. Sovietball and USAball both adopted the dying Koreaball's children, North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball and South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball and the allies liberated Southeast asia and have been restored and colonized by European powers (except Dutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch East Indiesball they want independence starts the national revolutions and Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball have been independence and French Indochina-icon.png French Indochinaball had break up into 3), while Japanball was given free therapy by USA-icon.png USAball after the war. USA-icon.png USAball also helped rebuild the European balls' clay, while Soviet-icon.png Sovietball exerted his control over his newly liberated territories. UN-icon.png UNball was also created to help prevent another World War from happening ever again (hopefully), while the League of Nations was disbanded.

    After the War, both USA-icon.png USAball and Soviet-icon.png USSRball was recognized like the only 2 Super Powers in the world by other countryballs. All in all,  Soviet-icon.png USSRball had the most casualties with over 27,000,000 deaths, the closest to him was China-icon.png Chinaball, with 20,000,000, and then Nazi.gif Nazi Germanyball with 7,000,000(most of those were Soviet kills)

    Combatants/Participants[edit | edit source]

    Allies / United Nations[edit | edit source]

    Axis[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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    Provinces Azua-icon.png AzuaballBahoruco-icon.png BahorucoballBarahona-icon.png BarahonaballDajabon-icon.png DajabónballDuarte-icon.png DuarteballElias Piña-icon.png Elías PiñaballEl Seibo-icon.png El SeiboballEspaillat-icon.png EspaillatballHato Mayor-icon.png Hato MayorballHermanas Mirabal-icon.png Hermanas MirabalballIndependencia-icon.png IndependenciaballLa Altagracia-icon.png La AltagraciaballLa Romana-icon.png La RomanaballLa Vega-icon.png La VegaballMaría Trinidad Sanchez-icon.png María Trinidad SánchezballMonseñor Nouel-icon.png Monseñor NouelballMonte Cristi-icon.png Monte CristiballMonte Plata-icon.png Monte PlataballPedernales-icon.png PedernalesballPeravia-icon.png PeraviaballPuerto Plata-icon.png Puerto PlataballSamana-icon.png SamanáballSanchez Ramirez-icon.png Sánchez RamírezballSan Cristobal-icon.png San CristóbalballSanta Cruz (Bolivia)-icon.png San José de OcoaballSan Juan de la Maguana-icon.png San JuanballSan Pedro de Macoris-icon.png San Pedro de MacorísballSantiago de los Caballeros-icon.png SantiagoballSantiago Rodriguez-icon.png Santiago RodríguezballSanto Domingo-icon.png Santo DomingoballValverde-icon.png Valverdeball
    Province Capitals Azua-icon.png Azuaball (city)Peravia-icon.png BaníballMonseñor Nouel-icon.png BonaoballElias Piña-icon.png Comendador (city/Dominican Republic)La Vega-icon.png Concepción de La VegaballSanchez Ramirez-icon.png CotuíballDajabon-icon.png DajabónballHato Mayor-icon.png Hato Mayor del ReyballIndependencia-icon.png JimaníballLa Romana-icon.png La Romanaball (city)Valverde-icon.png MaoballEspaillat-icon.png MocaballMonte Plata-icon.png Monte Plataball (city)María Trinidad Sanchez-icon.png NaguaballBahoruco-icon.png NeibaballPedernales-icon.png Pedernalesball (city)La Altagracia-icon.png Salvaleón de HigüeyballSan Cristobal-icon.png San Cristóbalball (city)Puerto Plata-icon.png San Felipe de Puerto PlataballMonte Cristi-icon.png San Fernando de Monte CristiballDuarte-icon.png San Francisco de MacorísballSantiago Rodriguez-icon.png San Ignacio de SabanetaballSanta Cruz (Bolivia)-icon.png San José de Ocoaball (city)San Juan de la Maguana-icon.png San Juan de la Maguanaball (city)San Pedro de Macoris-icon.png San Pedro de Macorísball (city)Samana-icon.png Santa Bárbara de SamanáballBarahona-icon.png Santa Cruz de BarahonaballEl Seibo-icon.png Santa Cruz del SeiboSantiago-icon.png Santiago de los CaballerosSanto Domingo-icon.png Santo Domingo EsteballSanto Domingo-icon.png Santo Domingoball
    Historic entities 7-icon.png 7ballTaino-icon.png TaínoballSpanish Santo Domingo-icon.png Spanish Santo DomingoballFrench Saint-Domingue-icon.png French Saint-DomingueballSpanish Santo Domingo-icon.png España BobaballRepublic of Spanish Haiti-icon.png Republic of Spanish HaitiballHaiti-icon.png Hispaniolaball
    UK-icon.png Divided Has places with funny names United Kingdom of Eurosceptic Teaholics Great Britain and Northern Ireland England-icon.pngNorthern Ireland-icon.pngScotland-icon.pngWales-icon.png
    Constituent countries and province England-icon.png Englandball (London-icon.png Londonball) • Wales-icon.png Walesball (Cardiff-icon.png Cardiffball) • Scotland-icon.png Scotlandball (Edinburgh-icon.png Edinburghball) • Northern Ireland-icon.png Northern Irelandball (Belfast-icon.png Belfastball)
    Ceremonial counties of England-icon.png the Teaholic England Bedfordshire-icon.png BedfordshireballBerkshire-icon.png BerkshireballBristol-icon.png BristolballBuckinghamshire-icon.png BuckinghamshireballCambridgeshire-icon.png CambridgeshireballCheshire-icon.png CheshireballCornwall-icon (modified).png Cornwallball (Isles of Scilly-icon.png Isles of Scillyball)Durham-icon.png County DurhamballCumbria-icon.png CumbriaballDerbyshire-icon.png DerbyshireballDevon-icon.png DevonballDorset-icon.png DorsetballEast Sussex-icon.png East SussexballEssex-icon.png EssexballGloucestershire-icon.png GloucestershireballGreater London-icon.png Greater LondonballGreater Manchester-icon.png Greater ManchesterballHampshire-icon.png HampshireballHerefordshire-newicon.png HerefordshireballHertfordshire-icon.png HertfordshireballIsle of Wight-icon.png Isle of WightballKent-icon.png KentballLancashire-icon.png LancashireballLeicestershire-icon.png LeicestershireballLincolnshire-icon.png LincolnshireballMerseyside-icon.png MerseysideballNorfolk-icon.png NorfolkballNorthamptonshire-icon.png NorthamptonshireballNorthumberland-icon.png NorthumberlandballNottinghamshire-icon.png NottinghamshireballOxfordshire-newicon.png OxfordshireballRutland-icon.png RutlandballShropshire-icon.png ShropshireballSomerset-icon.png SomersetballStaffordshire-icon.png StaffordshireballSuffolk-newicon.png SuffolkballSurrey-icon.png SurreyballTyne and Wear-icon.png Tyne and WearballWarwickshire-newicon.png WarwickshireballWest Midlands-icon.png West MidlandsballWest Sussex-icon.png West SussexballWiltshire-icon.png WiltshireballWorcestershire-icon.png WorcestershireballYorkshire-icon.png Yorkshireball
    Council areas of Scotland-icon.png Scotland FOREVER Aberdeen-icon.png AberdeenballAberdeenshire-icon.png AberdeenshireballAngus-icon.png AngusballArgyll and Bute-icon.png Argyll and ButeballClackmannanshire-icon.png ClackmannanshireballDumfries and Galloway-icon.png Dumfries and GallowayballDundee-icon.png DundeeballEast Ayrshire-icon.png East AyrshireballEast Dunbartonshire-icon.png East DunbartonshireballEast Lothian-icon.png East LothianballEast Renfrewshire-icon.png East RenfrewshireballEdinburgh-icon.png EdinburghballFalkirk-icon.png FalkirkballFife-icon.png FifeballGlasgow-icon.png GlasgowballHighland-icon.png HighlandballInverclyde-icon.png InverclydeballMidlothian-icon.png MidlothianballMoray-icon.png MorayballNorth Ayrshire-icon.png North AyrshireballNorth Lanarkshire-icon.png North LanarkshireballPerth and Kinross-icon.png Perth and KinrossballRenfrewshire-icon.png RenfrewshireballScottish Borders-icon.png Scottish BordersballSouth Ayrshire-icon.png South AyrshireballSouth Lanarkshire-icon.png South LanarkshireballStirling-icon.png StirlingballWest Dunbartonshire-icon.png West DunbartonshireballWest Lothian-icon.png West LothianballOuter Hebrides-icon.png Outer HebridesballNorth Uist-icon.png North UistballOrkney-icon.png OrkneyballShetland-icon.png ShetlandballSouth Uist-icon.png South Uistball
    Preserved counties of Wales-icon.png Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Wales Gwent-icon.png GwentballSouth Glamorgan-icon.png South GlamorganballMid Glamorgan-icon.png Mid GlamorganballWest Glamorgan-icon.png West GlamorganballDyfed-icon.png DyfedballPowys-icon.png PowysballGwynedd-icon.png GwyneddballClwyd-icon.png Clwydball
    Counties of Northern Ireland-icon.png Norn Iron Northern Ireland County Antrim-icon.png AntrimballCounty Armagh-icon.png ArmaghballCounty Down-icon.png DownballFermanagh-icon.png FermanaghballCounty Londonderry-icon.png LondonderryballTyrone-icon.png Tyroneball
    Crown dependencies and overseas territories Guernsey-icon.png GuernseyballJersey-icon.png JerseyballIsle of Man-icon.png Isle of ManballSealand-icon.pngSealandballAnguilla-icon.png AnguillaballBermuda-icon.png BermudatriangleBritish Antarctica-icon.png British AntarcticaballBritish Indian Ocean Territory-icon.png British Indian OceanballBritish Virgin Islands-icon.png British Virgin IslandsballCayman Islands-icon.png Cayman IslandballFalklands-icon.png Falkland IslandballGibraltar-icon.png GibraltarballHong Kong-icon.png Hong KongballMontserrat-icon.png MontserratballPitcairn Islands-icon.png Pitcairn IslandsballSaint Helena-icon.png Saint Helenaball, Ascensionball and Tristan da CunhaballSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands-icon.png South Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsballAkrotiri and Dhekelia-icon.png Akrotiri and DhekeliaballTurks and Caicos-icon.pngTurks and Caicosball
    Historical entities 2-icon.png Ancient EuropeansGaul-icon.png GaulballSPQR-icon.png SPQRballWestern Roman Empire-icon.png Western Roman EmpireballKingdom of Sussexball-icon.png Kingdom of SussexballEssex-icon.png Kingdom of EssexballKent-icon.png Kingdom of KentballDevon-icon.png DumnoniaballMercia-icon.png MerciaballKingdom of East Anglia-icon.png Kingdom of East AngliaballKingdom of Northumbriaball-icon.png Kingdom of NorthumbriaballKingdom of England-icon.png Kingdom of EnglandballKingdom of Gwyneddball-icon.png Kingdom of GwyneddballKingdom of Deheubarth-icon.png Kingdom of DeheubarthballKingdom of Gwyneddball-icon.png Principality of WalesballKingdom of Scotland-icon.png Kingdom of ScotlandballKingdom of Ireland-icon.png Kingdom of IrelandballProtectorate Republic-icon.png The ProtectorateballBritish Empire-icon.png British Empireball
    British Empire-icon.png God Save the King! British Empire-icon.png