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    Move over, Timurids; maybe go invade India or something.
    — Bill Wurtz

    Timuridball (aka Timur the Lameball) or Kebab Mongol was a mighty empireball on the Persian plate. It is well known for being gruesome. However, it saved the Muslim world and killed a lot of for revenge, along with some Arab, Iranian, and Turkicballs. Yet today Muslims don't like it because it was too cruel.

    In its golden age, it was almost invincible.

    When Timuridball had nothing to do with Ottoman Empireball anymore, it was the last time when Ottoman or the Turks in Anatolia had Contact with other Turkicballs and didn't even care if Russiaball occupied it until the 18th or 19th Century.

    Today Uzbekistanball, Kazakhbrick and Tajikistanball are fighting who is the real nationality of its empire because there is also an Iranian myth on it.

    In Russiaball it is still popular for some reason, however, Muslims themself never use it as a meme for unknown reasons maybe because of its brutality.


    In 1294, the Mongol Empire was died and divided into 4 empires. There were Ilkhanateball, Chagatai Khanateball, Golden Hordeball, and Yuanball. After Ilkhanateball and Chagatai Khanateball died Timur was born as a chagatai general for Western Chagatai Khanateball against Moghulistanball.

    In 1370, it attacked Moghulistanball but immedatetly revolted against Western Chagatai Khanateball, killing it and creating a stronk empire. Timur said himself to be helped by Allah, which is believable because he never really failed at anything.

    In 1378, Timuridball helped Tokhtamysh to rise to the throne of the Golden Horde. It wanted to be like Seljukball so from 1381 to 1386, it completely conquered Persia. Then in 1395, it helped Golden Hordeball to kill Moscow. But Golden Horde betrayed it.

    But it succeeded in repelling Golden Hordeball and occupied Moscow and Crimea for a few months. After this, Golden Hordeball never recovered.

    In 1396, it attacked Delhi Sultanateball through Khayber Pass. It attacked Delhi because Delhi was too tolerant of non-Muslims. It won the war and in 1398 it sacked Delhi and killed hundreds of thousands of people. After it succeeded in attacking Delhi, Delhi gave it 90 war elephants for it to get off from India. Then it used its elephants to carry stones to Samarkand to build a Mosque (Bibi Khanym mosque).

    In 1402, it attacked Ottoman Empireball in Ankara. It used its elephants and cavalries to take Ankara from the Ottomans. Ottoman was too weak to repel it. Then he captured Ottoman Sultan and left Ankara. Ottoman then had a civil war between the Sultan's sons.

    In 1404, it decided to kill Mingball. But its emperor was old and tired and died during the journey. Then, its empire declined after its death. Qara Qoyunluball rose up and took Baghdad and lands in Mesopotamia, Aq Qoyunluball replacing Qara Qoyunluball, and then in 1501 Safavid Dynastyball appeared and took its clay. It was completely destroyed by its cousin Khanate of Bukharaball in 1507. The Timurid Empire's estimated death toll is 17 million people. Although its empire was gone, Timur's descendant Babur would find the Mughalball.

    How to draw

    1. First draw a ball
    2. Colour it black
    3. Draw three red circles
    4. Add eyes
    5. Also you can use nomads weapons and dress



    • Great Seljukball - My relative. Wanna be like it. So I conquered Persia, Caucasus, Iraq, and Syria.
    • Mughalball - My child finally turned backward dogshit India into a very glorious kingdom. I am very proud of you! Why do you trade with this Shia shit?



    • Western Moghulistanball - My 2nd cousin who helped my cousin that I hate.
    • Uzbek Khanateball - My other cousin who betrayed me!! Damn yuo filthy Uzbek! No wonder why Kazakh Khanate hated yuo!
    • Golden Hordeball - Traitorous relative! Tokhtamysh was a traitor! I helped you attack Russia but yuo raided me suddenly just because Yuo arrogant?! Damn traitor!
    • Ottoman Empireball - Remove Ottomans and their silly caliph! Take that, Yuo can't into conquer my clay because of Tughlaq's mighty elephants! And never forget the battle of Ankara, when yuo lose and try to retreat. I imprisoned yuor Sultan.
    • Aq Qoyunluball - Another clay invader (like Qara Qoyunlu). DON'T TRY TO INVADE ME AGAIN!!
    • Safavid Dynastyball - This disgusting Persian destroyed me. DAMN!
    • Mingball - Damn Chinese who killed my kaiser.
    • Mamlukball - Stop supporting those Ottomans or I will destroy Damascus!
    • Tughlaq Dynastyball - Stop acting too tolerant with the Hindus yuo damn Hindu! But thanks for gib me 90 elephants. Because of yuor elephants, I can repel that Ottoman and bring stones to build a mosque in Samarkand. May Allah bless yuo.


    Türkmenistan The Land That Rules by a Dictator
    District Ahalball Ashgabatball Awazaball Balkanball Darvazaball Daşoguzball Lebapball Maryball Türkmenabatball
    Former Entities

    Migrants from South (Steppe Peoples) Bukhar Khudahball Principality of Farghanaball Samanid Empireball Ghaznavid Empireball Seljuk Empireball Ghurid Dynastyball Abbasidball Qara Khitaiball Khwarazmian dynastyball Chagatai Khanateball Mongol Empireball Ilkhanateball Kurt dynastyball Timurid Empireball Khanate of Bukharaball Safavid dynastyball Emirate of Bukharaball Afsharid dynastyball Khanate of Khivaball Russian Turkestanball Turkestan ASSRball Khorezm SSRball Turkmen SSRball
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