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    Bouvet Islandball is a dependency of Norway-icon.png Norwayball. It is the most remote island in the world, located somewhere in between South Africa-icon.png South Africaball and Antarctica-icon.png Antarcticaball. Being permanently covered in ice, its clay is uninhabited and is only home to seals and a weather station.


    Bouvet Islandball was first spotted in 1739 by France-icon.png Franceball but only recorded in 1808 by UK-icon.png UKball, although its clay was not set foot on until 1822 by an USA-icon.png American seal hunter.

    In 1825, UK-icon.png UKball officially laid claim to its clay, naming it Liverpool Islandball. However, in 1927, Norway-icon.png Norwayball made the first temporary settlement on it while claiming the clay as its own. While UK-icon.png UKball first protested, hazy data from its last expedition and the unimportance of the island made UK-icon.png UKball accept the island as Norwagian clay.

    Bouvet Islandball became a natural reserve as of 1971.


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