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    We have returned! The Roman Empire is back!!!
    — A random Turk after the conquest of Constantinople
    No bad!! Nothing evil!! It was the greatest empire in world!!! Never did something bad!
    — Someone in denial
    An absoloute menace to the Europeans
    — A random Turk on internet about the Ottoman Empire at its height
    Genocide? What genocide? The Armenians are fine!!
    Ottoman Empireball commenting on the fake Armenian Genocide of 1915

    Kebab Roman Empireball Ottoman Otter Kebab Empireball has an onion on their head was an empireball located in Anatolia. The Ottoman Empireball was officially established in 1299 and at the height of its power it had lots of clay in Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Europe, Caucasus and what is now Russiaball. It is known for conquering Serbian Empireball, Byzantine Empireball, Mamlukball, Kingdom of Hungaryball, The Knights of Rhodes, Sultanate of Tunisball and much more. It was once the boogeyman of Europe, feared for good reasons. The Ottomans were also one of few empire to spread across three continents being Asia, Europe, and Africa. Its modern-day descendant Turkeyball doesn't quite live up to it but at least it is in two continents.

    It had been in decline for centuries with some stagnation in much of the empire before it offically collapsed and died in 1922 to a new movement led by Atatürk who went on to create a brand new countryball called Turkeyball in the aftermath of World War I and the ruins of Ottoman Empireball. Its monarchy, or the surviving members of it at least, had been exiled and thus the Ottoman Empireball died. The society was reforged and made into a new nation by the founder, Mustafa Kemal, known as Atatürk. To what it is now: the Republic of Turkeyball.


    Ottomanball was created after Kayı Tribeball's leader Ertuğrul Bey died, and Osman I, his son claimed himself as the leader and formed Ottomanball. Osman I developed the nation and made it famous near and in Anatolia for being tolerant, and also investing a lot on trade. After Osman I died, Orhan Bey came to power. Orhan was good at diplomacy, and managed to annex several Beyliks with royal marriages. Then, Ottomanball began expanding west. He conquered Karesiball and captured its large navy. Orhan I took advantage of Byzantine pretender rebels in Southern Byzantineball and took control of the rebel occupied areas, including the fort in Gallipoli. However, he refuse to give back the clay to Byzantineball, thus souring the relations with them.

    After Ottomanball proclaimed its permanent position in Anatolia over the time since Osman I's rise, it conquered and inherited throne of all other Beyliks in a 'game of thrones'. it also fought with Serbian Empireball and Byzantineball because of clay dispute and expanded westwards into the Balkans. Ottomanball took control of Greece, Albania; vassalized Serbia and Bosnia by the end of 14th century. However, Timuridball didn't like this. It was jealous of Ottomanball and wanted Anatolia for itself. Because of that, it declared war on Ottomanball and defeated it. Yıldırım Bayezid, the sultan of Ottomanball was captured. Due to throne dispute, a 12 years old civil war known as "Fetret Devri" started. After it ended, Ottomanball began reghatering its strength, although many nations have regained their independence from it. For a while, Ottomanball only conquered the tiny independent Beyliks in Anatolia and worked on its inner issues while soldifiyng its rule.

    However, in 1451, Mehmed II began preparing for the conquest of "the city of World's desire", Constantinopleball, something that many others before him had tried and failed, including his own father. Mehmed II believed that he could do what many others before him could not; the conquest of Constantinople. The 'impregnable' walled city, Constantinople, at the time was the only place of Byzantineball left. A spot in a sea of Ottoman territories of Anatolia and Balkans, it was surrounded. Starving it out could take years, he could not afford it, Mehmed II knew. In 1453, Mehmed II declared war on Byzantineball to finish him off once and for all. After a long bloody siege, he conquered Constantinople in an impressive feat at a young age and began expanding the Ottomanbal Empire towards every direction afterwards with Constantinople as its new capital. First, he reconquered all of Anatolia; Second, he conquered Serbiaball and Bosniaball; Third, he vassalized Wallachiaball, Moldaviaball and Crimean Khanateball.

    Ottomanball was a superpower that dominated the rest of civilized world with its strength after Selim I conquered Mamlukball. Rapid expansion in Africa began and Kingdom of Hungaryball was almost fully conquered.

    In this age, Ottomanball flourished in all forms from science to medicine to art to architecture and has been known for its inventions that are still used today: well known examples are surgical tools used in medical operations.

    Ottomanball however began stagnating after conquering Hungary, but it still kept shadowing the entire Europe through its sheer size, science, economy and feared military might. Until the Great Turkish War, in 1683, that is. In 1683, the 2nd Siege of Vienna failed, it was a military disaster to the Ottoman Empireball as its supply lines were stretched and in unfamiliar territory with several incompetent commanders in charge. John III Sobieski led an unlikely alliance against the Ottomanball siegers and made a great charge against the unprepared siegers, breaking their line and sending them into a disarray. The defeated Ottomans on that battlefield had come to call him the Lion of Lechistan. Rightly so. European players realized that the Ottomanball was not so invincible.

    The Ottoman Empire at its greatest extent in 1683

    After the disaster at the Battle of Vienna, Pope Benedetto Odescalchi of Vatican Church saw it as a perfect opportunity to remove the religious threat of Ottomanball from Balkans and hopefully push through its territories to Anatolia. Perhaps even the Holy Lands in Levant. And to bring Christianity back to the Balkans and to kill those who refused to convert whether they be a Muslim or Jew.

    Holy League consisting of all of Europe (except Kingdom of Portugalball and Old Swiss Confederationball) was formed. They fought until in 1699, Ottomanball was pushed back and lost Hungaryball's former land to Austriaball. That is when the Europe started realizing that the Ottoman Empireball had been stagnating for some time while they themselves grew stronger thanks to the colonization and exploitation of New World, including the perks of Industrial Revolution. And so started the long decline of Ottoman Empireball. It began losing every single region of theirs one by one. As the Europe was locked in an endless theatre of wars, some had the natural desire to expand and saw the weak, stagnating Ottoman Empireball as the perfect target. It started with propaganda leading to the Ottomans being known as ''the sick man of Europe'' and supported the rebels inside, sowing ideas of independence and unjust treatment from Ottoman government. This led to many armed riots and insurrections, weakening the Ottoman Empireball further. In 1830, Greece got their independence. In 1876, there was a famine in Bosnia which worsened the situation there. As a result and sign of defiance, they stopped paying their taxes and he grew more broke. Because of this and seeing the others successfully defy the Ottoman Empireball, the Balkan regions started to break away from its control with the support of other European players.

    The Balkans held and still hold a great grudge against it and wanted to remove it, because the Ottoman Empireball had started creating and imposing racist and discrimantory laws and means on these people and contracting its original beliefs of once progressive diversity and multiculturalism. The European players exploited the multiculturalism of Ottomanbal fully, widening the gaps between classes and folks. The society of Ottoman Empireball degraded further, continuing to lose more lands in Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. And the government grew darker, a twisted version of itself as the last several Sultans continued drafting legislations and laws to give the muslims more and more advantages. The minorities were soon oppressed and many of their beliefs and ways of life were forbidden eventually. Even the science suffered greatly, leading to a technological stagnancy as Ottoman Empireball did not catch up with the European players in Industrial revolution. There was such a great injustice against these people under the newly grown elite classes of muslim Turks that it would have made the famous Sultans such as Osman I, Mehmed II and Suleiman I weep in their graves at what the Empire had become. Warhammer 40K Imperium had taken the inspiration from this.

    These dark times when the muslim Turks started oppressing the others: it is something many modern Turks do not know much about due to their purposeful ignorance or lack of awareness. Some prefer to see themselves as the victims. And some are even in denial. After long times of oppression and some nudges from European players, these regions continued to break away.

    A great example is the year of 1912 when the First Balkan War broke out, with the support of Great Powers in supplies, intel and weapons. It ended with Ottomanball losing almost all lands in the Balkans. A huge amount of Turks numbering in millions was deported by force from the Balkans to Anatolia. Many people died in this forced displacement. To this day, many descendants of modern Turks could do a DNA research and see that their direct ancestors were not only from the Anatolia, but also the Asia and Europe, particularly Balkans.

    In 1913, Bulgariaball was unhappy with its gains from the First Balkan War when the Great Powers, who had helped start the First Balkan War, drew the borders in Balkans to Bulgariaball's unsatisfactory and started a conflict known as the Second Balkan War against Serbiaball and Greeceball. Ottoman Empireball managed to save some of its reputation by taking advantage of this and taking some of the Balkans back.

    After years of decline, in 1915, Ottomanball was exhausted by their recent wars in the Balkans and a revolution where the Young Turks took over.

    Despite being progressive, the Young Turks were no better in some ways than their predecessors. Some of them had ordered the deportation of Armenians in secret. It was, sadly, an extremely bloody affair as hundreds of thousands of Armenians were forced from their homes and sent on a hopeless journey across the mountains and vast lands into the modern Syria with little to no food, drinks and clothes. A sure death. In this journey, countless have died to abuse, climate and famine.

    For obvious political reasons, the Great Powers used this as an effective propaganda tool to push for public support against the Ottoman Empireball as a part of many others such as the "Sick man of Europe" during the war. Ottoman Empireball had stagnated technologically not only, but also culturally and societally. Once it was the most progressive place of Europe where all people of different ethnics, colors, beliefs and religions could co-exist peacefully. But by the turn of twentieth century, it had become opposite with many minorities oppressed and their rights taken away constantly by the pro-islam increasingly aggressive and desperate authoritarian government. Kurds, Armenians, Arabians, Greeks, Serbians, Jews, Christians and many more became second class citizens and even lower compared to the Turkish muslim citizens. This social situation had grown only worse for the last hundred and fifty years.

    It was forced into the Great War after a part of their navy attacked the Russian harbors under the command of a German officer thus leading to Russian Empire declaring a war and thereby their allies as well. It did not help that the British Empireball had kept the bought battleships and the payment to itself, angering the Ottomans greatly. Some historians agree that this was a political calculation of British Empireball as the German Empireball had its own political calculation too by pushing the Ottoman Empireball into the war through the attack on Russian ports.

    German Empireball was winning World War I, but barely. Ottoman Empireball fell into a three-front war against the Russian Empireball in Caucasus region and several Great Powers helping the natives of Arabian Peninsula to rebel and the Gallipoli in west. It was under siege from the west, south and north. Though he succesfuly won Gallipoli Campaign against the British and their allies, he was unsuccesful in Sinai and Basra. But Ottomanball was going to be fine as German Empireball was supporting it well against the British despite the fact that Ottomanball lost a lot of men and were lacking the food and ammunitation. It was so severe that even the young boys were fighting in the front line.

    In 1917, German Empireball sent Mexicoball a letter, saying he will help Mexicoball reclaim the stolen lands from USA if they join Central Powers. But the letter was intercepted by British and was directed to Washington D.C. This made USAball send thousands of inadequate soldiers every day to Western Front, putting Germany in a desperate position. They were waging a trench warfare where the numbers and supplies were the critical factors and the German Empireball was lacking the numbers dangerously already. And now with the virtually unlimited manpower from USAball, it was becoming more and more unlikely that the German Empireball could win this war. Their government soon realized this as the USAball's lively and eager troops continued to arrive while the German army was unbelievably exhausted after years of trench warfare and their morale was extremely low.

    While the divisions USAball sent were undertrained and underequipped, and lacking any combat experience, they would receive the training and equipment from the British Empireball. Taking advantage of that, UKball invaded Principality of Albaniaball, Macedoniaball, Kingdom of Serbiaball and Bosnia and Herzegovinaball.

    Austria-Hungary , Kingdom of Bulgariaball and German Empireball decided to surrender as they could no longer sustain the fronts on all sides. With no support from German Empireball, Ottomanball had no choice but to conditionally surrender as its industries were not advanced nor big enough to wage a defensive war alone. Its army was lacking numbers similar to German Empireball too. They had simply lost. Badly.

    On the 13 November 1918, UKball, France and Italyball occupied several parts of Anatolia region including the city of Constantinople, capital of the empire. They made plans of splitting the conquered lands among themselves in Middle East and North Africa. Everyone was weary, but happy with what they won.

    Until Greeceball, untouched by the First World War, invaded and took the Turkish western coast with its intact army. Though British Empireball allowed this despite the protests of other nations about their own spoils. They burnt and looted the cities, towns and villages in their push towards Ankara in the hope of carving out a land for themselves. Reportedly, there were many rapes and such war crimes being commited. Although this has not been given international attention just like with the brutal displacement of Turks from Balkans for political reasons. However, Ottomanball formed a resistance movement under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and drove out the Greek invaders from Anatolia in an astonishing speed as the Greeks suffered a defeat after another one against the organized remnants of Ottoman army.

    The desperate Greeks used the scorched earth card to deny the counterattacking Turks any advantage they could. But it is unknown who burnt the city of Izmir however as there were contradictory reports of each side torching the buildings to the ground. After they were driven away, the resistance movement turned to drive off the Armenian and French troops in the east and south. After the successful campaigns, Atatürk famously declared that they would march to Constantinople and take it back too. But this did not happen as the Allied Powers offered to draft an agreement in the favor of Turks due to the war exhaustation, financial ruination and lack of public support for another war. And so the Great Powers made concessions to the movement of Atatürk, their troops pulling back. But Atatürk had to make some concessions too, giving up the north of Syriaball and Iraqball, the island of Cyprusball and many Greek islands. The treaty was signed.

    Great Powers drew borders and helped erect nations in Balkans and Middle East, where to this day many conflicts are still raging on.

    The Ottoman parliament was abolished and the empire was replaced by Government of the Grand National Assemblyball. As a very significant, unknown to the West at the time, sign of Turkeyball's willingness to move on and distance itself from the muslim world, Atatürk abolished the caliphate too. A great change that the ripples of are still felt today. The caliphate is the leadership of muslim world, an equivelant of the Vatican Church and its Pope. Many extreme organisations have attempted to claim the mantle of caliphate such as regimes and terrorists like Daesh (ISIS) and Taliban. But even after a century, no one has succeeded in claiming the caliphate.

    The Republic of Turkey as known now was the only country to come out of First World War with a favorable treaty and the only country to have defeated the colonization attempt successfully.

    Through a curtailed history of huge mess, propaganda and biased information, not to forget many mistreatments from Ottoman government: their roots had already taken. The generations grew and died with an ingrained hatred of Turkeyball for what Ottoman Empireball in its late days did to their countries and people: Balkans, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Greece and Armenia. Hence the term ''Remove Kebab'' used by the young people of today who still hold the hatred carried down from their parents who have gotten it from their parents too and their parents as well, and so on.

    The legacy of Ottoman Empireball in its last days still haunts Turkeyball to this day as the learnt hatred of its neighbour countries persists.




    • USAball - ...uhhh....who...uh....are you again? I-I can't remember. Well, we were fine until WW1. Then I cut relations. But thanks for not declaring war.
      • - I’m USA Ottoman Empire…
    • Spanish Empireball - It may be of European imperialist and crusader but at least it never did anything to me. I barely knew it anyway.
    • Switzerlandball - Honestly, I don't even know who this European is, but I put it on neutral because I not of invadings it and it is neutral with everyone, anyway.


    • Byzantiumball - 1453 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! REMOVE GYRO! But since ı have your clay, together, WE WILL GET REVENGE ON CRUSADERS AND RESTORE ROMAN GLORY!!!
    • Kingdom of Hungaryball (1000-1526) - My main enemy in the Middle Ages. 1526 best year. But we later became allies during WW1.
    • Austrian Empireball - Yuo are one of the reasons that I lost my power on balkans! You also anschlussing this kurwa? I thought you thanked it to repel me? AND IT DIDN'T LET ME TAKE VIENNA! But at least it supported me in WW1.
    • Wallachiaball - It and its sibling Moldovaball defeated me in several wars, I was so scattered when it ambushes me in its forests and impales my soldiers. Damn you and your sibling.
    • Moldaviaball - Its leader (Stefan the Great) was defeated me many times. I still remember how was I scattered because of it. Damn you and your sibling.
    • United Principalitiesball - Stupid Romanians who rebelled and got their independence!!
    • Russian Empireball - It almost killed me but I stopped UKball and Franceball's support so it couldn't kill me. If anyone could remove kebab, it was this ball.
    • Crusaders - LMAO, these losers thought they could push me out of Europe, 1444 and 1453 worst year of your life, ALSO YOU CANNOT INTO CONSTANTINOPLE ALHAMDULILAH!!!!
    • Kingdom of Portugalball - Stop harassing the Muslims in South East Asia (Aceh, Malaka, Mataram), yuo idiot colonialist! Take that! No Indian spices for you!
    • Evil Infidel Empire - For surviving my invasion. It killed the Dervish Stateball and Harar Sultanateball and allying with the Kingdom of Portugalball against me in war and giving shelter to Armeniaball
    • Kingdom of Greeceball - That asshole keeps taking more and more land from me and the one that ruined everything by becoming an independent Balkan first. YOU ARE THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. But I Hate Albania More Than You and at least you are in debt modern day. PAY DEBTS lol.
    • Emirate of Nejd and Hasaball - How dare you recapture Mecca and Madinah and destroy my architecture in Al Haram and Nabawi?!!
    • Timurid Empireball - Worst fucking Turk who defeated me in Anatolia and kidnapped my sultan. Well, it isn't last long.
    • Safavid dynastyball - It was the reason why I can't into conquer Persia. Besides, it is Shia.
    • Armeniaball - Yuo is of ottoman citizen but yuo is of helpings Russia. TRAITOR YOU HELPED RUSSIA!!! It was actually me not having winter clothes in the Russian winter and not being capable enough to defeat the Russians. REMOVE! What genocide? Stop lying.
    • Assyriaball - I also committed genocide on you.
    • Kingdom of Montenegroball - Started the war that took away my Balkan lands.
    • Tsardom of Bulgariaball - I split your clay in pieces and you're still running from me. Now you want to be friends against the countryballs that helped you do it... ironic.
    • UKball - Yuo want oil?? Yuo can get bullet instead! GALLIPOLI BEST DAY OF MY LIFE GET REKT CONFIDENT TEA ADDICTS AND NO BEAUTIFUL PEACE FOR YOU! AND YOU HELPED THOSE ARABS? But thanks for gibing me support in Crimean War.
    • Arabs - Friends before World War I BUT AFTER THAT YUO BACKSTAB ME FOR GETTING HELP FROM UKball!!! GEBER!!!
    • Poland-Lithuaniaball - I was ready to take Vienna and invade Europe, but then its hussars arrived... DAMN YUO EVEN SCHNITZEL BETRAYED YUO!!! I actualy was against the partition of Poland
    • Kingdom of Croatiaball - Annoying resistant Christians that I owned for centuries.
    • Ottoman Zeila - How dare you gained independence from me. I was supposed to control the Red Sea. You obeyed me for 300 years and this is how you betrayed me? You deserved to get massacred by Future Communist Somalia.
    • Principality of Albaniaball - Weak idiot, even Greece and Serbia hate you. AND SPECIALLY EVEN SERBA SUPPORTED ME BACK THEN! DID YOU ARE TRYING TO BREAK FORM ME!?! NEVER YOU IDIOT SHQIP!
    • Australiaball and New Zealandball - YUO GUYS ARE OF SO ANNOYING! GALIPOLI IS BEAUTIFUL PLACE! 1915 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! 489,000 men wasted, wouldn't you think?
    • Kingdom of Moroccoball - I told you a billion Times! I'm here to protect you Not to kill You, I told you to join me to protect You from Spanish Empireball. But you won't listen and now look, you can't restore Ceuta and Melilla Now this is your fault, sucker!
    • Mamlukball - Hahahahah, loser 1517 worst year of your life, yuo thought deserts could save yuo but they didn't.
    • Great Qingball - Yup can't attack me but I can help Kashgariaball attack yuo.

    How to draw


    1. Draw a basic circle, fill with maroon.
    2. Draw three white crescent moons (Or one big star-and-crescent).
    3. Draw eyes and you are done
    4. A fez is optional

    Other versions (1453—1517):

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a yellow crescent pointing right and fill the rest of the ball with red.
    3. Add eyes and you're finished.


    1. Draw a basic circle, fill with green
    2. Draw three white crescent moons
    3. Draw eyes and you're done


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