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    I was of anchluss Gayaball
    — Sillaball after anchluss in 6th century

    Sillaball, known as Xīnluóball by China and Shinraball by Japan was a countryball in East Asia in present day South Korea. It is the one who killed Gayaball and lived longer than Goguryeoball. It decided to give up itself to Goryeoball in 935.


    Sillaball was born around B.C.60 as Saroball. Its parent was Jinhanball. Later, it killed its parent and became the ruler of the southeastern part of the Korean peninsula.

    Sillaball was the weakest of the three kingdoms. Once when it was in trouble (Baekjeball , Gayaball , and Japanball attack), it got help from Goguryeoball. However, Goguryeoball now puppeted Silla. Later, it got full independence.

    Later, it gained power. It was first called Sillaball around 500, then later it spread Buddhism. It had a decisive battle with Baekjeball, Gayaball and Japanball but fought and won. It killed Gayaball and in 660, it also killed Baekjeball. It killed Goguryeoball with Tangball.But now Tangball invaded Silla so it fought and won (with refugee of Goguryeo and Baekje). It called the unification of Silla and Goguryeo and Baekje "Three han unification(삼한일통)" 

    Sillaball lived pretty peacefully until the end of the 9th century until its health became bad. It died in 935 when it surrendered by itself to Goryeoball(who is established by refugee of Goguryeo).

    Sillaball loved Buddhism, so it built many temples such as Bulguksa Temple.


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