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    Inuitball represents native people in  Canadaball,  Greenlandball and  Alaskaball.


    Inuitballs evolved from 3balls and 1balls living in the arctic, around modern Alaskaball; in around 2000 BC the Eskimo-Aleutballs split into Eskimosball and Aleutball.

    The Proto-Inuitballs developed in around 1000 AD, slowly replacing the earlier Paleo-Eskimoballs, fully assimilating them by 1500 AD.

    Then they, from the 17th century would make concact with the Europeanballs. the Europeanballs didn't bother Inuitball much, until the 20th century when they tried to take Inuitball's lands.

    Now they are one of the last Native Americans. Now the people are being protected and pretty much free up in  Nunavutball and Greenlandball.

    They also made a weird story about some guy who smashed his sister, then it cut off its boobs, then they turned into the sun and moon.

    How to draw

    Inuitballs have an unofficial flag. However, it's somewhat difficult:

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the circle with this blue. Fill the upper half with the blue, and fill white with the other half.
    3. In black, draw an inukshuk in the middle of the ball. Fill it in with this red.
    4. Shade the inukshuk with this blue.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're finished.

    They can also be drawn as 3balls:

    1. After drawing the base circle, color it of a red like here
    2. Draw inside it a smaller white circle with a black ᐃᓂ·ᐟ
    3. Draw the two eyes and you've finished


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