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    Brandenburgball is Prussiaball-Polandball hybrid a stateball in eastern Germanyball. He completely surrounds the cityball of  Berlinball.


    Brandenburgball was born as a 2ball, later adopted by Germaniaball, HREball and Germanyball.

    Originating in the medieval Northern Marchball, the Margraviate of Brandenburgball grew to become the core of the Kingdom of Prussiaball, which would later become the  Free State of Prussiaball with part being the province of Brandenburgball. Following the abolition of Prussiaball after World War II, Brandenburg was established as a state by the Soviets in Germanyball, and became a state of the East Germanyball in 1949. In 1952, the state was dissolved and broken up into multiple regional districts. Brandenburgball is one of the federal states that was re-created in 1990 upon the reunification of the former East Germanyball and West Germanyball. He is the TRUE DESCENDANT OF Kingdom of Prussiaball.

    In 1995, Berlinball and Brandenburgball proposed to merge the states in order to form a new state with the name of "Berlin-Brandenburgball", though some suggested calling the proposed new state "Prussiaball". The merger was rejected in a plebiscite in 1996 – while West Berliners voted for a merger, East Berliners and Brandenburgers voted against it (changing the name back to Prussia wasn't the reason of rejection, the reason of rejection was the merging to Berlin).

    During ReichRawr time, it was part of Sovietball.



    How to draw

    Drawing Brandenburgball is very simple:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into two horizontal stripes, red and white
    2. Draw the coat of arms of Brandenburg in the center
    3. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



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