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    I can sign all of the emergency proclamations I want, but that's not going to fix the infrastructure in urban Honolulu.
    Ach, Bitte Nein!
    Honoluluball rejecting Germany

    Touristland Trafficlulu Honoluluball is the capital and largest city of Hawaiiball. He is located on the south shore of the island of Oahuball, in the northwestern Hawaiian Islands. His clay is a center of commerce between the Americas, Asia, and Polynesia and has been a mixture of all the cultures. Not to mention too, but he is also the biggest American city not located in North America.

    His clay can into the military, and as a result, in 1941, Empire of Japanball bombed his Pearl Harbor, bringing USAball into World War II. Braddah- He waz just bein a buggah!. This incident, and the fact that Honoluluball has lots of nice 🏝️ beaches (such as his famed Waikikiball) attract lots of Haoles tourists and monies, especially from Californiaball. On his clay, he has the Iliolani Palace and Diamondhead Crater. Barack Obama was also born here.


    Polynesian Establishment and Kamehameha Invasion

    Polynesians from French Polynesiaball had established settlements on Oahuball since 500 CE, but Hawaiian Oral Tradition tells Honoluluball being established around 1100. It was a small settlement part of a greater Chiefdom of Oahuball, ruled by Kahahana.

    Eventually, Kamehameha started invading all of the chiefdoms, starting from the big island of Hawai'i and going on to Maui where he absolutely decimated their army at present-day Wailukuball. Eventually, his fleet arrived at Oahu. An Englishman helped Oahuball try to deter Kingdom of Hawaiiball, but it was no use. They arrived and famously drove their army off a pretty steep cliff at the Battle of Nuʻuanu. Honoluluball was now under Kamehamehas Control.

    Overthrow & Pearl Harbor

    American Missionaries had been coming to the islands and getting rich off of 🍍pineapples and converting the local population until they decided that they didn't really like Kingdom of Hawaiiball so they decided to illegally overthrow them. With the help of the US Marines they turned the kingdom into Republic of Hawaiiball, but their ultimate goal was to turn it into a US state (spoiler alert: which eventually happened)

    The Sugarcane Industry introduced mass immigration to the islands, specifically Oahuball. This created an influx of languages and cultures from Philippinesball, Empire of Japanball, Chinaball, Korea and actually Portugalball too. These Polandballs trying to communicate with each other, along with Hawaiians resulted in Hawaiian Pidgin being created, a language that mixed aspects of all of them. It is still used today.

    Honoluluball had a pretty bad fire in their Chinatown district, but they were eventually able to repair.

    On December 7th, 1941, in an attempt to disarm USAballs Pacific naval fleet, Empire of Japanball attacked their fleet at Pearl Harbor. This only ended bringing USAball into World War II, and as a result the Pacific Theater started. The war later ended in 1945 with an atomic bomb.

    Present Day

    Today, Honoluluball is a major metropolis that actually now has the same population density of Taiwanball. It attracts 10x its population with tourists from Californiaball, Canadaball, and Japanball and feeds them cheap tourist gimmicks like applesauce To the locals however, Honoluluball is known for crumbling infrastructure and horrible traffic. Yippie!



    Hawaiiball My tutu! Represent Hawai'i, you know braddah? I bring you some chile whenever I travel da islands. I gave you surfing and da ukuleles (maybe ucus too, hehehe)
    Anchorageball My broddah up nort. He pretty cold, like mauna kea type stuff, but he got some good salmon (I got betta saiman)
    San Franciscoball - Down here in da islands we all 49ers! Screw that Buggah! 49ers Stronk!
    Tokyoball I have a ton of Japanese bruddahs and sistahs on oahu, and yous know my sushi next to da best. The Honolulu marathon is made up of 50% Japanese Bruddahs coz dey got some wacky rules over dere..
    San Juanball This brotha is at the same lattitude as me AND is a SISTAH CITY! I have many Puerto Ricans in my 'aina coz we both was built of Sugarcane.
    Hiloball Second largest city on da islands, you know my broddah! He got lots of rain coz he on the windward side of Mauna kea and manua loa, and he got some excellent Musubis over dere
    Las Vegasball The NINTH island! coz so many Hawaiians live there


    Los Angelesball BUGGAH AND HAOLE!! GET YOUR RUBISH OUTTA HERE AND KEEP HAWAI'I HAWAI'Ithough he do bringings many tourist monies...

    How to draw

    Drawing Honoluluball isn't very difficult:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this color
    2. Draw the seal of Honolulu in the center
    3. (Optional) Draw a traffic cone on top of the ball
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.

    i need to stop making In Honolulu jokes oh god -- ILikeDragonflies69420

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