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    Bulgariaball, officially the Republic of Green Russia Bulgariaball is a yoghurt-addicted making (don't forget the rivalry with Greeceball) Balkan countryball in Southeastern Europe. His clay is bordered by 5 other countryballs, Romania-icon.png Romaniaball to the north, Greece-icon.png Greeceball, and Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball to the south, Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball and Macedonia-icon.png North Macedoniaball to the west, and the Black Sea to the east. The countryball is divided into 28 provinceballs, with its capital Sofia-icon.png Sofiaball in the west, which acts as its own provinceball as well, giving him a total area of 110,994 square kilometers, making him the 103rd largest countryball in the world. As of 2018, it maintains a population of about 7.050 million inhabitants. His highest peak is a mountain called Musala. His flag is the same of Russia-icon.png Russiaball, with the exception of the middle color, whom is murky-bluish green, or simply, murky green, dark green or just "green".

    Like most former communist states, after the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball collapsed in 1991, Bulgariaball decided to join NATO-icon.png NATOball and EU-icon.png EUball to gain protection from Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Bulgariaball is also a member of the Serbia-icon.png Greece-icon.png Bulgaria-icon.png Armenia-icon.png Romania-icon.png Kebab removing agency, as well as the UN-icon.png UNball like almost every other countryball in the world.

    Bulgariaball is often seen as the mediator of the Eastern and Western Europeans. While it is in NATO-icon.png NATOball and EU-icon.png EUball, it still tends to get along with Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Despite being aggressive at times, especially when it has to do with Macedonia-icon.png North Macedoniaball or Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball, Bulgariaball is still a fellow countryball who kinda goes with whatever other countryballs say, usually Germany-icon.png Germanyball or EU-icon.png EUball. He's also both founder of cyrillic and orthodox.

    History (История/Istoriya)

    Medieval Era (Средновековие/Srednovekovie) 2-icon.pngFirst Bulgarian Empire-icon.pngSecond Bulgarian Empire-icon.png

    Bulgariaball is descended from Bulgars and Slavs. Sometime during the Early Medieval Ages, Bulgar tribes settled in Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball and then it was born as First Bulgarian Empire-icon.png Old Great Bulgariaball.

    In 632 A.D. Bulgariaball was created as First Bulgarian Empire-icon.png Old Great Bulgariaball, renaming themselves as the First Bulgarian Empire-icon.png First Bulgarian Empireball and moving from present-day Ukraineball down into the Balkans. In 864 A.D. they converted to Christianity.

    Byzantine-icon.png Byzantineball invaded Bulgariaball in 1018 A.D. and made them an autonomous region. Finally in 1185 A.D. Bulgariaball declared independence and renamed themselves as the Second Bulgarian Empire-icon.png Second Bulgarian Empireball.

    Then in 1274 A.D. Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball invaded Bulgariaball, resulting in becoming a vassal for 26 years.

    In 1300 A.D. when Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball collapsed, Bulgariaball had a time of recovery and large expansion, including using Greek technology.

    Then in 1371 A.D. Bulgariaball and the Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball faced a war that would last from 1371 A.D. to 1396 A.D. This would be called the Bulgarian-Ottoman Wars. Eventually, it resulted in Bulgariaball becoming a region of Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball.

    Colonial Era

    From 1396 A.D. to 1878 A.D. Bulgariaball ceased to exist. Then Bulgariaball gained a sort of independence in 1878 A.D after a war a year ago in 1877 A.D. In the Liberation War, or more commonly known as the Russo-Turkish War. Bulgariaball declared itself as the BulgarianPrincipalityball-transp.png Principality of Bulgariaball.

    Modern Era

    In 1912 A.D. Bulgariaball, along with Kingdom of Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball, Kingdom of Greece-icon.png Greeceball, and Kingdom of Montenegro-icon.png Montenegroball declared war on Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball to ensure their independence, which led to the First Balkan War (this also led to Albania-icon (1925-1928).png Albaniaball to gain independence).

    However, Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball didn't get as much land as they thought they would get. Also, Bulgaria-icon.png Bulgariaball understood that Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball and Greece-icon.png Greeceball made a secret anti-Bulgarian coalition.

    This caused Bulgariaball to attack Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball, Greece-icon.png Greeceball, Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball, Montenegro-icon.png Montenegroball, and Romania-icon.png Romaniaball in the Second Balkan War. This didn't benefit Bulgariaball at all, and they lost pre-war land in the First Balkan War.

    Finally in 1915 A.D., Bulgariaball joined the German Empire-icon.pngAustria-Hungary-icon.pngOttoman-icon.pngBulgaria-icon.png Central Powers to fight the Triple Entente in World War I. However, they lost and Bulgariaball lost about 25% of their land to neighboring countryballs. Ottoman-icon.png Ottomanball however donated a little bit of land to them.

    Then in 1941 A.D., Nazi Germanyball (A.K.A. Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball) betrayed Soviet-icon.png Sovietball (A.K.A. Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball). Bulgaria-icon.pngBulgariaball then joined in and gained a lot of land in World War II. However, Soviet-icon.png Sovietball occupied Bulgariaball, and eventually Nazi-icon.png Naziball, ending World War II.

    Finally in May 1945 A.D. Bulgariaball declared itself as the PR Bulgaria-icon.png People's Republic of Bulgariaball. They then joined the Warsaw Pact-icon.png Warsaw Pactball. On April 10th, 1979, Georgi Ivanov became the first Bulgarian in space. Because of USA-icon.png Burger, Bulgariaball has gone through floods because of global warming, however, many countryballs, even USA-icon.png Burger, gave him monies in support of the floods.

    Bulgariaball ended Communism-icon.png Communist rule in 1989 (officially 1990), but Bulgariaball still likes communism often (both love and hate). Bulgariaball gets along with its neighbors except for Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball, but still, relations with Bulgariaball and Turkey-icon.png Turkeyball are improving. He is also a good friend with Russia-icon.png Russiaball, but they both claim that they invented the Cyrillic alphabet so Bulgariaball also has a rivalry with Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Bulgariaball is also in NATO-icon.png NATOball and EU-icon.png EUball.

    Flag Colors

    The flag of Bulgariaball is a horizontal tricolor with the colors white, green, and red.

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Green-Cyan 0, 150, 110 C100-M0-Y27-K41 #00966E
    Maximum Red 214, 38, 18 C0-M82-Y92-K16 #D62612

    The white represents the love, peace, freedom, and spirituality. Green for youthfulness as a new liberated state, as well as the agriculture, character, and beauty of nature. Finally, red represents the valor and the blood of those who died fighting for the country.

    Relationships/Връзки (Vrŭzki)

    Friends/Приятели (Priyateli)

    • Romania-icon.png Romaniaball - Best Friend and best neighbour. Both Orthodox Christian and hate Turkey and corruption. We love each others beaches. While we may have had our fights in Second Balkan War and WWI, we still remain as the best of friends! We both like to steal job from western europeans and corrupt them.
    • Moldova-icon.png Moldovaball - A good friend and brother of Romania-icon.png my best friend. I don’t recognise Transnistria-icon.png Transnistriaball. Although we don’t talk that often...
    • Albania-icon.png Albaniaball - A pretty great member of NATOball, but it is very sinister and quiet. A good eagle I presume.
    • Greece-icon.png Greeceball - We had our share of conflicts but we are good friends now. Both are Orthodox Christian and both hate Turkey. We love yogurt.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - I am in its NATO-icon.png NATOball alliance. Long live America!
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - I AM NOT GREEN YOU! Older brother who I owe my freedom from Ottoman-icon.png kebab. You saved me and I'll never forget that you actually used me to get access to warm seas so screw you bastard. We're friends and even when I was allied to Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball I didn't declare war on Soviet-icon.png you when you were red I actually did but its better when no one remembers it.However, I am my own countryball and you shouldn't act like I gave you a free pass to anschluss me. We are both Orthodox Christian. You did help modernize me. Thanks for the military arms and Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball is part of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball
    • Bosnia-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - He may be a muslim but it is of Slavic and cool and also is nice and never had problems with him nor had any war. I am the first country to recognise him.
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - I am a proud member of the EU-icon.png EUball and I was on its side in both world wars, even though it may not really be proud of it. Our leaders also meet very often.
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - He likes my yogurt. I also gave him a pass since i'm an occasional kebab remover, but most of the time i make yogurt.
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - Former World War I, World War II and Cold War ally. We like to talk and discuss stuff together.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Another former World War II ally. I like its stuff and it likes mine. And hate evil North Korea of doom...and it used our landscapes for a famous anime (SAO!! However, is of most overhated anime.) That's why we love to watch Anime (mostly сорд арт онлайн). He is a good chap. Why did Macedonia steal your flag. Is it a baka?
    • Kurdistan-icon.png Kurdistanball - Of very good friend and Turk Remover too and I hope it can get independence from Turk.
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - A wild natural country just like me. One of its previous presidents also has Bulgarian ancestry.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Many Armenians go into my country is a good friend. And also a Turk Remover.

    Neutral (Frenemies)/Нейтрални (френеми) Neĭtralni (frenemi)

    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Is of enemy of Japan-icon.png Japanball. But it hates North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball even more so I guess I like her.
    • Turkey-icon.png Kebab - My biggest nightmare. Remove Kebab! Constantinople is Greek! Adrianople is mine! 1396 worst year of my life! 1878 and 1908 best year my life! Go back to Mongoliaball! We are not related. But we were allies in WW1 and he is less aggressive these days but I'm watching you...
    • Macedonia-icon.png Macedoniaball -You belong to me as a dear brother. We share a lot in common so just admit that you are mine. Also please stop stealing Greek culture. He is of my friend and is angry. But other than that you cool!
    • UK-icon.png UKball - We are still good friends despite the past. I'm terribly sorry for stealing your job with my Romania-icon.png brother.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - We never speak, but the thing is that they are lot of Bulgarians in Budjak. He is sometimes mad at me and complains why i am friends with Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Ruski is my friend. Also, did you know you are a gay and you love Canada-icon.png Canadaball? Stop it, it's disgusting! and Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball belong to yuo.
    • Tatarstan-icon.png Tatarstan - We are of related historically... sooo how did I steal the name of Volga Bulgaria exactly? We moved to the place we are now....
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - I recognized him, but it used to be Bulgarian before it was even Albanian or Serbian.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - We've both been friends and enemies throughout history. It's complicated to say the least.
    • Gaddafi Libya-icon.png Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - Why did you accuse me of poisoning hundreds of babies with AIDS? I HOPE YOU DIE IN HELL!!! At least we are cool on everything else.
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - I don't know about him but it like USA and we both hate North Koreaball and Iranball but still you are good kebab.

    Enemies/Врагове (Vragove)

    • BBC NEWS - Stop with those the rankings. I am NOT THE WORST IN PERSECUTING JOURNALISTS (I'm close though). You шибаняк.
    • Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball - Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball's clay and that's that.
    • Ghana-icon.png Ghanaball - He Hates be because i Rekt him in Football by 10-0.
    • Gypsy-icon.png Romaball - GET OUT OF MY TERRITOY. YUO ARE NOT WELCOMED YOU DISGUSTING THIEVES I don't care if your type goes extinct from prosecution. I HATE U SO MUCH!!! I HATE YUO GO AWAY ROTTON ASIAN THIEVES!!!!!! GO mess with India or something. I HATE YOUU!!!!!!
    • Dubai-icon.png Dubaiball - Because of Bozhkov.
    • Lithuania-icon.png Lithuaniaball - Flag stealer!


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