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    Empire of Chinaball

    The Empire of Chinaball had never existed was a short-lived attempt to revive the Chinese Empire, led by Yuan Shikai, a general of the Republic of Chinaball (1912-1949).


    In 1911 Qingball was banned from it's own throne in Beijingball by rebellious Chinaballs in favor of a republic. The Republic of Chinball came out of the ashes as a newborn that was freed. But not too long, the republic grew unstable and started to grow personality disorder and sickness. These were problems life had prompted up after the deposing of Qingball. Sooner or later, reactionary forces once serving Qingball captured power and brainwashed Chinaball's thoughts and Chinaball was interested in the monarchy rather than to abolish it. On January 12 1915, it became the Empire of Chinaball.

    3 days later, Chinese Empireball announced the return of a monarchy to its children (provinces) the return of the monarchy. Many in the family were simply mad because Chinaball preceded to act like Qingball. The provinces planned to take care of if and create a coalition.

    National Protection War[edit]

    Three of its southern children Yunnanball, Guizhouball, & Guangxiball started to work in secret when Chinese Empireball wasn't looking. Out of nowhere, they started to attack with many other provinces joining the anti-monarchist coalition. Because of the rebellions, and the regained disillusionment against reactionaries Chinese Empireball promised itself to depose. It had all collapsed due to Yuan dying from a kidney problem.

    However, it's children started to scheme, because they wanted to take advantage of the downfall. They started to fight each other insteas, and ended up became warlords with their own ideas, this tortured Republic of Chinball from the feeling that life would contiune to be hard in its clay.

    How to draw[edit]

    1. Draw a red "X" in a circle.
    2. Fill out the Top space with Yellow, the Right blue, and the left black.
    3. (Optional) Draw an Army hat and/or a rifle and sword.
    File:1024px-Flag of the Empire of China (1915–1916).svg.png



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