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    Swedish Empireball was a major European power that had large amounts of influence in Scandinavia, the Baltic, and some German states. It reached the height of its power during the Second Northern War but began to degrade after the Scanian war.


    Unlike its descendant, the Swedish Empire was very strong and never neutral. If there were excuses at any time, it would attack the nearby nations. It liked to colonize other continents, eat his favorite Swedish food, and the most wonderful, destroy Holy Roman Empireball its conquests are why Minecraft and IKEA are everywhere.


    After rebelling against Kalmar Unionball and Denmarkball, under Gustav I in 1521, Sweden decided to do some violent conquering and went on to take Estoniaball in the Livonian War, parts of Holy Roman Empireball and then set up colonies in America and Africa.

    Parts of New Jersey and Delaware were once its colonies and will be once again.

    In 1592, Sweden's heir to the throne was the king of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball, Sigismund III, and Sweden’s King John died. But Sweden didn't want to be part of them, so it successfully rebelled in 1600. Sweden would remain independent.

    In 1635 , Sweden joined the Thirty Years war against Habsburgball and invade Pomerania ( Modern Day Western-Poland ). And alongside Electorate of Saxonyball fought against the Habsburgs. Despite winning major victories, the war turned against them as the Spanish Empireball joined against them and they lost their king. Thankfully, Kingdom of Franceball Distracted the Spanish , and the swedes were able to besiege Prague. The treaty of Osnabrück gave Sweden a foothold on Germany.

    Then Denmarkball, Poland-Lithuaniaball and Russiaball decided to gangbang Sweden! Sweden was stronk but not stronk enough, it defeated Denmarkball and Poland-Lithuaniaball but after a long and hard fight, ultimately fell.

    Then it joined a union with Norwayball so it wouldn't explode. Sverige skall bli en stark imperium igen!

    It has had a lot of wars with Russiaball and Denmarkball.

    Sabaton made a couple of songs, being the most recent "Livgardet", which talks about the Life Guards, Personal Royal guards of the Swedish Monarchy.



    • Kingdom of Franceball - My closest friend, the other neighbors basically just love to put up a fight against us. A long time friend, help each other's war!
    • Cossack Hetmanateball - You are a faraway ally, yet you helped me against That Bitch during the Great Northern War. Therefore I am very grateful.
    • Ottoman Empireball - Yet another friend from Istanbul. This time he sheltered my king and even defeated the Habsburgball.


    • Electorate of Saxonyball - I know our relationship is complicated. Even though you helped me win great victories in Germany, you betrayed me in the Great Northern War because your king is also the King of Poland-Lithuaniaball. So I can understand, I guess?
    • Dutch Republicball - You stole my American Colony from me. But you gave me some financial aid.



    Kingdom of Sweden: The Börk, Heir Of Swedish, And The First EDM In Sweden (Avicii)
    Historical provinces Götalandball Svealandball ( Stockholmball) • Norrlandball
    Provinces Ångermanlandball Blekingeball Bohuslänball Dalarnaball Dalslandball Gotlandball Gästriklandball Hallandball Hälsinglandball Härjedalenball Jämtlandball Lapplandball Medelpadball Norrbottenball Närkeball Ölandball Östergötlandball Skåneball Smålandball Södermanlandball Upplandball Värmlandball Västmanlandball Västerbottenball Västergötlandball
    Former entities Migrants from the South (Prehistoric Europeans) Kingdom of Svearball Kingdom of Götarball Medieval Swedenball Kalmar Unionball Swedish Empireball Sweden-Norwayball
    Can you hear me? S.O.S., Help me put my mind to rest.. - Aloe Blacc
    Perkele Republic of Angry Birds Finland: Nordic, Holiday, Olympic
    Regions Ålandball Central Finlandball Central Ostrobothniaball Kainuuball Kymenlaaksoball Laplandball North Kareliaball Northern Ostrobothniaball Northern Savoniaball Ostrobothniaball Päijät-Hämeball Pirkanmaaball Satakuntaball South Kareliaball Southern Ostrobothniaball Southern Savoniaball Southwest Finlandball Tavastia Properball Uusimaaball
    Cities Helsinkiball Mariehamnball Poriball Turkuball Tampereball Savonlinnaball Espooball Ouluball Vantaaball Jyväskyläball Lahtiball Kuopioball Kouvolaball Joensuuball Lappeenrantaball Rovaniemiball Seinäjokiball Kotkaball Mikkeliball Vaasaball Porvooball Hämeenlinnaball Kokkolaball
    Former entities Migrants from East (Prehistoric Europeans) Samiball Swedish Empireball Russian Empireball ( Grand Duchy of Finlandball) • Kingdom of Finlandball DR Finlandball Finnish Socialist Workers' Republicball Karelian ASSRball Karelo-Finnish SSRball
    Just Happy!
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    Deep in the dark, I døn't need the light.. There's a ghøst inside me, It all beløngs tø the øther side, We live, we løve, we lie
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