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    Kingdom of Soissonsball also known as Domain of Soissonsball or Roman Gaul was a rump state of the Western Roman Empireball in Franceball during Late Antiquity. After Rome fell, the Kingdom kept living for another decade until Franksball conquered the Roman Enclave. He likes the battlefield 1 dlc they shall not pass because he is in it.


    Kingdom of Soissonsball has born when Majorian made Aegidius magister militum of Gaulball, Aegidius helped in Majorian's reconquests but when Majorian died the territories that were reconquered were taken back by Visigothsball and Burgundyball, seperating Soissonsball from the rest of Western Roman Empireball.

    Soissonsball in 463 allied with Alansball and Franciaball against Visigothsball.

    Aegidius continued to govern until his death in 464, making his son Syagrius as ruler, many Germaniaballs refferd to his as King of the Romans.

    With the fall of WREball, Soissonsball didn't recognize Kingdom of Odoacerball as legitimate, so they competed to gain recognition from Byzantineball, but it recognized Italyball.

    In 481 Franciaball got a new ruler, Clovis I, who made continual war against Soissonsball until 486 when Soissonsball was anchlussed.

    After Clovis' death in 511 Neustriaball was born in Soissonsball's place.




    • Franciaball - It allied me against Visigothsball but then you anchlussed me an killed my dux!



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