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    Umayyadball is a Franceball used to be a Surrender flag was a caliphateball that stretched from the modern day Spainball and Portugalball, to modern day  Indiaball. It was first created in the 7th Century A.D.


    It was a big Caliphate that conquered a lot of clays, and reigned in the region of Al-Andalus and the Middle East. Under the previous Rashidun caliphs, religion had been the chief social unifier, but with the Ummayads, religion didn't really matter that much. The army was modernized and the Ummayads continued to expand outwards. As it expanded outwards, although it was still called a "caliphate", it started to get even less religious and more hereditary. Because of this, some clans refused to pay respect. He named his son Yazid ibn Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan or Yazid I (646 - 683, r. 680 - 683) as heir of the throne, therefore coming back to the evidence that religion didn't really matter that much.

    Some of them went to Abdullah ibn Zubair (May 623 – October/November 692), one of the Prophet Muhammadﷺ's closest companions, and called the council to choose a new caliph. Ali's son Hussein ibn Ali (January 10 626 - October 10 680) gave support to the followers of Abdullah ibn Zubeir. Yazid, furious by the deception carried out by Hussein and his followers, sent in reply 4,000 soldiers to behead Hussein and his group of 70 families at the Battle of Kerbala in 680.

    Yazid left no successor when he died in 683, so the position of caliph was taken by a volunteer from another branch of the Ummayad clan, Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (c. June 644 - 9 october 705, r.12 April 685 – 9 October 705), who was the fifth caliph. He was successful in overthrowing an attempted coup in Damascus, conquer rivals in Iraq, and killing Abdullah ibn Zubeir in 692, all in the cause of reuniting the caliphate. Once that was done, Abd al-Malik focused on expansion like the other Ummayad caliphs. He swept across Turkey and the Causacus, then he invaded modern day Tunisiaball, Algeriaball and Moroccoball from Byzantine Empireball.

    Under Abd al-Malik, Arabic was now the standard government language and new coins - in this case, gold dinars and silver dirhams - were minted replacing the old Persian and Byzantinian currencies. Villa-like places were built, but there was also the Dome of the Rock (Arabic: قبة الصخرة, qubbat aṣ-ṣakhra').

    Then he took the central part of the followed by more of Central Asia. In 711 Ummayads had exclaimed victory after conquering Iberia and expelling the Visigoths from Spain and Portugal. He thought he could invade France, so in 732, Ummayad armies even managed to get through the river Loire in France, but they were halted and pushed back to Spain at the Battle of Tours by the Frankish king Charles Martel.

    By that time, the Ummayads were sticking to a more stratified society with Arab Muslims at the top, then non-Arab converts to Islam under recently captured lands, with Jews and Christians next, and slaves at the bottom.

    The Umayyad society.

    Claiming decent from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s uncle, Abbas ibn Abdul-Muttalib (~565 - ~653), the Abbasids (750 - 1258) have long been enemies of the Ummayads. That was the end for the Ummayads, who's caliphate lasted less than 90 years. In 750, the Abbasids beat him up and made his run all the way to Hispanic territories. The Visigoths had retreated to Northern Hispania, leaving the remaining Hispanic land to the Umayyadball. After a period known as 'Reconquista', Umayyadball transformed into Emirate of Granadaball, and was killed by Kingdom of Castileball, now Spainball, in 1492 A.D.




    • Rashidunball - Long live the Banu Umayya, and down to the Ahl al-Bayt! YOU ARE DEFEATED! HAHAHAHA!
    • Imam Hassan - He was the last Caliph for Rashidunball, and he is also Imam Hussain's elder brother. Even though we created a treaty, I never liked you and you deserved to die...
    • Imam Hussain - He didn't accept my allegiance, and even though you are the Prophet's grandson, and I wished someday we could be best friends, you still deserved to be killed.
    • Gokturkball - Remove Turks!! Remove Tengriism! Remove Tengriists!' Why you didn’t become a muslim?? He defeated me in a war and prevented me to spread islam to him and Central Asia. Atleast your descendants became muslim and spread islam to europe.
    • Byzantine Empireball - Repelled me from taking his Constantinople. At least fellow kebab conquered it in 1453 lmao!
    • Abu Muslim - My ungrateful Persian general who rebelled me to establish Abbasids, remove!
    • Franksball - Stupid surrender frog made my flag looks weak! Never forget battle of Tours!
    • Dabuyidball - Little Majusi (Zoroastrian) neighbour who always fails to attack me.
    • Khazariacube - A kaffir Jewish Turk that prevented me to reach the Upper Black Sea.

    How to draw

    Umayyadball easiest countryball to draw:

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw the eyes and you have finished.
    3. Draw his weapons (optional)


    Türkmenistan The Land That Rules by a Dictator
    District Ahalball Ashgabatball Awazaball Balkanball Darvazaball Daşoguzball Lebapball Maryball Türkmenabatball
    Former Entities

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