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    Mitaku Oyasin! (We are all related!)
    — Lakotahball's motto

    Siouxball are a tribeball of Amerindian. The Great Sioux Nationball was the political structure of the Sioux in North America at the time of their contact with the 2balls. Most of the Siouxballs was members of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ or Seven Council Fires. The seven members were separate members of one confederacy.

    The Siouxballs are the third largest Native American nation of USAball. His clay is in North Dakotaball, South Dakotaball, Nebraskaball, Minnesotaball, and Montanaball in the USAball; and Manitobaball, Saskatchewanball, and Albertaball in Canadaball.

    Republic of Lakotahball is a unrecognized and separatist region of USAball. In 2007 is seeking independence on the grounds that USAball has broken several treaties with the Natives of his clay. Besides the Dakotas, it claims Nebraskaball and Wyomingball. The proposed capital was Porcupineball.