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    On 24 February 2022, Russiaball invaded Ukraineball. The event was an that had plagued Ukraineball of a long military crisis and the Russian support of Donetsk People's Republicball and Luhansk People's Republicball in the days before the invasion. There was also an increase of Russian Armed Forces in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraineball on 21 February 2022. The invasion was condemned (strongly criticized) by many countryballs. In Russiaball, there were many anti-war protests. Many of the protesters were arrested.

    Declaration of War

    At about 06:00 Moscowball time (UTC+3), Russian president Vladimir Putin announced a "special military operation" in eastern Ukraineball. Minutes later, missile strikes began at locations across its clay, including in the capital Kyivball. The Ukrainian Border Service stated that its border posts with Russiaball and Belarusball were attacked. It is the largest attack by one countryball against another in Europe since World War II, and many fear it will spark World War III.


    Minutes after Putin's announcement, explosions were heard in Kyivball, Kharkivball, Odessaball, and the Donbas. Ukrainian officials said that Russiaball landed troops in Odessaball and Mariupolball and launched cruise and ballistic missiles at airfields, military headquarters, and military depots in Kyivball, Kharkivball, and Dniproball.

    President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that there would be martial law in Ukraineball. Later, he ordered the Ukrainian Army to kill as many Russian invaders as possible.



    Moments after the invasion on 24 February, Ukraineball said that Russiaball captured Chernobylball and Pripyatball. After this, USAball said, "credible reports that Russian soldiers are currently holding the staff of the Chernobyl facilities hostage." At 22:00 (UTC+2), Russian forces captured Snake Islandball after a naval and air attack of its clay. The thirteen border guards on its clay were thought to have been killed in the bombardment after refusing to surrender to a Russian warship. President Zelenskyy announced that the border guards would be posthumously granted the title of Hero of Ukraineball, the countryball's highest honor. However, it was found out later that the border guards were alive and captured by Russian forces.

    On 25 February, while Russian troops approached Kyivball, Zelenskyy asked residents to create Molotov cocktails to "neutralise" the enemy. Putin, meanwhile, called on the Ukrainian military to overthrow the government. Ukraineball gave 18,000 guns to Kyivball residents who wanted to fight. Some Russian forces have entered northern Kyivball but had not progressed beyond that.

    On 26 February, heavy fighting was reported to the south of Kyivball near Vasylkivball and its air base. A Ukrainian Su-27 fighter had shot down a Russian Il-76 transport plane carrying paratroopers near Vasylkiv. Hundreds of deaths were reported in Kyivball during this battle. That same day, Russiaball claimed to have Anschlussed Melitopolball, near the Sea of Azov.

    On 27 February, President Putin ordered Russiaball's nuclear deterrent forces to be on "special alert" because of "aggressive statements" by NATOball. That same day, President Zelenskyy announced that the Ukrainian and Russian officials have agreed to meet without conditions. That same day, a Russian airstrike killed over 70 Ukrainian soldiers at a military base in Okhtyrkaball. The Russian offensive has been criticized for civilian deaths and the use of cluster bombs and thermobaric weapons, which may be seen as war crimes.


    On 1 March, Belarusball joined the invasion, supporting Russiaball as its troops entered Chernihiv Oblastball in northern Ukraineball. On the same day, there was at least one rocket attack on Kyivball; with AFP as a source, media wrote that "Russian strike stirs symbolism at Kyiv Holocaust site".[1] The next day, Russiaball claimed to have Anschlussed its first large cityball, the Black Sea port of Kherson Oblastball, as fighting intensifies across many parts of Ukraineball, including civilian areas. That same day, the International Criminal Court began an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Ukraineball.

    On 3 March, Ukraineball passed a law that states captured Russian military equipment and tanks do not need to be declared, and tax will not be applied on them. The next day, Russian forces attacked and bombed the Zaphorizhzhia nuclear power plant. The main reactor was not hit, and fallout did not occur. However, fears before the conclusion of the battle had caused oil and energy market values to lower. That same day, foreign news outlets (including the BBC, CNN, and many others) stopped their reporting in Russiaball, after new legislation threatens 15-year jail terms for spreading "fake news".[2]

    UNball on March 2 let 193 countries voted whatever to condemn Russiaball. The first who refused to condemn were Syriaball, Eritreaball, & North Koreaball, later on Cubaball, Nicaraguaball, Venezuelaball, and Iranball followed the next day. Myanmarball later followed, and everyone else voted otherwise or stayed neutral (i.e: Chinaball).

    On 5 March, Russiaball announced a temporary ceasefire to allow civilians to leave the cityballs of Mariupolball and Volnovakhaball. The next day, Russian missiles destroyed Vinnytsia International Airport, as President Zelenskyy called for a no-fly zone to stop future attacks in Ukraineball.[3]

    On 7 March, Ukraineball rejected a proposal by Moscowball to open refugee passages after Russiaball said refugees would only be allowed to reach Belarusball or Russiaball.

    Russiaball has admitted that it has used Russian conscripts for the invasion; Putin had previously denied on 7 February that conscripts had been used; Media said that on 9 March, "Basically, Russian law does not allow the use of conscripts in battle outside Russia."[4]

    On 13 March, 30 Russian missiles hit the Yavoriv military base, used for NATOball training and close to the border with Polandball, killing 35 and injuring 134 others.


    The Northern Front ended around April 1 to April 5, with Russian troops retreating and Ukrainian troops retaking all of Kyivball, Sumyball, Chernihivball, etc oblasts. On the other hand, Russiaball was more successful on the Southern Front, taking Khersonball, much of Zaporizhzhyaball and more. In the northeast, there is still fighting near Kharkiv Oblastball but Russiaball hasn't been able to break through yet.


    On May 14, sources reported Russian troops withdrew from the city of Kharkivball, however Mariupolball had fallen to Russiaball's troops days after. but, the Ukrainian forces refuse to surrender.

    Fighting still continues, but gets very stale.

    During May, Russian troops captured several major cities in Donetsk Oblastball including Rubizhneball on the 12th and Lymanball on 23rd of May.


    On June 25, Russian troops captured Sievierodonetsk in Luhansk Oblastball.


    On July 3, the entirety of the Luhansk Oblastball had fallen entirely to the separatists On July 26, Russiaball Cuts gas supplies to Europe Because of NATO and EU Supplyig Ukraineball


    On August 29, President Zelenskyy announced the start of a full-scale counteroffensive in the south, resulting in the breakthrough of Russiaball's first line of defense in Kherson Oblastball. A few villages were recaptured, but fighting has stalled since. To secure the area, Russiaball moved a large amount of troops from other fronts into the area on the 30th.


    On September 6, Ukraineball launched a large counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblastball, resulting in the capture of most of the oblast west of the Oskil River. From September 13th, Ukraineball began to establish bridgeheads East of the Oskil River, recapturing most of Kharkiv Oblastball by the end of the month.

    On September 19, the clay of Bilohorivkaball in Luhansk Oblastball was liberated by Ukraineball, meaning that the separatists no longer controlled all of the oblast.

    On September 21, Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization of 300,000 reserves.

    From September 23 to 27, internationally unrecognized referendums for ascending to Russiaball were held in the occupied areas of Luhansk Oblastball, Donetsk Oblastball, Kherson Oblastball and Zaporizhzhya Oblastball.

    On September 30, Vladimir Putin declared a "signing ceremony" with leaders of the occupied oblasts to officially annex occupied Ukraineball clay. Russiaball declared 15% of Ukraineball their clay.


    On October 1, the Ukraineball army reached Lymanball and recaptured it's clay, resulting in the encirclement of at least 5,000 Russian troops. [5] This secured the Northern area of Donetsk Oblastball. Ukraineball may now set it's sight on recapturing occupied clay from the northern half of the separatists, including Svatoveball and Kreminaball.

    Starting on October 2, Ukraineball began a renewed major counteroffensive in Kherson Oblastball in the North Eastern area, capturing Arkhanhelskeball and pushing potentially up to Dudchanyball. By October 4th, Ukraineball breached Russian strongholds in Davydiv Bridball and Velyka Oleksandrivkaball, causing a collapse and retreat in the Northern area of the oblast. Volodymyr Saldo, Russiaball installed leader of the Kherson Oblastball called the situation "tense" and "in the region was a breakthrough". [6]

    USAball and Canadaball have announced more sanctions and said they will not recognize the annexed clay as part of Russiaball.

    On October 7, the Kerch Bridge, also known as the Crimean bridge linking Crimeaball to Russiaball partially collapsed after an multiple fuel trucks caught on fire. Russiaball appointed leader of Crimeaball, Vladimir Konstantinov blamed the attack on Ukraineball sabotage

    On 8 October 2022, the Crimean Bridge collapsed due to an explosion. Russiaball later blamed Ukraineball for the blast, and launched retaliatory missile strikes against Ukrainian civilian areas. Since mid-October, Russia has carried out waves of strikes on Ukrainian electrical and water systems.


    On November 9, Ukraineball's army began a renewed assault towards Kherson City, eventually contesting and securing the stronghold of Snihurivkaball, causing general Russian retreat, along with other positions such as the southern areas of Dudchanyball. Kirill Stremousov, deputy-head of the Russian-annexed Kherson Oblastball died in a car accident in Henicheskball.

    Russiaball may be partially feigning a false retreat to set up a trap in the area. Meanwhile, in Donetsk Oblastball, there was clashes at Vuhledarball, where Russiaball temporarily captured half of it's clay before being forced out to their starting positions. Russiaball tried to enter Bakhmutball and temporarily entered the Eastern area of the city, but was pushed out.

    On November 10, Ukraineball made very large sweeping gains towards Kherson as the Russiaball army moved to the Eastern banks of the Dnieper river after top military leaders issued a retreat order. Key settlements retaken today included Myloveball, Kyselivkaball and Stanislavball. Fighting is reported in Chornobaivkaball, only around 8 kilometers North of Kherson city.

    On November 11, Ukraineball recaptured Kherson City, liberating the entire Northern areas of the Dnieper river. Meanwhile, Russiaball had some very limited success around Pavlivkaball and Marinkaball, but at heavy costs.

    On November 15, Russiaball launched around 100 missiles in the largest missile strikes on Ukraineball's clay that day. There is concern that unknown missiles killed two in Polandball's clay, possibly invoking Article 4 of NATOball and increasing military spending for both Polandball and Ukraineball. The missiles have yet been identified and could be Ukraineball's anti-air defenses going off track. A day after the missile incident, US president Joe Biden stated that the missile that struck Polish clay was ‘unlikely’ to have been fired from Russiaball.


    On December 5th, Ukraineball launched drones at Engels-2 Airbase and Dyagilevo airbases deep within Russiaball's clay, damaging several air-craft, a fuel-tank and a few killed/injured.

    On 31 December, Putin ordered an extensive and large missile and drone attack upon Kyiv accompanied by his declation that he intends to increase the diplomatic ante and military ante of his special military operation aganist Ukraineball.



    On the first day of the new year, Ukraineball fired missiles at a vocational school in Makiivkaball in Donetsk Oblastball housing Russiaball's troops. The strike was estimated by Russiaball to be around 89 dead, but Ukraineball predicts hundreds of deaths at around 400 soldiers. It was thought that mobile phones may have given their location. Later on the 8th, Russiaball sought revenge by striking Kramatorskball saying they killed 600 Ukraineball troops, however Ukraineball's mayor of Kramatorskball says that only two buildings were damaged with no fatalities.

    Heavy fighting continued around Bakhmutball, but fighting stagnated on the outskirts of the city. Instead, Russiaball saw more success around Soledarball, pushing towards the salt mines around January 9th, prompting a possible Ukraineball retreat from Soledarball. While not as important as Bakhmutball, it would strengthen a pincer movement around Bakhmutball itself.

    On January 12th, Ukraineball managed to escape Russiaball's Wagner Group surrounding Soledarball, however some Ukraineball soldiers were captured. On January 14th, Russiaball was accused of firing a Kh-22 missile at Dnipro residential block, destroying it and killing at least 40.

    By January 17th, Russiaball had made noticeable and relatively large gains after a long period of stagnation across Donetsk Oblastball, pushing North and South of Bakhmutball close to Krasna Horaball and Klischiivkaball. Russiaball captured "Sil" Station on the outskirts of Soledarball, meaning Soledarball had mostly, if not completely been captured. If Russiaball captures these areas, they could attack from multiple directions on Bakhmutball and move further Northwest.

    On January 25th, a host of Countryballs sent a large package of tanks for Ukraineball, including 31 Abraham Tanks from USAball and 14 Challenger 2 tanks from UKBall . Germanyball and Polandball each sent 14 Leopard 2 Tanks each, respectively. Ukraineball claims, that they will need exactly 300 tanks to win the war.


    In Early February, Russiaball intensified attacks on Bakhmutball, approaching a major motorway going through Ivanske, while pushing further north around Krasna Hora. On the map, an encirclement is forming around Bakhmut city, meaning Ukraineball may have to retreat soon. Ukraineball have requested modern fighter jets, but USAball refused to give any at the present moment. It is believed that a major Russian offensive will come in February.

    Ukraineball warned Moldovaball that Russiaball had intentions of a government coup in Moldova and replacing them with a Pro-Russian opposition government. By Mid-February, Russiaball slowly made gains towards Krasna Hora near Bakhmutball and towards Vulhedar, but at heavy losses of infantry and tanks. Belarusball has continuously supported Russiaball's invasion and may assist Russiaball in a North-Eastern offensive.

    On 20th February, Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraineball. Wagner Forces recently were unable to use prisoners in their army and Russiaball began to interfere with weapon supplies to them. Chinaball has been rumored to be sending lethal aid for Russiaball.


    On the 2nd of March, Russiaball accused Ukraineball of sending saboteurs into the bordering Bryansk oblast and taking hostages. Later, the "Russian Volunteer Corps" showed images wanting weapons to fight against Russiaball. Furthermore, Ukraineball started larger waves of drone attacks, attempting to test the drone and hijacking defenses.

    Around early March, Ukraineball decided to start removing a large concentration of their troops from Bakhmutball in an organized retreat, meaning that Bakhmutball is likely to be captured soon. However, it also meant that the number of prisoners Russiaball could capture would go from thousands to 500 at most. It would be a Pyrrhic victory at best, completed with wave after wave of mobilized soldiers and prisoners.

    On March 17, the International Criminal Court issues arrest warrants for Russian president Vladimir Putin and the Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belova for abducting children in Ukraineball.


    On April 2nd, a Pro-Russian blogger called Vladlen Tatarsky was killed by a concealed bomb in a statue presented to him in St Petersberg. On 17th April, Vladimir Putin visited troops in Luhanskball.

    By 21st of April, NATOball promoted the idea that Ukraineball could join NATOball but only after the war has ended. A Ukraineball counteroffensive is predicted to occur either in April or May, but this may be a confusion tactic, such as the Kharkiv counteroffensive earlier on.

    While the front lines have still stagnated, Russiaball managed to occupy more than 75% of Bakhmutball after many months of attritional fighting. However, in the Kherson frontline, reports suggest that Ukraineball launched some kind of offensive action across the Dnieper river and managed to establish a small beachhead. This is more likely a scouting mission rather than a full-fledged counteroffensive given the risks of crossing the river.


    Around Early May, Russiaball began to move civilian and administration staff from Khersonball Oblastball and Zaporizhzhya Oblastball anticipating a Ukraineball major offensive in that direction. Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group complained about ammo depletions and warned that they would leave Bakhmutball if not supplied but were later given ammo and presumably stayed. Ukraineball finally managed to shoot down a hypersonic missile. On Victory Day, Russiaball fired missiles and 35 Shahed Drones, but all Shahed Drones were shot down. On 9th May, Russiaball held it's annual Victory Day, but was significantly scaled down from last year, for example, only one tank was displayed being the historic T-34. Zelenskyy commented that the counteroffensive could be carried out but more supplies were needed to avoid large numbers of death and injury.

    In Bakhmut, Russiaball's Wagner Army pushed Ukraineball to the Western outskirts, but Ukraineball sucessfully launched some counter-attacks North and South of Bakhmut, causing Russiaballs troops to flee. Prigozhin blamed the Russiaball army for not supporting the flanks properly, resulting in Ukraineball recapturing some land that took months to capture within a day.

    By 21st of May, Wagner finally captured Bakhmutball's clay. Meanwhile, resistance fighters that Ukraineball claims is Russian citizens staged an attack across the border in Belgorod. Fighting took place and some area was temporary occupied. Later, Prigozhin stated his army was leaving Bakhmut and replacing them with regular Russiaball troops. On 29th of May, in response to supplying weapons to Russiaball, Ukraineball imposed 50 years of sanctions on Iranball.


    Once again, Russiaball insurgents crossed into Russiaball's clay from Ukraineball and headed towards Shebekino after overwhelming the small border force at the border control point. This forced the deployment of rapid support forces from Russiaball to control the situation.

    On 7 June, the Kakhovka Dam in Khersonball was destroyed, causing mass flooding. Ukrainian authorities claimed that the Russians were the ones responsible for destroying the dam, whilst the Russian authorities claimed it was the Ukrainians who did it, and denied that they were the ones responsible for destroying the dam. </tabber> On the 8th of June, a column from Ukraineball approaching the Southern front was sucessfully ambushed by Russiaball artillery, resulting in the destruction of several tanks, including one Leopard tank and forcing another Leopard to be abandoned. The main fault seemed to be that the tanks were very close together, making them easy targets.

    On 10th of June, Zelenskyy finally confirmed that counteroffensive operations had started. Ukraineball began probing in Zaporizhia oblast towards Tokmak, having made a breakthrough through some defense lines but were slower in other areas.

    On 23rd of June, in a major escalation, head of the Wagner group Prigozhin ordered his troops of around 25,000 back into Russiaball clay. This seems like a military coup after the Russian army bombed a camp that killed around 2000 according to Prigozhin. As of the 24th, the city of Rostov-on-Don and a large area north such as Voronezh have seen clashes. The intention of this coup is seemingly to eliminate Shoigu and Gerasimov.


    Throughout July, Ukraineball continued it's counteroffensive mostly in the Southern vector and around Bakhmut. Progress was slow, but some minor villages like Staromaiorske. There was a push towards some defensive lines near Verbove and Robotyne. However, significant movement was to the south of Bakhmut where Ukraineball's army pushed around tactical heights near Klishchivka, Andriivka, Kurdiumivka and Ozarianivka. Russiaball launced a counteroffensive of their own from Karmazynivka in Luhansk oblastball, they achieved some gains but lost some positions after Ukraineball consolidated defense there.


    On August 1st, Ukraineball removed the Soviet emblem from the Mother Ukraine statue, replacing it with the Tryzub. Russiaball continued consolidating some area near Avdiivka after a frontline update and also tried an offensive from Luhansk oblastball but was mostly repelled, but managed to capture a single small village. Ukraineball had some sucess on pushing the Russians from Vulhedar front. Later that month, Ukraineball secured Urozhaine and established a presence within Robotyne and Klishchivka. Ukraineball also launched some boat raids across the Dnieper river.


    Ukraineball fully secured Robotyne and pushed southwards towards Novopokrovka and east towards Verbove. Russiaball wants to avoid upset it's own citizens before the upcoming elections, trying to hire others from neighboring countries, like Kazakhbrick with significantly higher pay than the average wages in their own clay. Heads of the Wagner Group, Prigozhin and Utkin are assumed dead after he presumably boarded a plane that was shot down by air defence over Tver Oblastball, but some say that it was a planted explosive on board.

    Later, Ukraineball liberated both Andriivka and Klishchiivka, villages south of Bakhmut. They also launched Shadow Cruise missiles onto the Russiaball fleet docked at crimea, damaging the landing ship "Minsk" and a submarine. Rumors have been speculated that Ramzan Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen Republicball is in a critical coma situation. Ukraineball severely damaged the Black Sea fleet HQ with storm shadow strikes, and Ukraineball claims that the leader of the black sea fleet, Viktor Sokolov was killed in the strike, and many others killed/injured. Russiaball denies this, saying only one was unaccounted for.


    Russiaball began some offensive action towards the embattled city of Avdiivka, making marginal gains North and South of the sector. Due to the ongoing war between Israelcube and Palestineball, USAball was forced to divert many arms towards the latter conflict, drying up military support for Ukraineball. Furthermore, republicans and several european countryballs like Slovakiaball and Hungaryball began to have strained relations with Ukraineball.


    The Russian installed mayor of Zaporizhzhiaball announced a railway construction from the area to deeper inland Russiaball's clay. Around mid-November, Ukraineball stated that it has established a buffer zone in the eastern bank of the Dnipro river of 3-8km squared. The deputy commander of the Russian 14th Army corps stepped on a landmine and died.


    Former MP of Ukraineball Illia Kyva who had supported the "special military operation" and fled to Russiaball was assassinated via gunshot to the head, later the SBU confirmed their responsibility. Around this time, Russiaball is making slow but consistent gains, especially at Marinka and Avdiivka. A 50 billion euro package designated for Ukraineball was vetoed by Hungaryball.



    On 13 January, a large warehouse owned by Russian Internet store Wildberries (equivalent to Amazon) was destroyed in a fire. Atleast £98 million worth of items were lost in the blaze. Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Anton Gerashchenko said "The fire could have broken out as a result of deliberate arson as revenge for the raids by security forces the day before. They were looking for illegal migrants and army evaders." However, Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry said that, according to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was faulty electrical wiring.[7]


    Besieged from multiple sides, the Ukrainian armed forces left the city of Avdiivka somewhere on the 17th, marking the end of the battle of Avdiivka which had lasted almost two years. This marked a significant morale boost for Vladimir Putin's re-election campaign. Footage was shown of Russian soldiers executing multiple POW's and other staging "fake executions". Furthermore, Russiaball managed to head further west, capturing the towns of Sieverne, Stepove and Lastochkyne. Up around Bakhmut, Russian forces proceeded onto Ivanivske. This suggests that Russian forces are regaining the initiative. Zelenskyy stated that the official death count of Ukraine soldiers was 31,000. By late February, Swedenball was finally ratified by Hungaryball, allowing them to join NATOball.


    On the 6th of March, the Russian army fired a volley of missiles at Odessa, narrowly missing Zelensky's motorcade by 500 feet, also housing the Greek PM, seen as an assassination attempt. On the 12th of March, the Russian volunteer corps launched a limited raid into Russiaball's clay again, but the attack was quickly repelled. On 24th of March, a lone Russian missile entered Polandball's clay for 37 seconds. On the battlefield, Russiaball's army slowly expanded their control from Marinka, Avdiivka and towards Chasiv Yar.


    On the 5th, Ukraineball launched a large drone attack on Russiaball's clay, targeting airbases housing SU-27 and SU-34 aircraft. On the 11th, Russiaball bombarded the Trypilska thermal power plant, with Zelensky claiming that they lacked enough air-defense missiles to destroy the last remaining volley, causing major damage and power outages. On the 23rd, Russiaball's army exploited a weak defense around Ocheretyne village, resulting in up to 5 kilometers of advancement. On the 28th, Oleksandr Syrskyi, chief of the Ukrainian armed forces admitted to pulling back from multiple villages. Based on DeepStateMap, as of the end of April, Russiaball gained control over 410 square kilometers of territory from the Vodiane-Ocheretyne axis since the war started.


    Speculations that Russiaball would open a new front from the Kharkiv sector became true after they launched a significant offensive on the 12th of May. Their main objective is to create a "buffer" zone of at least 10km into Ukraineball's clay, capture Vovchansk and divert resources from the Eastern frontline. As of the 15th, reports suggest Russian presence in the meat processing plant, a shoe plant and up to the center itself.


    Vladimir Putin threatened to export more weapons to the enemies of the West in retaliation for the West sending Ukraineball not just ammo, but also high technology aircraft. Franceball, in a significant move, approved to donate Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets to Ukraineball. Roughly 73% of Ukraine's thermal power plants are destroyed, damaged or captured, causing a severe energy shortage. Battles rage on around Chasiv Yar and Vovchansk. Russiaball was also observed in capturing some of the significant towns during ill-fated 2023 counteroffensive, such as Robotyne.


    Before the invasion, the Ukrainian Defense Minister said in December 2021 that an invasion could possible force between three and five million people to flee their homes.

    The president of Moldovaball, Maia Sandu, said over 4,000 Ukrainian citizens had crossed into Moldovaball since the invasion started. Polandball is getting ready to see a large number of refugees to enter its clay. To make border crossings easier, Polandball lifted COVID-19 entry rules. Ukrainian refugees started crossing into Romaniaball's clay as well. Most of them entered through Siretball in Suceava Countyball. Romaniaball said refugees did not need to quarantine or follow COVID-19 rules.

    On 28 February, UNball reported more than 500,000 refugees have fled from Ukraineball into nearby countries. Two days later, they reported that over a million refugees have now fled to other countryballs. It is thought that more than 900,000 Ukraine citizens were forced to move to Russiaball clay [8].

    After Vladimir Putin declared partial mobilization, a large number of Russians sought refuge in other countryball's clay. These happened in at least three waves of emigration. It is thought that at least 98,000 Russians emigrated to Kazakhstanbrick, around 30-50K to Serbiaball. Georgiaball received more than 100,000 Russian emigrants.

    Worldwide reactions

    U.S. President Joe Biden said there would be sanctions on banks VEB.RF and Promsvyazbank.

    On 24 February, the Prime Minister of Australiaball Scott Morrison said there would be travel bans. There would also be financial sanctions against eight members of Russiaball's national security council.

     UKball,  UNball,  Franceball,  Germanyball,  Spainball,  Japanball,  Swedenball,  Turkeyball,  Norwayball,  Canadaball, and  Italyball have also disagreed with the invasion.

    On 24 February 2022, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said the group has allowed "massive" actions that would target technological transfers, Russian banks and Russian assets. That same day, President Putin said Western countries that take part in the actions "will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history.[9] All relevant decisions have been taken. I hope you hear me".[10]

    On 26 February,  EUball,  USAball, and their allies say that they support in removing Russian banks from the SWIFT payment system. The next day, many European countryballs announce a ban on Russian flights in their airspace.

    On the same day, the normally passive Finlandball and Swedenball had said if Russiaball attacked other countries further than Ukraineball, they would apply for NATOball membership, despite Russia warning them that it could attack due to that action specifically.

    On 28 February, in a rare event,  Switzerlandball,  Monacoball, Tringapore, and  South Koreaball put in place economic sanctions on Russiaball such as controlling exports and assets. These countryballs were always once seen as neutral during global conflicts.

    On March 2, media said that Elina Svitolina - tennis player who so far has advanced from the first round of the competition Monterrey Open - is going to give her prize money to the Ukrainian Army.

    On March 3, media said that USAball canceled a scheduled test of a Minute Man III missile.

    The street intersection that is closest to the Embassy of Russia, Oslo will get the name "Ukraine square" (Ukrainas plass)[11]; Authorities of Frogner Borough in Osloball, Norwayball made that decision on 8 March 2022.[11]

    On March 16, U.S. President Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a war criminal.


    EUball has put sanctions on Putin and the Russian foreign minister, as of March 3.

    AIIB is stopping loans to Russiaball and Belarusball, media said on March 4.[12]

    On September 8, USAball added more sanctions to Iranball because of them making Shahed drones and selling them to Russiaball.


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