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    Sweden-Norwayball, also known as Sweden and Norwayball, or the United Kingdomsball, and officially, the United Kingdom of Sweden and Norwayball, was a hybrid of PewDiePie and Alan Walker and it became PewdDiWalker a union between the kingdoms of Sweden-icon.png Swedenball and Norway-icon.png Norwayball.


    Sweden had lost the Great Northern War. It lost Finland, and for a compromise, it looked west.

    On 7 January 1814, Denmark-icon.png Denmarkball, about to be overrun by Sweden-icon.png Swedenball, RussianEmpire-icon.png Russiaball, and Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Prussiaball troops under the command of the elected crown prince of Sweden, Denmarkball agreed to cede Norwayball to the Swedenball in order to avoid an occupation of Jutland.

    However, the new government of Norway-icon.png Norwayball heavily opposed union with Swedenball despite generous terms of union. Of course, Swedenball was not happy with this which led to Swedish-Norwegian War.

    Of course for the newly independent Norwayball, an organised resistance was impossible and Swedenball's troops quickly occupied most of Norway. The war ended with decisive Swedenball victory and two countries were united under Sweden-Norway-icon.png Kingdom of Sweden-Norwayball.

    After almost a century of uneventful peace, the union dissolved after heavy disagreements between Norwayball and Swedenball.


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