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    For the modern countryball, see UKball.

    The  British Empireball was an Empireball owned by the UKball, composed of dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled by UKball. It likes to take over every country. The British Empire has invaded 75% of all countries on  Earthball owning 25% of the total world.


    The foundations of British Empireball were laid when Kingdom of Englandball and Kingdom of Scotlandball were seperate kingdomballs. In 1496, King Henry VII of Englandball, following the success of  Spanish Empireball and  Portugese Empireball in overseas exploration, commisioned John Cabot to lead a voyage to discover a route to Asia via the North Atlantic. Five years later after the European Discovery of America, but it made landfall on the coast of Newfoundlandball, and, mistakenly beliving that it had reached Asia, there was no attempt to found a colony. Cabot led another voyage to the Americas the following year but nothing was ever heard of its ships again.

    After  Scotlandball went almost bankrupt after trying to establish a colony in  Panamaball's clay,  Englandball offered  Scotlandball a union and created the Kingdom of Great Britain. Throughout the ages, more colonies were established, One of the most famous ones being Jamestownball (Virginia), or the lost colonyball. One of its most prized possessions was USAball who at the time was known as  Thirteen Coloniesball. Unfortunately for the Crown, Thirteen Coloniesball would revolt, and Britain would lose the colony.

    Britan also had colonies in North America, and British Australiaball, but later made a colony in Indiaball, (who was named British Rajball or British India at the time) British Rajball Brought the crown tea, and the crown loved it. British Empireball made more and more colonies in Asia, such as British Hong Kongball,  British Tringapore,  British Malayaball, and  British Ceylonball.

     It only made colonies where it could get good things, for example, it had a lot of colonies in the Caribbean because it could get sugar in those places that can increase its economy, while only having a few in South and Central America, because the land didn't bring Britain many good things that attracted him to build more colonies. It later made even more colonies in  Africa.

    It got what it wanted in the Scramble for Africa, but then the colonies fought to end British rule. Revolution after the revolution, Britain lost most of its colonies until it had nothing more than an island in South America, who fights with Argentinaball over its other  colony.

    The British empire supposedly was thought to end in 1922 when Irelandball gained Independence, but it actually didn't, since it still had colonies outside of Europe. In 1941, the Japanese Empire kidnapped British Hong Kongball, British Tringapore,  British Malayaball and more, which triggered the British. 4 years later, they surrendered and the empire once again controls its colonies again. In 1997, the empire died when Hong Kongball was stolen taken by Chinaball, who claimed it to be a "handover" Though the empire has supposedly died, the sun will rise again on the British Empire when the UK successfully gain full control of Hong Kong.



    Present day:

    And some colonies that are now part of these countries:



    • Portuguese Empireball - Gee, have we STILL been friends since the 14th century? You REALLY are a good and loyal friend, sticking by my side from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era, where THEY ended our empires.
    • Franceball - You were a real bulldog during those wars we had, but I forgive you... We became allies in World War I and World War II.
    • Netherlandsball - I still don't really like the lad that much because the expeditioners kept trying to take my colonies back then! Well at least we're fine now, and I liberated most of the Dutch clay from Nazi occupation.
    • Kingdom of Hawaiiball - Rough start, I tampered with them a lil' and they ended up killing mah explorer. But eventually, I gave them emperor a pretty cool flag and they liked it. Now I helped them civilize and they doin really good! Sorry bout' 1843, bud!


    • CSAball - We were good friends actually, I bought cotton from him, we shared the same Anthem that was next to Bonnie Blue Flag and Dixie, I wanted to help it out, but it had slavery and I was only going to help it if it ended slavery, but it did not, and I did not wanna help a slave lover.
    • Russian Empireball - It was my rival right before the war, I even allied to Japan to be "less scared from it". But even if so, the way tankies rose up and killed your precious monarchy was unfair.
    • Abyssiniaball - Also a rougher start. Wanted me to do a "crusade" against Islam, but was pissed and arrested the poor minorities in its clay when I declined the offer. We went to war some time, but relations started to improve since we were against pizza eater and those commies that ruined ye legacy. You're pretty hard and resistant, but I ain't giving back that stuff I took, so frick off.


    Over its existence, the empire had made a lot of enemies or rivals.

    • Kingdom Of Franceball - OOOOOOH I HATE YOU SO MUCH! But if anything, we are against those eugh, republicians. Just a shame you never lived long. Gib Clay.
    • Argentinaball - You may had kicked my ass in the Parana War, but... FALKLANDS ARE STILL MINE, YOU NAZI SUPPORTER!! Gib Clay.
    • Japanese Empireball - Why did you anschluss my poor children?!! Weren't we allies in WW1 ya lad?! but thank god yuo were nuked by my very annoying smart son!! My colonies in southeast Asia stay mine, ya hear?! Gib Clay.
    • Kingdom of Italyball - It got mad at me for "not giving what it wanted" and it took Somaliland. The man is a wimp, liberating Ethiopia! Gib Clay.
    • Qingball - Hong Kong is mine you weak excuse for an empire! SMOKE DAT OPIUM! Gib Clay.
    • South African Republicball and Orange Free Stateball - Why won't you guys just be fine about joining the empire? They hated my anti-slavery and English-speaking laws, they would rather throw some drama about it. You, here, even tried to rebel against my will when I was at war against Reichi?! Gib Clay.
    • Rhodesiaball - Oh no! You aren't a part of the decolonization plan, ya illegal white supremacist ball! I SHALL CONDEMN YOU! Gib Clay.
    • Sultanate of Zanzibarball - Some idiot who declared war on me only to lose in 38 minutes. Talk about pathetic. Gib Clay.
    • Various dynasties of Africa (such as Sokoto Caliphateball, Zulu Kingdomball, Ashanti Empireball, and many more) - Wow, that's some nice gold you got there. Would be a shame.... if someone.... COLONISED YOU! Gib Clay.
      • Zulu Kingdomball - Yer bloody bastard! You made me look weak! I can't believe I lost to some dude with spears. But jokes on you, because I had managed to colonize you! Gib Clay.