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    "和平反共建國 [hépíng, fǎngòng, jiànguó]"
    — Reorganized National Government of the Republic of Chinaball
    "中國萬歲! 大東亞共榮圈萬歲! [Zhōngguó wànsuì! Dàdōngyà Gòngróngquān wànsuì!]"
    — Reorganized National Government of the Republic of Chinaball

    Republic of China-Nanjingball or the Reorganized National Government of the Republic of Chinaball has the longest fake name ever and is reorganizing was a historical countryball in Eastern China. It is actually not the real China and he is just a puppet of Japanese Empireball. He claims himself as the real china though, as he owned Nanjing, Shanghai, and Beijing. Still, he did not own any land west of Wuhan, meaning he is a fake country and is just a puppet.


    It is made by Empire of Japanball to fight for Chinaball, So it was proud of itself. It is very nasty, because it often said "I am best China! Real China!". It also is most not well behaved puppet, when Empire of Japanball shot it’s flag, it will become angry and protest to Empire of Japanball.



    Greater East Asia Co-Killing Prosperity Sphere


    • Mengjiangball - My autonomous region ball! Our friend is Empire of Japanball!
    • Empire of Japanball - My best friend!!!!! 日本最高! Made me peace!!!!!! 私は平和を作りました!!
    • Manchukuoball - Friend....Also we are our fellow compatriots and are still compatriots today, future even more is compatriots! BUT IF WHEN I BECOME REAL CHINA YOU WILL BECOME MY CLAYS! XIXIXIXIXI! 中國萬歲!
    • Azad Hindball - Don't worry my little friend....I will sopport yuo.
    • State of Burmaball - Don't crying......I will support yuo too.
    • Second Philippine Republicball - Bother.....Do you had into the war?



    • Republic of Chinaball (1912-1949) - You stinky nationalist! You made China civil war and others war! China will not be good if you still alive! 日本強い!日本强!
    • Communist-controlled Chinaball - Communist eat shit! Why yuo of working together with stinky Nationalist! 共産主義者はたわごとを食べる!共产党吃屎!



    Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever!
    Major Axis Powers Nazi Germanyball Kingdom of Italyball Empire of Japanball
    Other Axis states Kingdom of Hungaryball Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Bulgariaball Slovak Republicball Independent State of Croatiaball Thailandball Vichy Franceball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
    Co-belligerent states Finlandball (1941-1944) • Kingdom of Iraqball (1941) • Pahlavi Iranball (1941) • Soviet Unionball (1939)
    Sieg Heil Mein Führer! Drittes Reich Über Alles!!!
    Occupied territories General Governmentball Military Administration of Luxembourgball Nazi Netherlandsball Nazi Belgium and Northern Franceball Nazi Norwayball Guernseyball Jerseyball Reichskommissariat Ostlandball Ukrainian National Committeeball Nazi Russiaball French Tunisiaball Italian Islands of Aegeanball Monacoball German–occupied territory of Montenegroball San Marinoball
    Puppet states Slovak Republicball Protectorate of Bohemia and Moraviaball Vichy Franceball Independent State of Croatiaball Hellenic Stateball Government of National Salvationball Lokotball Denmarkball Quisling regimeball Belarusian Central Councilball Albanian Kingdomball Slovene Home Guardball Italian Social Republicball Government of National Unityball Russian Liberation Armyball
    TRAITOR! Pizza 'Empire' of Italy
    Colonies and possessions Amoyball Italian East Africaball Italian Libyaball Shanghaiball Tientsinball
    Puppet states and occupied territory Albanian Kingdomball Corsicaball Independent State of Croatiaball Italian governorate of Montenegroball Hellenic Stateball Monacoball
    Gloriosu Nippon Stronk! 天皇陛下万歳!!!
    Colonies, possessions and mandates Hankouball Hangzhouball Japanese Koreaball Karafutoball Kwantung Leased Territoryball Suzhouball Japanese Taiwanball Tientsinball South Seas Mandateball
    Puppet states and occupied territories Manchukuoball Mengjiangball Republic of Nanjingball State of Burmaball Second Philippine Republicball Azad Hindball Empire of Vietnamball Kingdom of Kampucheaball Kingdom of Luang Prabang British North Borneoball Dutch East Indiesball Gilbert and Ellice Islandsball Guamball Hong Kongball Malayaball Nauruball New Guineaball Solomon Islandsball


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