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    KwaZulu-Natalball is a province of South Africa-icon.png South Africaball. As by its name, it is the modern day descendant of Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball. The words "KwaZulu" means "Place of the Zulus" in Zulu-icon.png Zulu, and "Natal" in the name means "Christmas" in Portugal-icon.png Portuguese.

    Fun fact: Zulu means "tribe of Heaven" in its language.


    KwaZulu-Natalball was born as an 8-icon.png 8ball. On December 25, 1497, it was discovered by PortugueseEmpire-icon.png Portuguese Empireball. Portugalball then proceeded to give it the name "Natal" in honor of the special holiday it was founded on.

    In 1585, VOC-icon.png Dutch East India Companyball crashed its ship near the future cityball Durban-icon.png Durbanball. Being welcomed by the Abamboball tribe, they sold Durban to the Dutch survivours.

    Zulu-icon.png Mthethwa Empireball would trade ivory in the PortugueseEmpire-icon.png Portuguese Empireball in Mozambiqueball, equipping themselves with firearms. The famous Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Shaka Zulu grew up in the Zulu-icon.png Mthethwa Empireball, an early society of the Zuluballs. Shaka became a warrior/general for a Zulu leader called Dingiswayo to his royal blood and unique tactics. Zulu-icon.png Mthethwa Empireball slowly died after Dingiswayo was killed in battle by Zwide, the leader of Zulu-icon.png Ndwandweball. Its son Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball took over its clay under Shaka's rule to avenge its father.

    The powerful Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdom would assimilate nearby tribes. It trained his military the tactics its leader had mastered. It then went to war Zulu-icon.png Ndwandweball in a 2-year war, massacring all the men in its enemy's clay. The remaining enemy tribes escaped but were beaten in another battle. Zwide escaped battle, but his mother was sent to be executed in a hut were she was eaten by Hyenas, and the hut burned down by the Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zuluballs. the mayhem of the Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball pushed many 8-icon.png 8ball tribes to places like Zambiaball or Zimbabweball to flee from the Mfecane, genocide by the Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zuluballs.

    Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Shaka Zulu brought the kingdom to tyranny after its mother's death; forcing his farmers to have a famine, execute families that had pregnant mothers, and slaughtered many cows. Eventually Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Shaka was finally killed by his brothers Dingane and Mpande.

    Orange Free State-icon.png South African Republic-icon.png Natalia Republic-icon.png Boerballs started to move eastwards in South Africa-icon.png South Africaball after British Empire-icon.png UKball came to the Cape. Natalia Republic-icon.png Natalia Republicball traded cattle in exchange for clay. But Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball was hostile to these foreigner's act and the slaughter of Pie Retief and nearby Boer families made these Natalia Republic-icon.png Boerballs arm themselves and resulted in the killing of many Zuluballs that came near. South Africa-icon (division).png Pietermaritzburgball

    Zulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu Kingdomball was most importantly known for beating up British Empire-icon.png UKball in the Anglo-Zulu War before being annexed into the Colony of Natal-icon.png Colony of Natalball. Under British rule, many British Raj-icon.png indians fled to Zulu clay including the famous Mahatma Gandhi, which is why Hinduism-icon.png Hinduism can into the 2nd biggest religion in its clay.

    Later it fell under the rule of Union of South Africa-icon.png Union of South Africaball. Apartheid wanted to keep the Zulu-icon.png Zuluballs away from the 2-icon.png 2balls, India-icon.png Indianballs, and the other 8-icon.png 8balls, so they put all the Zuluballs in KwaZulu-icon.png KwaZuluball, a bantustanball created out of many 8ball majority enclaves in the Natalball province.

    After the end of apartheid, KwaZulu-icon.png KwaZuluball merged with Natalball and became what is known today. Today it is a rich province of South Africa-icon.png South Africaball because its biggest city Durban-icon.png Durbanball is a good place to spend time on the beach and to pickpocket too. However he is currently suffering from racial violence.



    • India-icon.png Indiaball - Gandhi used to work here! He also likes curry like me.
    South Africa-icon.png Apartheid doughnut South Afrika is SOUTH AFRIKA FOREVEAR! South Africa-icon.png
    Provinces and dependencies Western Cape-icon.png Western CapeballNorthern Cape-icon.png Northern CapeballEastern Cape-icon.png Eastern CapeballFree State-icon (South Africa).png Free StateballKwaZulu-Natal-icon.png KwaZulu-NatalballGauteng-icon.png GautengballNorthwest-icon (South Africa).png NorthwestballLimpopo-icon.png LimpopoballMpumalanga-icon.png MpumalangaballRobben Island-icon.png Robben IslandballSouth African Antarctica-icon.png Marion Islandball
    Capitals Pretoria-icon.png PretoriaballBloemfontein-icon.png BloemfonteinballCape Town-icon.png Cape TownballJohannesburg-icon.png Johannesburgball
    Former entities 8-icon.png 8ballKingdom of Zimbabwe-icon.png Kingdom of MapungubweballDutch East Indies-icon.png Dutch Cape ColonyballZulu-icon.png NdwandweballVoortrekker-icon.png VoortrekkerballNatalia Republic-icon.png Natalia RepublicballGriqualand West-icon.png Griqualand WestballGriqualand East-icon.png Griqualand EastballGoshen-icon.png GoshenballStellaland-icon.png StellalandballGerman South-West Africa-icon.png UpingtoniaballNieuwe Republiek-icon.png Nieuwe RepubliekballSouth African Republic-icon.png Klein VrystaatballZulu Kingdom-icon.png Zulu KingdomballOrange Free State-icon.png Orange Free StateballSouth African Republic-icon.png TransvaalballColony of Natal-icon.png Colony of NatalballCape Colony-icon.png Cape ColonyballBritish Transvaal-icon.png British TransvaalballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Union of South AfricaballUnion of South Africa-icon.png Bantustanballs
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