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    Take this ya, fakin brits!
    Thirteen Coloniesball
    There's always a time for a corrupted king to fall!
    Thirteen Coloniesball
    I removed those bugs.
    Thirteen Coloniesball
    Thirteen Colonies, you foolish colony!
    British Empireball To his son Thirteen Coloniesball

    The Thirteen Coloniesball is the faithful elder son of British Empireball and basically  USAball in his childhood and teenager years. It is now 15 states (including Maineball, which split from Massachusettsball, and West Virginiaball) along the eastern seaboard of USAball.


    The Thirteen Coloniesball is often portrayed as loyal to the crown, but interested in liberty and freedom from the crown in the style of an innocent child.  Later he became a rebellious teenager that have problems of relationship with his father UKball. Now in his adulthood, he is USAball and has no more problems with his father, and even helped him in the world wars.


    Rally Mohawks, and bring your axes; and tell King George we'll pay no taxes, on his foreign tea!
    — Thirteen Coloniesball

    Thirteen Coloniesball was first settled in 1607 by Settlers in Jamestown, Virginia. Settlers also founded settlements in  New Englandball as New England Confederationball and Dominion of New Englandball in the north. So pretty much this guy right here is one of UKball's oldest son's. TC also had a weird habit of making tea out of ocean water... Then a revolution started (revolutionary war) against UKball and then Spainball and Franceball joined in. He is now known as USAball.


    The New England Colonies

    The Middle Colonies

    The Southern Colonies


    zh:英属十三殖民地球 pt:Treze Colôniasball

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