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    Duchy of Milanball was a HRE countryball, despite its parent, the municipality of Milan, had a troubled relationship with the H.R. Emperor.


    In 1395 the Duchy was born by the danè given to the HRE. It started as a powerful duchy that ruled over many Italian lands (like Sienaball, Pisaball, Bolognaball, Veronaball, Astiball, etc.) but after the dead of its first duke, it lost most of its land. This was caused by the Most Evil Serene Republic of Venice and other countries that were the envy of the Milanese richness. It invented panettone.

    In its free time, it used to be a patron of artists, writers, etc. generously sent from Republic_of_Florenceball. It was very gluttonous of Panettone, which started a terrible quarrel with the fair Verona (its first crush), who preferred Pandoro. In the end Verona left it for Republic_of_Veniceball and that starts for the umpteenth time a war. Later it was in a relationship with the Most Serene Republic of Genoa until Milan lost most of its money and its independence! So it started a relationship with Old Switzerlandball that ended after the repudiation of Switzerland for all forms of violence (hippy style).

    Then it started to live together with Mantua until its end. By the way its "love's adventure" (mostly the one with Kingdom of Franceball) but it tried with everyone, it has one even with the Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball was the reason of the end of Italian's states freedom. It has two children Transpadane/Cispadane/Cisalpine/Italy Republic/Kingdom (for god's sake, son can you keep one name for a minute ?!) born by it and the First French Empireball and Lombardy-Venetiaball born by it and its archnemesis Republic of Veniceball.




    pt:Ducado de Milãoball

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