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    오 필승 코리아! Oh hurray Korea!
    South Koreaball
    무궁화꽃이 피었습니다
    South Koreaball when playing Red Light Green Light
    Giant Samsung phone is also tiny Kia car!
    — Family Guy
    'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
    So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight
    Shinin' through the city with a little funk and soul
    So I'ma light it up like dynamite, woah-oh-oh
    — BTS
    — Blackpink
    They're stereotypes, and if you believe them, Then your brain is small like a Korean's penis.
    — Puff Puff Humbert
    Please give me 🐓 cock Coke.
    — Park Ye-eun
    Well then, where do you want me to break you first?
    — Juri Han from Street Fighter
    — Hana Song, aka D.Va

    Pucca South Koreaball or Koreaball, officially the Republic of K-Pop Samsung Koreaball, is a sovereign countryball living in East Asia, occupying the southern part of the Korean Peninsula clay. It shares borders with North Koreaball, South Koreaball's nuke-obsessed sibling to the north, and Japanball across the East Sea. The country is divided into 8 provinces; six metropolitan cities that act as their own entities, including their capital Seoulball; and a self-governing province; giving South Koreaball a total area of 100,210 square kilometers, making them the 107th largest country in the world.

    Being a highly advanced, eco-friendly country with high diplomatic relations gives South Koreaball the ability to join many organizations. South Koreaball is also one of the members of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EUball, and they are also a member of the UNball like almost every other country in the world. The only countries not having diplomatic ties (or simply not recognizing) South Koreaball are Cubaball and Syriaball, as well of the disputed territories of Palestineball and Western Saharaball. South Koreaball is also one the four Asian tigers along with Tringapore, Hong Kongball, and Taiwanball.

    South Korea's safety is one of the most developed in the world, and South Koreaball boasts one of the fastest internets as well. Unlike the cutie k-pop appearance, it has the sixth largest military force in the world, which can burn down North Korea without a nuke.

    South Koreaball is the only nation in East Asia where the most practiced religion in its clay has been Christianity since it was a former American colony.

    South Koreaball enjoys a modern and decent lifestyle and lives with Jejuball, who is considered to be one of the cleanest and most pristine natural islands in the world.

    South Koreaball's birthday (national day) is the 15th of August, the day it was liberated from Imperial Japanball's empire.


    South KoreaBall is a polite, loyal, and a very hardworking country, although it is the most impatient CountryBall you'll ever see. It values ​​Confucian etiquette ​​and high-quality knowledge, and always tries to fulfill and impress others. It intelligence and persistence have led it to be loved by many other countryballs.

    However, due to its painful history and fast economic growth, it suffers from side effects. This making it more and more stressful and somewhat negative. This has also led to constant feuding with JapanBall, who it constantly argues with over the past with and demands official apologies. (He did several times but he went to Yasukuni after that. It thinks he just making fun of it) It became friends with Japanball to fight with communists and accept his reparation but it thinks JapanBall is another Japan EmpireBall. Because of that, it often develops PTSD symptoms in when Japanball doesn't hide his ambitions with extreme nationalism, worships war criminals as a god, still using rising sun flags, and trying to make his own military and use it to bullying other countries, but currently in-progress history and a big threat next to Chinaball and North Koreaball. It seems that they will remain that situation forever because America wants them to befriend and fighting with communism ball is more important.

    South Koreaball is an anti-communist against North Koreaball. It tortured and killed a lot of people by being a communist or supporting North Koreaball. Even if it's not certain or nonsense, it called them reddy and killed them anyway.

    At first, it was not too harsh at communism, but the Korean War made it almost dead, and as a result, it started to believe communism is evil and people who supported the ideology don't deserve to live. But after the development and democratization, it changed.

    Even though it was a least developed country 60 years ago, it now is the most developed country in Asia with Japan. It started to throw out the old things, correcting the wrong and started to make a good relationship with North Koreaball for the hopefully peaceful unification, which was also because it knew how painful war is.

    She invented K-pop, which made its culture famous and beloved around the world. A huge fan of MMORPG video games, lightning-fast internet, and her favourite boy band, BTS, it often retracts in PC bangs after long hours of school or work to socialise with peers.

    History (역사)[edit]

    Early History | 고대 (2333 BCE-1392 AD)[edit]

    According to Korean mythology, a deity akin to cCc Tengri cCc named Dangun was said to have established Gojoseonball around 2340~2330 BC. After he was killed by Hanball, there were several other nations until there were four countryballs, called Goguryeoball, Sillaball, Baekjeball, and Gayaball. Gayaball, who was in-between Sillaball and Baekjeball, later fell, and the three kingdoms constantly fought each other.

    Sillaball eventually conquered the rest and made Unified Sillaball. However, Sillaball had lost the Manchurian and the Maritime Provinces of Siberia, which had originally been the land of Goguryeoball, and it was occupied by Tang Chinaball. In this period, he built many Buddhist temples. Furthermore, it lived as unified for centuries, until Taebongball and Later Baekjeball was born, and constantly invaded their father. Taebongball was killed by Goryeoball. Goryeoball also killed Later Baekjeball. Sillaball was suffering by then and committed suicide.

    Meanwhile, in the north, there was Balhaeball, which was Goguryeoball's descendants. Balhae fought hard with neighboring countries and bordered with Sillaball to the south, Bohai Bay (in the Yellow Sea) to the west, Manchuria to the north, and the Okhotsk sea to the east. Balhaeball led the Korean's heyday. However, Balhae was eventually destroyed by Liaoball, the descendants went to Goryeoball.

    Goryeoball was very indulged in Buddhism and made many temples. This was the age when many Buddhist temples and infrastructures were made. Also, Goryeoball tried to restore the Manchurian region. However, unfortunately, the Mongol Empireball invaded Goryeoball and destroyed most of the flourishing culture. Much of the temple still remains destroyed or gone after the Mongolians burnt them down. Goryeoball's soldiers fought hard, but the government surrendered and they had to do it too.

    Goryeoball was on the verge of becoming completely Mongolian Empireball until Joseonball was born. Just before Joseonball was made, the Mongolian Empire fell and disappeared.

    The Joseon Era | 조선시대 (1392-1897/1910)[edit]

    Joseonball had the most flourishing dynasty of all, and it built massive lavish buildings and treasures. It was during this dynasty that many aspects of Korean culture were developed, and in the 15th Century, Sejong the Great developed the Korean script Hangeul.

    Joseonball also preferred the Chinese dynasty at that time Ming Dynastyball and sent many treasures and missionaries. In 1592, a huge Japanball invasion landed on Koreanball's clay (임진왜란) and Admiral Yi Sun-Shin (이순신) defeated Japanball's ships with small number of his own ships. Yi Sun-sin is still considered a national hero even today.

    Later, Joseon was invaded by Qing China, because Joseonball refused to help the new Qing Dynastyball, but instead helped the dying Ming Dynasty. Joseonball managed to push them back again, and had some peaceful ages, but had to pay tributes to the Qing. Korea eventually gained full independence from China in 1895. It became Korean Empireball in 1897 and wrote its own constitution while strengthening Friendship with Russian Empireball to weaken the influence of Imperial Japanball.

    Japanese Colonial Period 일제강점기 (1910-1945)[edit]

    Later, in 1910, Imperial Japanball forced upon a set of treaties and killed Korean Empireball in one of the most torturous way anyone can imagine. They colonized Koreaball for 35 years (1910~1945) and raped and tortured and massacred many of their people. Korean Men were forced to join the Japanese Military, while Korean Women were used as sex slaves for the Imperial Army. {{I|Japanese-EmpireImperial Japanball banned the Korean Language during the occupation as an attempt to convert the Koreans into Japanese. They even used them for human experiments, cannon fodder, and forced labor. Korean Empireball wasn't just going to let this happen, and fought back until they were freed. Although Korean empire ball wasn't able to free himself, it came close several times. South Koreaball and its sibling North Koreaball were born in 1917 and they headed the 1st independence movement in 1919 and later they lead the Korean Liberation Army during World War 2.

    Many Japanballs still deny this history, and that is why South Korean-Japanese relations are still very strained.

    Liberation and War | 독립 그리고 전쟁 (1945-53)[edit]

    In 1945, as WWII drew to a close, Koreaball was liberated by advancing Soviet and, later, American forces. Koreaball's jubilation was short-lived, as both superpowers divided the clay into 2 "temporary" puppet states. South Koreaball became good friends with the USAball and was taught capitalism, in contrast to Sovietball being friends with its sibling and teaching it communism.

    Almost immediately, chaos ensued within South Koreaball. As most of the resources and industries were located in the North, South Koreaball had to rely on Northern sibling for electricity, which was often cut off at random. North Koreaball also began launching sporadic guerrilla raids into the South and supported Communist-backed strikes and riots in its clay.

    South Koreaball and North Koreaball face each other during the Korean War.

    In 1950, South Koreaball’s sibling, North Koreaball, invaded its clay with little resistance, pushing its under-equipped and demoralized army to Busanball, but USAball and its NATOball friends helped South Koreaball until Chinaball came onto Koreaball's side. An armistice was signed in 1953, but no peace treaty was ever signed, but the border between their homes is still heavily armed.

    The Korean War, between 1950 and 1953, left the Korean peninsula divided and deeply impoverished. South Koreaball had a GDP per capita lower than that of many African countryballs.

    Post-War and Modernization | 전후, 그리고 현대화 (1953-)[edit]

    First Republic (1945-1960) | 제1공화국[edit]

    Following the Korean War, Sovietball and USAball supported rival dictatorships - Kim Il-Sung in the North, and Syngman Rhee in the South, The First Republic of Korea under Syngman Rhee saw a lot of economic trouble, during 1945-1950 they confiscated and redistributed land owned by Japanese colonial, government, colonists and companies. Some South Koreans that owned a lot of land also had to redistribute. Family businesses started to flourish afterwards. South Koreaball also implemented an education system which saw an increase in enrollment in education. Syngman Rhee declared martial law while pushing an amendment making the president an elected position jailing members of the parliament who would disagree. In 1960, massive student protests during election year was met with loads of repression but eventually making Rhee resign ending the First Republic of Korea and the establishment of the Second Republic of Korea. It was known as the April Revolution.

    Second Republic (1960-1963) | 제2공화국[edit]

    South Koreaball then switched to a parliament system with the president being a nominal position during the Second Republic of Korea. The Second Republic Korean ball sought to reform into a more liberal democracy. South Koreaball started to try to get along with Japanball. Though the economy was a mess and even the five-year economic plans didn't see any mass growth in economy. In May 16, 1961, a military coup by conservative politicians under Park Chung-hee ousted the civilian government and replaced with a Military Junta in the name of removing communism and reunification was born calling it the Supreme Council of National Reconstruction. In 1962, American president John F. Kennedy wanted South Koreaball to return to civilian rule and end the military dictatorship. In 2 December, 1962 a referendum was held to return to civilian rule and in 17 December 1963 Park resigned as a military dictator and was elgible for running for election, ending the second republic creating the Third Republic of Korea.

    Third Republic (1963-1972) | 제3공화국[edit]

    Park Chung-hee became president of South Koreaball's country. To rebuild the economy, allowed aid from Japanball and USAball and their businesses for support and to build the infrastructure for them. For the first time South Koreaball had large industrial conglomerates in its clay. South Koreaball also had a program with West Germanyball sending nurses and miners to Germany's clay. South Koreaball also tried tackling the disparity between the urban and the rural areas providing free materials to the farmers. Middle school entrance exams were abolished putting all middle schools on the same level. In college-level South Koreaball wanted less political activism so there wouldn't be any protests by making college students compete against each other to root out any idea of unity. South Koreaball also tried strengthening relations with Japanball in the third republic and all the other allies. In 1971, Park declared state emergency "based on the dangerous realities of the international situation" and on July 1971 met with North Korean leader Kim il-Sung about statements of the three principles of Korean unification. In 1972 he launched a self coup and in 21 November 1973, Park Chung-hee pushed his constitution known as the Yushin Constitution effectively dissolving the National Assembly and making Park Chung-hee president for life ushering the Fourth Republic of Korea.

    Fourth Republic (1972-1979) | 제4공화국[edit]

    Thanks to the Yushin Constitution Park Chung-hee became the totalitarian dictator of South Koreaball. Wide suppression followed that and Park Chung hee's popularity declined. South Koreaball continued to see significant economic growth during the Fourth Republic though at a slower rate even with all that turmoil. South Koreaball also started to focus on military and industrialization to defend against its sibling North Koreaball believing it will attack. In 1975, South Koreaball hated homeless people so it rounded them all up in and killed most of them by making them play Squid Game from slave labor. South Koreaball believed the People's Revolutionary Party was backed by North Koreaball and caused the People's Revolutionary Party Incident with South Koreaball's intellegence agency the KCIA arresting 1024 individuals without permit because South Koreaball thinks they are trying to establish a socialist movement in his clay. 8 of them were executed by Park Chung hee's regime. The incident gained negative coverage about Park's regime worldwide and Park's international image declined. South Koreaball gained a little bit of distrust when USAball started developing relations with Chinaball during the Nixon era and started developing better relationships with other countries such as Canadaball. Even with the oil prices rising in the Middle East, South Koreaball still had lots of construction companies in Middle East clay. In 26 October, 1979, Park Chung hee was assassinated and martial law was declared many times with following this political turmoil arose and . Eventually Chun Doo hwan became president and abolished the Yushin Constitution and rewriting the constitution being less authoritarian but still made the president powerful. This ended the Fourth Republic of Korea and started the Fifth Republic of Korea.

    Fifth Republic of Korea (1981-1987) | 제5공화국[edit]

    Following the assassination of Park Chung-hee, Chun established a military dictatorship and promised for democratization but people wanted the democratization to be faster and under Chun's leadership was still a one-party state. Though still Chun released political prisoners under his rise in power, South Koreaball's economy started to falter again due to needing the pay its debts after large amount of economic growth. So, South Koreaball started liberalizing import and by the 1980s, electric and semi conductor industries flourished and Hyundai Motors began exporting cars to USAball. In 1983, Sovietball shot a Boeing 747 in its forbidden airspace. Even when the cities became rich, the disparity between the rural and the cities increased thanks to cheap agricultural imports making many farmers move to the cities for better living. Relations soured again with its sibling North Koreaball and developed an anti-Communist alliance with USAball and Japanball. In 1987, a democratic activist was killed due to police torture sparking many democratic protests, Chun, announced Roh Tae-woo as president but was met with a lot of resistance by the protestors. To avoid any problems before the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Chun gave in to the protestors demands and allowed civil liberties and democracy reforms to be introduced. Ending the Fifth Republic of Korea and finally giving birth to the Sixth Republic of Korea.

    Sixth Republic of Korea eg. Present Day South Koreaball (1987-present) | 제6공화국 그리고 오늘의 대한민국볼[edit]

    The Sixth Republic of Korea finally gave away to a democratic South Korea and Roh Tae-woo became the first president in 16 years to be legitimately elected by direct vote and just in time for the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

    In 1988 though, North Koreaball boycotted South Koreaball's Olympic Games in Seoul. They marched under a United Korean flag in 2018 though, giving hope that its sibling might be cured and its life turned around.

    In 1991 both South Koreaball and its sibling North Koreaball were invited to join the UNball.

    In 1997 the Asian Financial Crisis wrecked the economy of South Koreaball but it recovered so the economy to grow from the Asian Financial Crisis. In the same year, South Korea can into developed countryball.

    Together with Japanball, South Koreaball had hosted the 2002 World Cup. In 2015, they hosted the 2015 Gwangju Universiade.

    South Koreaball now spends their days doing lots of work, and drinks at night. South Koreaball also is developing an obsession with technology, hosting famous corporations such as Samsung, LG, SK Hynix, and Hyundai. South Koreaball also ranks as one of the most innovative countries (by Bloomberg) and is currently sharing the crown with Japanball as one of the most advanced countryballs in Asia and the world.

    In 2018, she hosted the Olympics. Its relations with North Koreaball was improving, they talked a few times and agreed to end the war. In June, it joined the FIFA World Cup and managed to surprise the entire world by defeating Germanyball by 2-0! It was the largest epicenter of the 2019-2020 Coronavirus Epidemic outside of but, it is now overcoming it. Its reaction was instant, and also kept people's daily life.

    On October 29, 2022, a crowd crush happened on Halloween's Eve in the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoulball's city. 159 people lost their lives, with 26 of them being foreigners.

    Administrative Divisions (행정 구역)[edit]

    Metropolitan Ball (Special Ball) (특별시) -

    • Seoulball(서울) - Her first child, capital city, and also her place of residence. It is globally known.

    Metropolitan Balls (광역시)

    • Incheonball(인천) - Her second child and has the 2nd best national airport, Incheon Airport.
    • Busanball(부산) - Her third child. Busan has nice beaches and has a department store.
    • Daejeonball(대전) - Her fourth child and well known as "Science City".
    • Ulsanball(울산) - Her fifth child and makes nice cars and ships, too. Next to Busanball
    • Daeguball(대구)- Her sixth child and is the really, really hottest city in South Korea.
    • Gwangjuball(광주) - Asian Democracy Sanctuary. Pray for 5.18 democracy movement.

    Sejong Special Autonomous City Ball (세종특별자치시) -

    • Sejongball(세종) - Second capital

    Jeju-doball Special Self-Governing Province(제주특별자치도) -
    Gyeonggi-doball(경기도) -
    Gangwon-doball(강원도) -
    Chungcheongnam-doball(충청남도) -
    Chungcheongbuk-doball(충청북도) -
    Jeollanam-doball(전라남도) -
    Jeollabuk-doball(전라북도) -
    Gyeongsangnam-doball(경상남도) -
    Gyeongsangbuk-doball(경상북도) -

    Flag Colors (국기 색상)[edit]

    Main Colors (중심 색상)[edit]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Madder Lake 205, 46, 59 C0-M78-Y71-K20 #CD2E3A
    Cobalt Blue 0, 72, 160 C100-M55-Y0-K37 #0047A0
    Black 0, 0, 0 C0-M0-Y0-K100 #000000

    Relationships (관계)[edit]

    Friends (친구 Chin-gu)[edit]

    Anyone who helped me in Korean War, but especially:

    • Miguk USAball - My Blood Ally America-ssi who saved me from 1945-1951. Sometime after Korean Empireball died, it bombed the Japanese Empireball and saved me. I was under its care. It taught me capitalism. It helps me calm my evil horrible sibling down, and helped me big time in the Korean War. And it also taught me how to compose good pop music, so I returned its favor by K-pop!!!. Gib F-35 and Global Hawk plox. I of more than happy to provide yuo with test kits and mask to fight COVID-19! Despite Samsung and LG is better than iPhone, we can into best friends! If yuo collapse, I'm collapsing with yuo.
    • Sakhaball - My cousin who gave me its mammoth DNA! Also, my K-pop group visited his clay once. Although you slightly made me feel cold.
    • Turkeyball - A fellow member of MIKTA. Also a distant cousin rooted from Altaic ancestors. Long ago, we were geographically neighboring countries and stood up against Chinaball.
    • Azerbaijanball (Ajeleubaijanbol): She is also friends with Turkeyball and hates Chinaball.
    • Argentinaball - Yes I do! Messi Is The Best!
    • Australiaball - Member of MIKTA. It helped me in Korean War, and support me first in IMF. Mostly Friendly people. Also a close trading partners. We don't like whaling unlike my neighbour but you have Beautiful beaches and nature. Also one of the best osu! player is also from my clay!
    • New Zealandball - Australia's sibling, it helped me in Korean War. Nice vacation place and motivational song.
    • Brazilball - Good friend from South America and it speaks Portuguese, most of the Koreans live in his clay, also a fellow G20 member to us? BTW I defeated Germanyball for yuo. But why do you think that "Now United" is better than BTS? Both groups are good!
    • Canadaball - It likes hockey and marijuana. Helped us in the Korean War. Gib Blue jays!!! We both like drinking a lot of alcohol.
    • Denmarkball - The creator of LEGO(R) bricks, I love LEGO(R) bricks, LEGOs can into space!. Dayum, it hates China for copying his LEGO(R).
    • Franceball - It helped me! I love its missiles and airplanes! I sent a carton of masks to war veterans who participated in Korean War.
    • Greeceball - Also helped me in Korean War. A hometown of democracy and Greek mythology.
    • Germanyball - A Role Model. True Euroführer. I learned its constitutional laws when writing our own. He of supportings me when I reunify. If capitalist Germany can win, then I can!
    • Indiaball - Land of dancing and engineers. I gave it K-9 howitzers as K-9 VAJRA-T. He likes my Samsung but not Huawei. I Like its Curry and Bollywood. We also host Korea-India Friendship Quizzes and Essay Competitions every year. Also, thank yuo for all the medical support during Korean War. Even though it's friends with that Commie at Cold War.
    • Indonesiaball - Member of MIKTA. It likes our military and we like theirs too (It also loves my submarines). It is also a huge part of the Big K-pop fans in the world for some groups of Indonesian Teenagers who perform dance cover of my K-pop songs. He also gib Dita of SECRET NUMBER and Loudi of 14U, while we also gib football trainer and we help making the writing system of an endangered language.
    • Israelcube - It and I have similar situations, with unfriendly neighbors. Also a good military and industrial partner. It was born at the same year of my birth. Also, I am the first FTA partner of you in Asia. It supports me about comfort women. I usually raise its flag too in my clay while American flag is waving. Some balls expect that I support Palestineball as Irelandball does. But don't worry, I NEVER support that that stupid hater of you!
    • Norwayball - It helped me and provided medical support during the Korean War. We are of friends now and I gave it some K9 Howitzers. It is of dominating Pyeongchang Olympics! Nordic OP, of nerfings, please!
    • Malaysiaball - Drinking not allowed, also one of my MIKTA member's sibling. A beautiful ball with an archipelago of islands. Also, you love my K-dramas and gave good services to my people in your clay. Now it's my turn to treat yuo like the way you treated me, since my evil sibling is about to cut diplomatic ties with yuo, that means we are true allies! But stop being friends with Chinaball plox.
    • Mexicoball - Member of MIKTA. A clay full of Latin music & passionate people. Sabor a Mi ~~ I helped him advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup.
    • Mongoliaball - It loves my culture. It's pretty cool to be honest. It's probably the only East Asian that I have no grudges against. It have a far much similar appearance with me than Chinaball and it saying a similar language.
    • Kazakhbrick - Thank you for the hospitality and kindness you showed to our Forced migrants by Sovietball.
    • Philippinesball - We both hate communism. A good vacation place to relax and learn English. It's good at speaking English. But too much drugs and illegal activities. We never forget the battle of Yultong during the Korean War. It was my good friend, also sent me lots of soldiers to beat that Moron.
    • Polandball - We have similar history of us, Like we had sh*tty neighbours and famous for cavalry, so we can understand each other's history and pain. It recognize dokdo as part of mine. I made a chassis for AHS Krab, and it will introduce my new tanks and weapons! Also one of my another closest economic partners. Yay! Happy 100th Independence day Poland!
    • Romaniaball - It used to be friends with my evil sibling when it was a Commie, and now that it into capitalism it would tell me its weaknesses and helped me defeat it.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - A good friend along with USAball. I Helped it with desalination plants. It gave us much oil.
    • Taiwanball - I see it as a friend and an actual & Real China. Yuo love my K-pop and K-drama so much!!! I HAVE TAIWANESE IN K-POP GROUP AND YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HAPPY, RIGHT?? I hope I can into recognize you again and cut ties with that bitch!
    • Spainball - One of my popular K-dramas is the main setting of it. We both hate North Koreaball for supporting Cataloniaball and Venezuelaball.
    • Thailandball - It provides awesome destination for vacation, also have friendly people. Besides, it loved my Korean Drama and my K-pop Songs. And yuo can into several K-pop groups!
    • Iraqball - A good friend from Middle East who loves my K-pop and K-drama.
    • Tringapore - Fellow Asian dragon. It fought in the Korean War. Beautiful diverse city and we are very similar in several things in modern-day...
    • Ethiopiaball - It was also raped by the axis nasty pasta and helped me big time in Korean War without any cost! Its soldiers were brave! I gave him aid to beat COVID-19 for those who participated in Korean War.
    • UKball - Parent of my best friend. It sent the second most troops in Korean War. It has been in my clay before.
    • Ukraineball - A good Slavic friend. I like Cheeki Breeki, and we both hate NIkocado Avocado by ruining my food! Also Crimea is yours.
    • Vaticanball - I welcomed you, Pope-nim! It made one of my priests a saint! Former president Moon and current president Yoon are of the Roman Catholic faith! YUO ALSO HATE CHINA!
    • Swedenball - 0-12 NEVER FORGET!!, The creator of Minecraft! Also gib Geometry Dash plox!
    • Netherlandsball - GIB ME EDM AND FOOTBALL MANAGER TOO!
    • UAEball - I helped it build a skyscraper. I sent a special force to help him training his own. Its trust made me of aid it first to killing coronavirus.
    • Xinjiangball - Awww, poor ball. Don't Worry, I'll Support You Against The A-Hole!
    • Switzerlandball - Beautiful nature, such as mountains. Nice place to learn German. It gave me watch. Even though it's friend with my evil self but it's okay.
    • Finlandball - Land of Xylitol! I love your unfamous börk for other Eurolads, "Hyvä." We've already used that börk to my xylitol commercials! khkh, although it is Axis but it can into killing commie. But a pro-Starcraft II player from Finland defeated me on a worldwide match in 2018. How Sad.
    • Serbiaball - I don't like how you're friends with my enemies, but I don't care, so gib rakija!
    • Nepalrawr - I love hiking. Its mountains are wonderful. It is also one of my employees, because I have the highest wage and pretty nice workplace. It is of beast, but I did not think it's that scary.
    • Kosovoball - I recognize you, because the Psychopathic sibling is friends with the country that isn´t into recongizings me.
    • UNball - It helped me to fight against commies during the Korean War. I appreciated it, thank you so much!
    • Irelandball - You sent many Catholic priests into my clay, btw George Lewis Shaw helped me to gain independence from Weeaboo Empire. But I don't support that fake country.
    • Hong Kongball - King of the 80s on East Asia and a fellow dragon, but why you turning to commie!

    Neutral (중립) (Jungrip)[edit]

    • Japanball - We are no longer enemies against each other. Since we share our cultures and having companies with each other. I like your anime, Games, music and products. In return I give K-pop, K-drama and Webtoons to it. Who cared about the fact that we have trade war. Don't you ever think that we have the worst past history until now. these things are getting old. Also you against my Commie Evil Sibling and THIS SCUMBAG together! Our relationship is so unclear, but that's why we can love and hate relationships. Also, I know you said that my ancestor is same as the stupid hater of Israelcube! I can't forgive you. Pay me back reparations for damages yuo caused in my clay! Also, DOKDO IS MINE AND GIB DAEMADO!
    • Vietnamball - ROK army participated in Vietnamese War. Tied economically. Strong country and only going to get stronger. 90% friendly people. Don't of care if it of commie, it likes it when I build apartments for it. In memory, I make statues. Since 2018, I helped yuor football (soccor)! Our relationship start to get better. Yuo do more massacre than me and cause of my war crimes is because yuo use yuor people as a human shield and there was no choice! At least it can into beating Chinaball's ass!
    • Angolaball - HEY! Why do yuo use my taegeuk for yuor air force roundel?? Maybe it's an honour I don't know??
    • Russiaball - Although it is a priority target of USAball, but still, we have good relationships though. I bought its military weapons for paying me back its debt. Since 2018, Moon Jae-in and Vladimir Putin met each other. But please stop supporting Chinaball during the Huawei crisis. Also And I am not sure whether he is North Koreaball's friend or not. At Least you're best known for your alcohol, I just like it! We also have mutual visa-free agreements, but Crimea is Ukraine. BUT I WILL NOT FORGET WHAT YOU FATHER DID TO ME IN THE KOREAN WAR!! And also, stop invading Ukraineball or i'll sanction you. End of story. (Also thanks for launching my first astronaut into space)
    • Italyball It gave me medical aid in Korean War, but it started hating me ever since 2002 World Cup. Of apologies for terrible referee! He does like K-dramas, though.
    • Iranball - It valued science. Now it is back into religion. It helped North Korea to build nukes and missiles but I don't care. USAball doesn't like its very much and wants to destroy it, but I built Tehran road in Seoul/Seoul road in Tehran. But hey, stop bullying Saudi Arabiaball!
    • Syriaball - It likes Fake Korea. Although it also enjoys watching our K-dramas. As long as it is a friend with North Koreaball.
    • Pakistanball - You supported me in the Korean War but please stop being friends with China, plox.
    • Portugalball - Ronaldo NEVER FORGET! But were both friends with Spain.
    • Puerto Ricoball (only in music) - GANGNAM STYLE!! Is still better than Despacito. I prepared strong DYNAMITE with some BUTTER to stand up to it. It sings well but I sings better. Come up on stage and let's battle!
    • Western Saharaball - WHY YUO LIKE FAKE KOREA? I WON'T RECOGNIZE YUO! But I recognize your self determination, so I spared you, BUT STOP BEING SO COZY WITH THAT FAKERS! But we both like Ethiopiaball.

    Enemies (적) (Jeok)[edit]

    • Japanbarr (sometimes) - I don't care if we now share a common enemy against Chinabarr and North Koreabarr. I stirr fuking hate yuo. North Korea may be of a terribre neighbor but at reast he didn't of takings our women and make them comfort women! Yuo were of terribre to my peopre and even today yuo are racist towards us koreans. I wirr of never forget when yuo made my girrs into sex sraves during worrd war II.
    • 개씨발 일본년 - Your rising sun flag stands for show respect to the beautiful flashlight given by America right?? AND YUO TREAT ME MUCH WOLST THAN CHINABALL! LICK HELL CRIMINAL!! I LIKE YOUR NON-IMPERIALIST CHILD BETTER!!!
    • Somaliaball - Stupid pilate! And I'm kirring arr of youl pilates kukukuku. Don't you dale berieve I wirr be taking ANY of youl refugees. I'm giving aid to youl sibring but not you, evir pilate! Even Western Saharaball and EVIR SEX COMMIE hates you.
    • Yemenball - FAKE REFUGEES! They avoided draft! Yuo're of messing my clean Jeju! Go back to your clay! My people don't want some coward HERE!
    • Haitiball (sometimes) - Hey, quit saying I'm racist! What happened at the Olympics was a mistake!
      • : FINE! But don’t let it happen again.
    • Cubaball - Is friends with Dim sum and my evil sibling. And it is also boycotted my Olympic Games in 1988. before he become a commie, he gave me aid in Korean War. And were fine now (I guess). I'm controlling my evil sibling right now..
    • Myanmarball - It is friends with my evil brother and killings innocent Rohingyaball. Even this fake country hates you. You deserve to get controlled by Tatmadaw for what you deserve khkhkhkhkh- wait, now you have protests?! I regret saying that...
    • Belarusball - Just resign already, Lukashenko! If you refuse then I WILL SUPPORT THE PROTESTERS AGAINST YUO, CHINA PUPPET!
    • 중국 - WHY THE HECK ARE YOU IGNORING THE INCREDULOUS COVID-19?! COMMUNISM IS DISEASE! although I know you are secretly capitalist kkkkk) CURSE YOU! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!! REAL CHINA WILL ANNEX YOU AND BECOME A TAIWANESE BEIJING!! REMOVE DIMSUM!! Putting all this aside most tourists it receives are from my clay and vice versa, but please stop being an idiot to your neighbors and stop supporting my evil sibling (although it does mediate between the both us but it's annoying at all). And free Uyghurball. We also have a common enemy.
    • Soviet Unionball - YUO AGREED TO INVADE ME?! YUO MADE MY NORTHERN SIDE BECAME EVIL AND BRAINWASHED IT WITH COMMUNISM YOU FREAKING IDIOT?! YOU ALSO MADE HIM TRIED TO ANSCHLUSS ME! AND EVEN WORSE!!!! YOU SHIBAL SHOT DOWN MY PLANE JUST BECAUSE I TRESPASSED YOUR AIRSPACE?! REMOVE SHIBAL VODKA! 1991 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE! BURN IN HELL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But still, he said no to Kim 47 times tho, which I think you should have kept doing it. Yuo became friends since Gorbachev became leader and the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Also thanks for helping me Against Evil sushi in WW2.
    • Palestineball - Would you like to get along with me while serving North Koreaball as a master? Not only that, you identified my ancestor with terrorists like you, just as this otaku did. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!
      • : NO! YOU ARE FAKE KOREA. NK gave me support, yuo didn´t because yuo into al-obeying burger.

    Trivia (여담)[edit]

    • Her soccer team reached the semifinals of the World Cup in 2002, finishing in 4th place.
    • The "Gangnam Style" once used to be the video with the most views on YouTube, until the song "Despacito" by Puerto Ricoball took the place. To get back to first place it released Baby Shark which is the video with the most views now with 8.2 billion views.
    • Created K-POP and K-Drama as well as being known for it.
    • In the Korean language, the native name of the country (Hanguk) is gender-neutral (just like also happens in English).
    • She thinks that its sibling is an idiot and that Communism is no longer true. It does not recognize its sibling as a country and vice versa.
    • She once shook hands with its sibling at the Winter Olympics.
      • Ghana cheated in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.
    • She owns the fastest internet in the world. (JUST THAT'S WHY I'M GOING TO LIVE THERE)
    • She thinks that if it sleeps with a fan, it is going to die.
      • Therefore, it is afraid of fans.
    • Together with Hong Kongball, Taiwanball and Tringapore they make up the 4 Asian tigers.
    • Her biggest loss in football/soccer are 0-12 against Swedenball.
    • North Koreaball almost "anschlussed" it but because of USAball and UNball, South Koreaball was safe. Thank God because otherwise ...

    How to draw (그리는 방법)[edit]

    Drawing South Koreaball is complicated;

    1. Draw a circle.
    2. Draw a circle center like in the Yin - Yang without the circles. The top is red, the bottom is blue like the pepsi thing.
    3. Draw these black trigramms (clockwise, from up-left): ☰, ☵, ☷, and ☲ (Three, Five, Six, Four)
    4. Draw the eyes and you are finished.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of South Koreaball.

    Click here to see it.


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