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    Chicagoball is the entire state of Illinoisball has a terrible commercial from one of his companies is killing everyone a cityball in Northeastern Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball. His nickname is the "Windy City" due to it being on the shores of Lake Michigan. also for being windy duh.


    Chicagoball was officially settled in 1770 by New France-icon.png New Franceball and ceded at USA-icon.png USAball by 3-icon.png Ottawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi. French wrote the Miami-Illinois name Shikaakwa (ramps or wild leeks) as Checagou which gave way to the current name. In 1871, he had a fire which destroyed everything in his clay. Surprisingly, he actually built and fixed stuff after the fire. He is mad at Houston-icon.png Houstonball for trying to take his 3rd place in population, and Los Angeles-icon.png Los Angelesball for doing it in 1990.  But he only has himself to blame for this, because Chicagoball frequently has the most murders annually of any US city (despite usually managing to stay out of the top ten for murder rate).

    Tried to bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, but was eliminated in the first round of voting.  The murders probably didn't have much influence on the outcome considering the eventual winner was Rio de Janeiroball.

    Chicagoball is also well known for its sports teams. The Bulls won multiple NBA titles in the early 1990s, the Blackhawks won multiple Stanley Cups in the 2010s, and now his beloved Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years (Take that Cleveland-icon.pngClevelandball)! Chicagoball's American Football teams are improving at this moment and have won 1 championship in its history. However, the White Sox were involved in the Black Sox scandal.


    • Rest of Illinois-icon.png Illinoisball - Downstate country bumpkins want to kick me out! Well, fuck them! Also, you can't kick me out, because dad won't let you.
      • Springfield-icon (Illinois).png Springfieldball - Nothing against him, but I just don't see why he's the capital and I'm not. Oh. He's older than me. (You inferior scum.)
    • Baltimore-icon.png Baltimoreball - The only cityball with a worse crime rate than knm me. Nevertheless, we are friends. (But I believe that's why we are friends.)
    • Boston-icon.png Bostonball - He's become a really good friend. And we both have Theo Epstein to thank for helping to eradicate nearly 200 years of baseball curses between the two of us!
    • Cleveland-icon.png Clevelandball - CUBS WIN! WE CAN INTO WORLD SERIES! HA HA!!! 2016 best year of my life! (Basketball's good tho.)
    • WashingtonDC-icon.png DCball - Hey! I can handle this crime problem by myself! Hopefully...
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - I'm guessing thanks alot for having alot of population that is mostly Serbs-inhabitant. Look, I appreciate you dearly. But sorry, Kosovo is not yours. You have to watch over your own minorities!
    • Detroit-icon.png Detroitball, St Louis-icon.png St. Louisball - Crime-ridden, corrupt, and inferior 4th rate cityballs to laugh at! ...N...not that I'm any of those things!
    • Houston-icon.png Houstonball- Evil cityball tries to steal 3rd place from me. 2005 = best year of my ass's life!
    • Los Angeles-icon.png Los Angelesball - I will take back 2nd place from Los Angelesball some day!!! I hope he dies of an earthquake! But until then, 2016 = Best Year of My Life!
    • Miami-icon.png Miamiball- Thieving Miami Heat tried to steal my team colors! Miamiball probably also stole all that warm weather from me! Now winter is cold as balls! Also you made a rip off of our shuffle!
    • NYC-icon.png New York Cityball - The snobby arrogant cityball always looks down on me. This a-hole thinks I'm crime-ridden, corrupt, and inferior! He is really not so different.
    • Indiana-icon.png Indianaball - Stupid Hoosier sells me cheap cigarettes, fireworks, and guns so I can't complain.
    • Tennessee-icon.png Tennesseeball - Annoying uncle who steals my Moscow-icon.png twin's name but he sells me cheap guns out of his van so we are fine
    • USA-icon.png USAball - He's a great guy and all. Kinda.
    • Belgrade-icon.png Belgradeball - Sister since 2005. Please take your Serbs home!
    • Galwayball - Sister since 1997. We're sure that Mrs. Irelandball's cow started the 1871 fire. But it's all good now because we dye the river green and get sloshed at the South Side Irish parade.
    • Hamburg-icon.png Hamburgball - Germanyball's second city and sister since 1994. Lots of Germans in the North Side and Lincoln park. Thanks to German, can into Football-icon.png soccer!!!
    • Mexico City-icon.png Mexico Cityball - He moved into Polandball's old neighborhood. Cheap tacos are here!
    • Milan-icon.png Milanball - Italy's second city and sister since 1973. Unhygienic uncle who gave me and my neighbors mafia disease because he forgot to wash his hands while cooking spaghetti. But mafia disease also helped me make a lot of blackmail... oops I meant, campaign contributions. Italyball no longer has to worry about washing his hands because nowadays, he hires Mexicoball to do all the work. (also deep dish pizza is the best lol).
    • Warsaw-icon.png Warsawball - Happy 100th birthday to Poland-icon.png Polandball! He is my close uncle from the old country (although not as close as before). He's the best guy ever, and a lot of his clay lives here! Partner since 1960.
    • Kolkataball- Thank yuo for Swami Vivekananda comings to Parliament of the World's Religions, 1893 hosted in my clay. Thankings for teaching Hinduism.


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