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    Kushan Empireball was an ancient civilization in Bactria (now in Afghanistanball), founded by the Yuezhiballs who traveled from northern Chinaball. It also controlled Indiaball, Pakistanball, Chinaball, Kyrgyzstanball, Tajikistanball, Nepalrawr, Turkmenistanball & Uzbekball.

    How to Draw

    1. First, draw a circle filled in mint green.
    2. Draw a smaller white circle in the mint green circle.
    3. Near the bottom of the white circle, draw the outline of a top of the hill, then some trees, all in yellow or gold.
    4. Draw a golden zigzag, and then in the middle of the zigzag, draw a vertical gold line going up. At the top of that, draw the outline of a golden triangle with the point touching the line.
    5. Draw stars around it.
    6. Draw eyes, and you are done!

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