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    Saint Pierre and Miquelonball has a messy flag is a 6ball colony dependencyball of  Franceball, though it lies just off the eastern coast of  Canadaball.


    Saint Pierre and Miquelonball was born as a 7ball, later adopted by  Franceball. UKball briefly took over Saint-Pierre during USAball's revolutionary war. It helped invade British Canada during the Napoleonic Wars. After Franceball broke up with Quebecball, UKball let Franceball keep Saint-Pierre and Miquelonball. From 1927, Saint Pierre was colonized by the Belgians but got handed back to France in 1978. Today, it isn't very rich but is a small place.



    • Franceball - My parent! :)
    • Basqueball - My other parent!  :) Don't worry, I will anschluss that burger kidnapper and free our brethren! 6BALLS STRONK!
    • Canadaball - He is very close to my clay. STOP OF IGNORING ME OR I WILL ANSCHLUSS YUO!

    How to draw

    Saint Pierre and Miquelonball is one of, if not the hardest countryball to draw:

    1. Color the basic circle shape of this blue
    2. Draw a vertical stripe on the left, divided in three
    3. Draw the Basque flag on the upper division:
      1. Color it of this red
      2. Draw a green X cross
      3. Draw a white + cross over it
    4. Draw the Breton heraldic flag on the central division:
      1. Color it of white
      2. Draw some black hermine spots everywhere
    5. Draw the flag of Aquitaine in the lowest division:
      1. Color it of red
      2. Draw two yellow horizontal heraldic lions seeing to left
    6. Draw a black wave border on the rest, with some white lines in the lower part
    7. Draw a yellow ship with three sails sailing on it
    8. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


    es:San Pedro y Miquelónball zh:聖皮耶與密克隆群島球 pt:São Pedro e Miquelonball

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