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    The Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance and the Great War in Paraguayball, was a South American war fought from 1864 to 1870 between Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball and the Triple Alliance of Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball, the Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilian Empireball, and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball. The war was the deadliest and bloodiest in Latin America's history. It particularly devastated Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball, which suffered catastrophic losses and was forced to cede clay to Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball and Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilian Empireball. It made Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball hate The Triple Alliance members for turning him into a shitty countryball and sexual slave.

    Prelude[edit | edit source]

    In 1863 Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay was in a civil war between the Partido Colorados-icon.pngcolorados and Partido Blancos-icon.png blancos political parties, but in 1864 Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil entered the war to help the Partido Colorados-icon.png colorados, thing that made Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay angry due to being friend of the Partido Blancos-icon.png blancos goverment, because of this, Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay invaded the disputed territory of Matto Grosso between him and Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil, starting the war.

    After successfully invading taking Mato Grosso do Sul-icon.png Matto Grosso from Brazilian Empire-icon.png BrazilballParaguay-icon.png Paraguay wanted to march into Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay to help his friend, BUT, he had to pass through Argentina-icon.png Argentina to do that, and Argentina-icon.png Argie said no, so Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay invaded Corrientes-icon.png Corrientes to go into Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay's clay in 1865.

    The Partido Colorados-icon.png colorado party won, and Brazilian Empire-icon.png BrazilArgentina-icon.png Argentina and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay firmed the Triple Alliance pact to attack Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay together.

    Start of the War[edit | edit source]

    Argentina-icon.png Argentina kicked Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay out of Corrientes-icon.png Corrientes, but it wasn't sure if attacking its brother was a good thing to do.

    At the same time, Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay and Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil kicked Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay out of Mato Grosso do Sul-icon.png Matto Grosso, because of these defeats Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay retreated to it's own clay

    The War[edit | edit source]

    In 1866 the allies attacked Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay in the battle of Tuyutí and he loosed the battle and his best troops.

    Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil and Argentina-icon.png Argentina believed that Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay will be easy to defeat so they went to the Curupaytí battle without preparation against artillery, the result was Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay's artillery beating the hell out of both of them.

    In 1867 the three allies entered Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay's part of the Parana River and the Second Battle of Tuyutí started, and the allies barely won.

    After this, Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay tried to talk with Argentina-icon.png Argentina to solve the conflict, but it didn't worked.

    All this time Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil was infected with cholera, and Argentina-icon.png Argentina, along with Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay got infected too. Argentina-icon.pngArgie and Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil got a very hard time with this, and the Paraguay-icon.png paraguayan civilians too.

    In 1868 Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil defeated Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay in the battles of Itororó and Abay, making Guay retreat.

    Uruguay-icon.png UruguayArgentina-icon.png Argentina and Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil totally raped Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay in the Battle of Itá-Ibaté. Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay had to hide behind Asuncion-icon.png Asuncionball after that.

    In 1869 Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay took Asuncion-icon.png Asuncion and destroyed it. Argentina-icon.png Argentina didn't wanted to be part of that.

    Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay started becoming crazy, harming himself every time he failed a mission and made Piribebuýball the new capital.

    The allies bombed Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay and the civilians got raped by Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil again, and the Battle of Acosta Ñu started, Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay attacked with sticks and got massacred.

    End of the war.[edit | edit source]

    3 of Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay's capitals during the war falled and he decided to fight the final battle near a river with everything he had left.

    Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil arrived to the place of the battle and the final fight started, Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay, despite being wounded as hell and barely having things to fight with, he didn't surrendered and both ended up near the river, where Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay ignored Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil's order to surrender again and shouted his famous line "¡MUERO CON MI PATRIA!" (I DIE WITH MY FATHERLAND!) and charged against Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil, who made the final push and defeated Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay.

    Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay got occupied by Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazil through 6 years.

    Post-War (1870-Present Day)[edit | edit source]

    The poor boy still suffers from the PTSD and some other mental problems, he still pays reparations to Brazil-icon.png Brazil and Argentina-icon.png Argentina even though he didn't do much damage to them. Causing his economy to be shitty and his army poor. Now Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball sells pirated products like China-icon.png Chinaball to all other countries of the south america and plays soccer with them too even though he is pretty bad at it. Nothing changed much except Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball is now bullied by Brazil-icon.png Brazil, Argentina-icon.png Argentina and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay. Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay now suffers from economic problems, but he is a member from UNASUR-icon.png UNASUR and is pretty friendly with the others countries now, The other Belligerents only got stronger and kept on their path. 

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