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    The Han-Xiongnu War, also known as Sino-Xiongnu War was a series of military conflicts fought over two centuries (133 BC to 89 AD) between Hanball and Xiongnuball, although extended conflicts can be traced back to 200 BC and as late as 188 AD.


    Hanball, bothered by Xiongnuball's raids, Hanball tried to maintain peace with Xiongnuball.
    In 136 BC, after numerous Xiongnu raids, the emperor decided to have a court conference assembled. The faction supporting war on Xiongnuball made a compromise.
    In 133 BC, Xiongnuball's forces were lured into a trap, while Hanball's army ambushed them. They then commanded a force going to attack the Xiongnu supply route.
    When Xiongnuball's leader fled north when he realized it trap. Hanball decided to go to war. Xiongnuball became aware of Hanball's intentions.
    In 129 BC, Hanball launched a surprise attack against Xiongnuball where Xiongnuball's people traded at.
    After 127 BC, Hanball launched several large-scale campaigns against Xiongnuball, capturing the Ordos Desert and the Qilian Mountains.
    Due to the many losses of Xiongnuball, numerous rebellions broke out. In 72 BC,  Wusunball & Hanball invaded Xiongnuball, around 40,000 Xiongnu people were captured.
    In 71 BC, numerous tribeballs raided Xiongnuball, resulting in the breakup of Xiongnuball.

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