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    Not to be confused with Sloveniaball.

    Nad Tatrou sa blýska, Hromy divo bijú!

    Nad Tatrou sa blýska, Hromy divo bijú!
    Slovakiaball beginning to sing its anthem

    Sloveniaball Slovakiaball, officially the Slovak Republicball is a small, landlocked Slavic countryball in Central Europe (often dubbed as the heart of Europe). It is bordered by Czechiaball to the northwest, Austriaball to the southwest, Hungaryball to the south, Polandball to the north, and a small bit of Ukraineball to the east.

    The countryball is divided into 8 regionballs, along with the capital Bratislavarawr, which is located in the Bratislava Regionball, giving it a total area of 18,933 square miles, making it the 127th largest countryball in the world. With a population of over 5.4 million people, it ranks 116th in the most populous countryballs in the world.

    Since the collapse of Soviet Unionball and dissolution of Czechoslovak Socialist Republicball, Slovakiaball, like many other former socialist countryballs, has joined the EUball and NATOball, to gain protection from Russiaball. It also maintains membership in the Visegrád Groupball because of being geographically in central Europe.

    Its national day is January 1st.

    História (History)

    Slovakiaball's history started in times of its first ancestor Samo's Empireball (West Slovakiaball, Principality of Nitraball, cityballs: Devínball, Devínska Nová Vesball, Bratislavarawr).

    Then in era of king "'Svatopluk I", these territories united with the Principality of Moraviaball, territories of Polandball and Hungaryball to create Great Moraviaball.

    Later, Slovakiaball, with its full claimed territory, joined Hungaryball/ Austria-Hungaryball. Slovakiaball was a land, but with great agrarian areas. When Hungaryball started Magyarization with a plan made from Slovakiaball and its Hungarians, it started rebelling and it wanted to create with Czechball a new common state known as " Czechoslovakiaball" (Because Czechball was under Austrian tyranny and Germanization).

    When The Great War (WW1) started in 1914, Slovakiaball wanted to destroy Austria-Hungaryball's tyranny and wanted to be a free nation in federation with Czechball (Czechball and Slovakiaball created Czecho-Slovakia legions).

    When Czechosovakiaball was born in 1918, Czechiaball wanted full control of Slovakiaball and violated the Pittsburgh Agreement. Now started a new horrible era for Slovakiaball of "Czechoslovakianization".

    Slovakiaball was angry at Czechball, but it wanted to be friends with Czechia. When WW2 started and Hungaryball was in Axis and wanted to annex Slovakiaball, it quickly joined Naziball as a satellite state and loyal ally as First Slovak Republicball. The First Slovak Republicball became a German puppet, and after WW2 became a part of " Czechoslovakiaball".

    But First Slovak Republicball lost its southern territories to Hungaryball in the "Vienna Arbitration" and after the Slovak–Hungarian War or Little War.

    First Slovak Republicball fought against Soviet Unionball, because it hated Communists.

    First Slovak Republicball lost WW2 as an Axis power and was joined again to Czechoslovakiaball. After years ago, Slovakiaball in communist era don´t received from Czechball federacy offer. It was still angry at its  heir. But again...

    Slovakiaball has received second and final independence when Czechoslovakiaball separated to two countryballs (1993) on end of the Warsaw Pact: Czechball and Slovakiaball. Slovakiaball recently passed her 25th birthday, now it can into drinkings alcohol.

    In October 2023, when parliamentary elections had passed, Slovakia has transcended into political collapse when Robert Fico, a populist pro-Russian orientated politician was elected as Prime Minister and began to distance from The West to more pro-russian settled government. It has began to stop supporting Ukraineball.

    On May 15, 2024, its prime minister, Robert Fico, was shot.

    Vzťahy (Relationships)

    Priatelia (Friends)

    • Czechiaball - Best friend, twin sibling. Well played, congratulations on beating me 3-2 OT in the IIHF. It was very fun. It's also really H I G H. Lub yuo so much.
    •  Polandball - Other sibling. It is the other Westernmost Slav. We are strong partners in peacekeeping. Gratulacje Polska! Happy 100th anniversary to you.
    • Serbiaball - Good friend!
    • USAball - Thanks for letting me into NATOball. Please safeguard me from Russia in case it goes wild. It also likes Andy Warhol and David Dobrik.
    • Non-Slavic sibling - Helps me remove Hungary. Also has a problem with Romas, and we share mountains!
    • Germanyball - Thanks for getting me into the EU but you are also scary. Don't give me that nightmare again. I'm still watching you.
    • Croatiaball - Favorite holiday destination.
    • Austriaball - We had a good history with each other. We also live close to each other's capital making it more fun to travel :) We also like to drink. But lay off my two nuclear power plants, plox?
    • Hungaryball - Step-Parent. We also had more history together. We both have Saint Stephen's coat of arms so I will recognize you as a non-Slavic friend. We used to be enemies in the past until now! I will "safeguard" your Hungarian minority living in my children. But stop saying "I have no history", I do have a history and I can also into bright future this time, you Carpathian clay-stealing Mongol!
    • Sloveniaball - Although you resemble me in a sort of a weird way (From the Name/Flag) I recognize you as a peaceful country that is also competitive in hockey. We also like to trade with each other. And, of course, exchange mail.
    • Mongoliaball - One of my best Asian buddies. We were very good friends and business partners (and still are).
    • Canadaball - Playing hockey with Canada is fun! We like Canadians and they like us! Maple Syrup is great! I support you over China and Russia! I'm so sorry for booing Oh Canada though. :(. I didn't mean to.
    • Taiwanball - I had informal relations with it.
    • Russiaball - We have a lot in common, but it is also a little aggressive (I'm sometimes scared of it). Yeah, and we both love ice hockey. We don't really share a positive nor a negative political point of view since it thinks I'm irrelevant. It also hates my Czech sibling. Sure we don't talk much however, Putin is indeed a threat to my nation we can all agree since we are on both different sides. Oh welp, Fico is president. I like you
    • Philippinesball - I'm sorry for one of your OFW on my clay! It was my adoptive parent who murdered your worker.
    • Vietnamball - It's sibling's best Asian friend so I like it too as well.
    • Ukraineball - Even though Fico is in power, my people still like you. Hopefully our relations can be better in the future.

    Neutrálny (Neutral)

    • Chinaball - Good Asian friend. We share a great relationship, BUT Czechs dislike you sadly, but Fico liks tiy
    • Azerbaijanball - Why are did you pull out of peace talks with Armeniaball?

    Nepriatelia (Enemies)

    • Torturer - Worse nightmare ever, I will remember you for bringing shame to my country in 1968. REMOVE COMMUNIST PIG! CAPITALIST STRONK!
    • Kosovoball - I'll never recognize you, instead of a terrorist state 404. I will never make good relationships with you for hurting my dear  sibling at the Yugoslav war. Also, you've ruined the image of even your own sibling, Albania! Even Czech hates you.
    • ISISball - Go somewhere else with your terrorism such as Pakistan or some other desert countries.
    • Fuhrer - Worst nightmare! He killed Czechoslovakia and made me a puppet and removings many Jews and Hungarians!

    Informácie pre umelcov (Information for artists)

    Farby vlajky (Flag colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Medium Electric Blue 3, 77, 163 C98-M53-Y0-K36 #034DA3
    Ferrari Red 238, 22, 32 C0-M91-Y87-K7 #EE1620

    Ako kresliť (How to draw)

    Drawing Slovakiaball isn't too easy, but isn't too hard either:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw the tricolor of white, blue and red similarly to that of Russiaball's.
    3. Draw the right eye like a normal countryball.
    4. Draw Slovakiaball's coat of arms as the eyepatch for its left eye, and you're done!

    Galéria (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Slovakiaball.

    Click here to see it.

    Pozri tiež (See also)

    cs:Slovenskoball es:Eslovaquiaball fr:Slovaquieballe pl:Slovakiaball ru:Словакия zh:斯洛伐克球 pt:Eslováquiaball

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