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    Эрэлхэг Монгол Чингисээ
    Эзэн Богд Чингисээ!
    — Mongol Empireball
    "Conquering the world on horseback is easy! But getting down and running the empire is what's tough"
    — Mongol Empireball
    We've invaded China ... Please respect us or else we might invade you as well.
    — The Mongol Empire, history of japan
    Nice going Genghis!
    — Bill Wurtz
    We're the exception!
    — Crash Course
    "If God wanted you alive [it] wouldn't have sent me"
    — Genghis Khan

    Mongol Empireball has a smiling face like Mauritaniaball is a historical countryball that conquered most of East Asia, Central Asia, and a part of East Europe before dying in a tornado. it was the second-largest empire in history. it was responsible for the murder of Kyivan Rusball, which is regarded as the sole successful attempt at invading and fully puppeting Russiaball.


    Mongol Empireball evolved from 1balls in 1206, after Khamag Mongolball state was established by Genghis Khan. It conquered so many places that it had way too many successors.

    Chinese Front

    It first attacked Western Xiaball, Jinball but Jinball didn’t die yet , then Eastern Xiaball was born and killed but revived and killed again while Eastern Liaoball was born but Jinball was killed along with Eastern Liaoball and Kingdom of Daliball. After that, Mongol Empireball had its child Yuanball finish off Songball in the Mongol conquest of China.

    European Front

    When it succeeded, it turned to Russia and brutally defeated a broken apart Kyivan Rusball, sacking and destroying many cities. Mongols also spread the Black Death to Europe via its conquests, which wound up killing up to 50% of its population!

    After Kyivan Rusball was defeated, it headed to eastern Europe to prepare for battles with HREball, Kingdom of Polandball, Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball, Byzatine Empireball ,and Kingdom of Hungaryball. The Mongols were on the way to full success. However, the Grand Khan Ögedei had died, and a new Khagan had to be elected by the military leaders in the Kurultai back in Asia. Thus the conquest of Europe came to an end.

    Middle East Front

    When its next emperor rose, it advanced to Khwarazmiaball and defeated it. Then it headed to Baghdad and forced Abbasidball to surrender, but Abbasid wouldn't surrender. So it ravaged Baghdad and killed all of Abbasid's people including the Caliph. When Baghdad was destroyed, it headed to Egypt. it made allies with Armeniaball and Georgiaball to try and conquer middle east. The Mamlukball prepared for battle against it. Then it and the Mamluks met in Ain Jalut and started the battle. its General was killed and it retreat from the Middle East.

    Asian Front

    He first attacked Korea and succeeded, after Korea was killed and fully conquered. it then sailed to and the Mongol leader Kublai Khan threatened Japan to become a vassal state and send a tribute or threaten Japanball with conflict. When Japan refused to subjugate itself, Kublai Khan got angry and prepared for war. The Mongol Empireball started a war with Kamakura Shogunateball. Then it built a fleet to get past the big seas to reach Japan. In 1274 CE the First Mongol Invasion landed in the south island of Japan called Kyushu with a part of its fleet and units. it killed many people and Samurai. However, its army was overwhelmed by samurai and its fleet was crushed by a tornado typhoon named Kamikaze (divine wind). In 1281 CE it tried the same thing again. The Second Mongol Invasion fleet and unit size were the biggest in history until D-Day. Part of the Mongol Horde that reached Japan was repelled by samurai of Kamakura Shogunateball and a Kamikaze destroyed the Mongol fleet again. So the Mongols failed to conquer Japan. Kublai Khan didn't bother with Japan anymore and focussed to invade Southeast Asia. its first invasion was in Dai Vietball, but it didn't succeed. Then it headed to Tibetan Empireball and Siamball. it didn't fight it because it agreed to gib taxes, so it left it alone. Then it headed to Myanmarball. First, it sent a letter to forced Myanmar surrender, but Myanmar killed its messenger and prepared a lot of elite forces and thousands of elephants. But it stayed put and proceeded to defeat Myanmar. After that, it headed to Majapahitball and sent its messenger to force Majapahitball surrender. But Majapahitball disgraced its messenger and cut its messenger's ear. Unfortunately for the Mongols, its army was in drunk conditions, so Majapahitball easily repelled it and made it surrender in Southeast Asia.



    • Golden Hordeball - My strongest son. Unfortunately it wasn't as good or strong as me.
    • Xiongnuball - Ancestor, I bow in respect only to it.
    • Assyriaball - I adopted its religion across the empire. It hates those damned Mamluks.
    • Veniceball and Genoaball - Thanks for information about Europe so I can invade it!
    • Tibetan Empireball - it respect me and pay taxes to me, so i didn't invade it.
    • Byzantine Empireball - Even tho you were and are of friend of Kievan b**** we worked together and were allies and worked together against This ungreatful bastard. When I first met you you were civilized and still is. You respect me and pay tribute to me, so I don't invade yuo even though I did (at first) but then I stopp. We have the same goals, world domnation.I have an Embassy in yuor land and yuo have an embassy in mine. We are equals... you and me. I see that you were friends with my son. It's saddening that both of you fought this guy in 1453 and lost. I hope you rise again so TOGETHER WE WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! KHAN KHAN!
    • Ottomanball - My descendants also can into here because of its .
    • Mughalball - My descendant who can into conquering Indiaball (but not all of it) after I can't.


    • Vijayanagara Empireball - This guy defeated my great grandson, but he's also friends with my son, so he's okay.
    • Kingdom of Georgiaball and Armenian Kingdom of Ciliciaball - it sumbitted loyality to me and gave reinforcements in the Middle East atlough I invaded it because a mongol traveler was reported dead. My son helped it in crusades so it are chill with me.
    • Koreaball - Was so glad when I defeated it. I didn't made it slave but my puppet son-in-law and promised it some individuality and autonomy, with some power as my family member. it was nice to me not like the others and also helped me fought Sushi (althought it was a complete disaster). BUT it STILL FUCKIN' BETRAYED MY SON WHEN THE BOY NEEDED HELP!!!
    • Timuridball - it wants to restore my empire and even bring back Yuanball. But don´t be cruel to the muslims and non-muslims! I will rather thank your son for respecting it (and murdering non kebab even though i wasnt kebab either) and removing Delhi Sultanateball.


    • Kingdom of Polandball - Along with Lithuania and Hungaryball it was the last European clay I advanced into, shame.. could of decimate more Yuropeans.
    • Empire of Japanball - One word: TYPHOONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!111!1
    • British Empireball - This British opium obsessed loser that stole my spot as largest empire in history, and also bullied my great grandson.
    • Ilkhanateball - My ungrateful son who broke the law of my leader who slaughtering innocent people in middle east. :(
    •  Chagatai Khanateball - You didn´t slaughter kebabs like Illkhanate yet you still persecuted them! Your successors can into kebab however.
    • Maratharawr - This sadistic bully killed my great grandson!!!!!!!!
    • Mamlukball - An Arab who crushed My son´s invasion, damnit!!!
    • Japanball - it didn't respect me, so I came over, ready for war, and died in a tornado typhoon. But I tried again and had a nice time fighting with it and then died in a tornado typhoon BUT I WILL REMOVE YOU SOMETIME... later... with 50,000 ships sometime...
    • Vietnamball - I fear no man, but that thing... it scares me. It defeated me and my son 3 times. The last time I invaded it my ships were sunk by its sneaky trap.
    • Delhi Sultanateball - A kebab kingdom who repelled my invasion to India. And I can't find that damn khayber pass. Never mind, my grandson and great grandson killed yuo.
    • Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - Failed to conquer it unlike its brother, Serbia.
    • Albaniaball - Same with Bosnia.
    • Qara Khitaiball - Defeated it in Central Asia. Your emperor is My clan's enemy! AND STOP TERRORISING THE SILK ROAD YUO DUMB!!!
    • Sultanate of Rumball - Defeated by my rebellious son.
    • Pagan Kingdomball - A vain loser who failed to repel me. it killed my messenger. it even used elephant corpses and elite forces. But it wouldn't repel me. Then its king escaped and i got its clay and elephants. HAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!
    • Majapahitball - A Javanese empire that disgraced my messenger and defeated me in southeast Asia. Btw we worked together to kill Kediri empire also we can into Bill Wurtz.
    • Mingball - This Chinese destroying my son, hope they can into revenge sometime, you can't into independence, glory to the Mongolian Empire...

    How to draw

    Drawing Mongol Empireball is mildly complicated as there are many potential flags:

    1. Draw a basic circle shape.
    2. Draw a blue up-left quarter with a white fire-sun-crescent symbol.
    3. Divide the rest into four stripes using three red lines with triangles facing down.
    4. Draw two slant-eyes and you've finished.


    1. Draw a basic circle shape.
    2. Fill with blue.
    3. Put a white fire-sun-crescent symbol in the middle.
    4. Draw the slant-eyes.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Mongol Empireball.

    Click here to see it.

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