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    Italian Social Republicball

    Per Benito Mussolini: Eja, Eja, alalá!

    Italian Social Republicball was born on 23 September 1943 after USAball, UKball and Free Franceball converted its puppet to the allies. It is portrayed as a fascist puppet who influences Kingdom of Italyball in its head and escaped its body to try and kill it when Italyball joined the allies.


    Background (1939-1943)[edit]

    Italyball was left shocked when Nazi Germanyball signed a non-aggression pact with their mortal enemy Soviet Unionball, and even more so when they invaded Polandball jointly in September 1939. Italyball again stayed neutral for the first stretch of the war, but after seeing Nazi Germanyball's blitzkrieg through Western Europe and the fall of Franceball in mid-1940, Italyball jumped in half-preparedly; resulting in it getting its ass handed to it by Franceball even when it was capitulating. Italyball got to occupy parts of Vichy Franceball's clay afterward, though he got his ass kicked by Greeceball in November 1940 when it tried to invade, resulting in Nazi Germanyball having to come to bail him out the following year with a Balkan campaign.

    Italy occupied most of Greece, and some of the southern Balkans afterward. UKball had also bombed its fleet at Taranto. In 1941 UKball and Free Franceball had conquered  Ethiopian Empireball in East Africa, and occupied its colonies and rapings  there, as well as in Libya. Its forces were hopeless in North Africa until Nazi Germanyball sent its panzers to help him out; then he was forced to send its troops to help invade the Soviet Unionball's vast clay. Then USAball and UKball kicked them out of North Africa altogether, and even landed in Sardinia and Sicily by mid-1943, pushing up into Campania.

    Creation and demise (1943-1945)[edit]

    At this point, Italyball had spent its resources, and was tired of the war; it dropped fascism in the coup of 25 Luglio 1943 and signed an armistice, but then Nazi Germanyball occupied the north of its clay and created a puppet state, Italian Social Republicball to continue the war as the Allies struggled up the Italian peninsula, with battles at Monte Cassio. Rome was liberated in mid-1944, but Italian Social Republicball kept fighting until the surrender of Nazi Germanyball in May 1945.

    After the disaster of the war, which had wrecked Italyball's clay and industry, it decided to dispose of the monarchy in a referendum in 1947, after having lost its colonies and having to pay reparations. So, in 1947, The Kingdom of Italy became a Republic.



    Italian Social Republicball didn’t have many friends due to Soviet Unionball converting its parent's allies to communism.


    • IMPASTA - YOU ARE OF THE BETRAYAL!! HOW DARE YOU SIDE WITH THEM?! basically a loser that betrayed DI VATERLAND by joining the allies.
    • Ethiopian Empireball - ‘I FINALLY GOT MI REVENGE FOR GETTING MI ASS KICKED! Now the world knows Aryans are the true superior race. MAMA MIA ANOTHER COLONIA!!!! After WW2 is done..... Yuo will serve me! AND YOUR JEWS WILL DI- Wait, he took them from me?! Mama mia damnit!
    • Kingdom of Greeceball - This guy embarrassed me right in front of the boss in a war to colonize it!!! I wanted this place to resurrect the Roman Empire once again, but no!! You're just as bad... if not worse than spoiled Habesha. And you are now an ally puppet?! Don’t worry, you won’t last long… viva Roma!
    • USAball - How make into weapons so fast?
    • Kingdom of Semiencube - I KNEW ABYSSINIA WAS HIDING SOMETHING! TO THE GAS CAMPS!! HAHAHA!! Too bad I died before I even started.
    • Union of South Africaball - Why are you even an ally?? Don't you hate 8balls? Don’t you have similar views towards a race like us? And yet, YOU ARE A SLAVE OF TEA!!! WHY?!
    • UKball - YOU ONLY USE PUPPETS FOR ADVANTAGE!! You even convinced my own pawn to turn against the Axis powers!! Wait… yuo helped that thing free itself??? GAH, I HATE YUO EVEN MORE!! I will choke you with my pasta Your tea isn’t even that good! Even Spritz is a better drink!
    • Saudi Arabiaball - Declared war on me and our other allies too late in the war! Yuo didn’t even do anything mama mia!
    • Free Franceball - Not you. I am not going to save your frikin life. I want you dead and become a Germanic state. You evil disgrace. Fuck you. I hope it dies!!
    • Brazilball - South red American Ally puppet!!! HE MUST DIE!!!! REMOVE HUE!!!


    Axis Powers - Removings Commies und der Alliierte, 1942 Best Year Ever!
    Tripartite Pact Nazi Germanyball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (until 1943)
    Affiliate states Kingdom of Romaniaball Kingdom of Hungaryball Kingdom of Bulgariaball Thailandball Kingdom of Yugoslaviaball (2 days only)
    Co-belligerent states Finlandball Kingdom of Iraqball Soviet Unionball (Invasion of Poland only)
    Tianjin Concession () Tianjin Concessionsball Empire of Japanball Kingdom of Italyball (Until 1943)
    Sieg Heil Mein Führer! Drittes Reich Über Alles!!!
    Occupied territories Nazi Estoniaball Nazi Latviaball Nazi Lithuaniaball Nazi Norwayball General Governmentball Government of National Unityball Ukrainian National Committeeball Belarusian Central Councilball Lokotball Nazi Netherlandsball Nazi Belgium and Northern Franceball Montenegroball (1941-1944) Serbiaball (1941-1944)
    Client and Puppet states Italian Social Republicball Albanian Kingdomball Independent State of Croatiaball Vichy Franceball First Slovak Republicball Greeceball (1941-1944) Quisling regimeball
    Gloriosu Nippon Stronk! 天皇陛下万歳!!!
    Client and Puppet states State of Burmaball Kingdom of Kampucheaball Provisional Government of Republic of Chinaball Reformed Government of the Republic of Chinaball East Hebeiball Great Wayball Azad Hindball Japanese Laosball Mengjiangball Manchukuoball Republic of Nanjingball Second Philippine Republicball Empire of Vietnamball Japanese Taiwanball Japanese KoreaballYamato Yukiharaball Tianjin Concessionsball
    TRAITOR! Pizza "Empire" of Italy
    Puppet and Client states Albanian Kingdomball Monacoball Principality of the Pindusball First Slovak Republicball Independent State of Croatiaball Greeceball (1941-1944) Fascist San Marinoball • Tianjin Concessionsball Italian East Africaball Italian Dalmatiaball Italian governorate of Montenegroball

    pt:República Social Italianaball

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