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    But what I am most proud of, of those six years, is the year of 1968, because it allowed me to serve and save the country, whether you like it or not...
    — Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, former president of Mexico

    Mexicoball El Chavoball El Chapulin Coloradoball doesn't know how to put a condom on, officially the United Mexican Statesball is a countryball with identity conflicts; it lives in South North America with USAball and Canadaball but it does not share their language. The country is divided into 31 states, along with a special territory being its capital Mexico Cityball, giving it a total area of 761,610 square miles (1,964,375 sq km), making it the 13th largest country in the world. As of 2021, it has a population of about 130.2 million inhabitants, the 10th most populous in the world.

    Mexico maintains membership in the UNball like almost every other country in the world, and used to be also a major NATO ally, but not anymore. Mexicoball is also member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EUball.

    It is true that Mexicoball isn’t as developed as the USAball, but Mexicoball would be considered a solid middle-class countryball. Its economy has seen a large amount of growth due to its large trades with Chinaball and USAball, and it is trying to reduce poverty in the country to provide more opportunities to its citizens such as jobs, education, and the installation of universal healthcare. Though it does struggle with problems like crime, drug wars, and water pollution, things are beginning looking up though, and it'll be completely developed soon! It is a relatively weak countryball right now. However, by 2050, it is estimated that it will be a force to be reckoned with.

    It can into 2026 World Cup with USAball and Canadaball. It is the third time that it hosted the tournament, being the country who most hosted the World Cup. The cities hosting have not yet been determined. It can also into the crater of the dino-killing asteroid (Shut up, Ukraine!)

    Its birthday is on September 16.

    Historia (History)

    65 million years ago, Mexico was struck by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, the Earth was barely alive and caused mass extinctions.

    Ancient civilzations

    For thousands of years, the clay of that is now Mexico was home to ancients 3ball and 7ball civilizations like Mayaball (in Yucatánball) and Aztec Empireball and Tlaxcalaball (in the Mexican Valley). However, Spainball after hoping on Cubaball founded Aztecball's capital of Tenochtitlanball and conquered it. Mayaball was later conquered too.

    Viceroyalty of New Spainball

    In 1521, Mexico was born as New Spainball, and for the next 300 years, it remained under the custody of Spainball. It was then split into the royal audencias of Spanish Mexicobal, Spanish Yucatánball & Spanish Guatemala, as well as two territories up the north. But when its parent was defeated by Franceball in Europe, it and its siblings sought to become independent. To do so, they fought their parent, Spainball.

    Indepencia (Independent Mexicoball)

    After 11 years of fighting, Mexico became independent in 1821, but didn't really have any idea how to govern itself. The First Mexican Empireball was originally a unitary countryball, but after the fall of the monarchy in 1823, the Provinceballs of the Empire became Federated Stateballs of a Federal Republic. But in 1835 Mexico became a Unitary or Centralist Republic, and because of this political instability set in all over its clay. Mexicoball fought a short war with Franceball over a pastry restaurant, while the federalism caused several states to begin revolting. One of the states that hated the Centralist Republic was... Texasball.

    Texasball, along with Californiaball was populated by Anglo Americans who fought for independence and tried to get into the USAball in 1845. Texasball wanted to keep it's slaves, but Mexicoball said no. In 1846, Mexicoball returned to be a Federal Republic and tried to take back Texasball but USAball resisted, triggering a war that ended in USAball robbing gaining custody of Mexicoball's northern children, which are now the American states of Californiaball, Nevadaball, Arizonaball, Utahball, Coloradoball, and New Mexicoball.

    In 1861, Franceball tried to get control of Mexicoball, turning it again in Second Mexican Empireball, but failed miserably, and gave up in 1868 threatened by USAball right after just after winning over Confederateball. Mexicoball returned to be a Federal Republic in 1867.

    La Porfiriato Era to the nationalist revolution

    Starting in 1876, Mexico was ruled by Porfirio Diaz, and there was relative peace until 1910 when the Mexican Revolution caused 10 years of major fighting, and then kt had some conflicts with USAball. As a result, Reichtangle invited it to declare war on USAball in World War I in return for all of its child, including Texasball and New Mexicoball. Mexicoball sensibly declined. In 1917 a new constitution was implemented and starting in 1929, Mexico was ruled by the P.R.I. party for 70 years.

    Era de los corruptos (Mexico under the PRI)

    Mexicoball sided with and supported the Allies (though quite modestly) in World War II and even sent some pilots to the Battle of Philippinesball. However, it remained mostly neutral during the Cold War while hosting the 8ball power Olympics in 1968. Unfortunately, that was the same year where students protesting faced a massacre.

    In 1994, the EZLN (Zapatista Army of National Liberation) was founded as a libertarian socialist anti-capitalist confederation under a non-partisan consensus democracy. A few years before the Popular Revolutionary Army. Since then, both of them had clashed against the Mexican government.

    Viva la Mexican republica (Modern times)

    Nowadays, Mexicoball is now known for being a "taco illegal alien" who has drug violence and corruption problems on its clay. But Mexicoball resolves with its new presidential strategy since 2018.

    On May 3, 2021, a viaduct on line 12 of its subway collapsed leaving 20 dead and others injured.

    Relaciones (Relationships)

    Amigos (Friends)

    • Chileball - Good sibling, but I still won't forgive you for those 7 goals. My sibling knows how does earthquakes feel. (¡Meh! Who cares? Best sib ever!) ¡Weyes and weones must live peacefully! Well, you are OUT OF WORLD CUP, ¡MUAJAJAJA!
    • Brazilball - My dear primazo! It loves my novelas and my vintage media a lot, also we are similar each others, Yo is la Español version of it, Also I love HUE. It did beat me in the 2018 Copa Mundial (STOP DIVING NEYMAR), and it likes Now United (a pop music group that isn't very popular in Mexico but I know that we have members in this). ¡Any and Sabina are best amigos! ¡LARINAS TOGETHER! ¡Eso Eso Eso Eso! 🇧🇷🇲🇽
    • Colombiaball - Good amigo and sibling. Also both have a problem with drug cartels.
    • El Salvadorball - Great sibling. We have similar cultures, and both solve a problem with caravans.
    • Belizeball - My Anglo neighbor.
    • Canadaball - Cousin and good friend. It is child of my relative Franceball. I understand its rivalry with USAball, we likes to make fun of its ignorance. I learned that your immigration website crashed, we need to have a meeting with the gringo.
    • UKball - Parent of gringo and help it during World War II with little help from gringo amigo. But I had a weird feeling about it. ¿Por que me miras me? Wait.... ¿Parent?
    • Israelcube - Good amigo, many Mexican tourists go to Israel to do religious tourism. we have 70 years of friendship! But stop hurting Palestine alright, ¿ese?
    • Lebanonball - I received many immigrants from it, muchas gracias also for tacos al pastor.
    • Ethiopiaball - We both can into spicy food and rich history African amigo. ¡Me and Gringo among other amigos that did not recognize the Italian occupation among its clay! I love your culture and you love mine. Amigo, congratulations for staying uncolonized. You're so lucky you do not want to know what My formally evil imperialist parent did.
    • Russiaball - You good friend. It is a sibling of Serbiaball . I hope that you peacefully end that conflict in Europe soon.
    • Serbiaball - Good friend. It loves my food and doesn't like gringo like me, also, thanks for god-like manager Bora Milutinovic, also it's one of the best amigos of Hue, I also don't recognize Kosovo, Kosovo es Serbia.
    • Irelandball - ¡El Batallon de San Patricio!
    • South Koreaball - Thank yuo so much for saving mi in the World Cup! 2-0 against Germany? Awesome!
    • Romaniaball - Eastern European relative. It really likes mi food.
    • Aztecball - Parent. It's a shame other parent killed it and its culture and society because it thought it was "Satanic". Yo still have its blood, and my cuisine and court justice system are influencia by it.
    • Western Saharaball - Adoptive sibling. I recognize you and I have your embassy.
    • Somaliaball - We are both good friends and trading partners. We both hate American Media portraying us as shitholes. I hope you and your sibling go into peace. ¿But why do you hate my amigo?
    • Philippinesball - Sibling from el sudeste de Asia. ¡We are both Hispanobolas! ¡I like your food And you like mine too! ¡¿But why is PUTO the name of your Filipino rice cake (but it was delicious tho)?!
    • Icelandball - Of all Nordicos, you are the one that I like the most.
    • Equatorial Guineaball - Sibling who has a lot of oil.
    • USAball - We are of good friends and trading partners and all. We fought a war against each other in 1846 once and I lost my land but we're good now. But never forget 1846! My child Texasball sometimes hates me for that. It helps me with my drug war. Good thing Joe Biden can into president now, so I and you can into improving our relationships! And I hope it can get rid of that estupido wall, and we can come up with a better plan for mis immigrants. I also like yuor child Liberiaball.
    • Ukraineball - It says that I have good tourist destination. ¡But remember, I am the dino killer! ¡Not you! Crimea is yours anyway. We both hate Nikocado Avocado.
    • Saudi Arabiaball - We are both G20 amigos with extremely positive relations! Le gustan mis tacos! ¡Viva le Arabia Saudita!
    • Irelandball - The beautiful (but yet quite creepy, I have to admit) country were Halloween came from! My clay also celebrates something similar, which is the Day of The Dead.


    • China - You are becoming a threat to el mundo, STOP COPYING EVERYTHING YO DO, and stop trying to establish your filthy and poorly ecologicamente shops here! besides, I hated you in the past... but THANKS TO YOU NOW, YO GOT INFECTED.
    • Nicaraguaball - Mi hermano, although its government is corrupt, we had a complicated relationships with USAball, except... it hates USAball so much. It used to cut our ties during the somoza dynasty times, but after Ortega took office, our relations are starting to chilled out. And hey, tell your hijo to stop stealing mi flag, bro!
      • : ¿Qué? Jinotega didn't steal your bandera, its bandera is inspired from you!
    • Franceball - Relative. Ha! I beat you one time in 1867 But we are okay, now.
    • Spainball - Its conquest is the cause of all my troubles. Mi parent with long history together. Yet it say I make its proudest and marks me as its favorite child unlike mi other siblings.
    • Liberiaball - My relative, not much else.
    • Indonesiaball - MIKTA amigo from el sudeste de Asia, it not liking drogas and it's quite aggressive when someone mentions drogas or illegal substances which is why it can be a bit scary at times. Yo like its culture and cuisine tho.
    • Italyball - BANDERA STEALER ALL YOU DID IS REMOVE EAGLE PIZZA PASTA GRINGO! But you can into Catholic too and still, taco is better than pizza! And I strongly condemned Italian occupation of Ethiopiaball. But we both hate Swedenball and thanks for defeating that 8-0 Collector!
    • Peruball - It is jealous because tacos better than its food, it is also jealous because ONLY MY CAPITAL has more GDP than its entire country, but still good sibling. It helped me in the 2017 Earthquake. We also have a past, Aztec and Inca empires never met, but we were powerful (Aztec>>Inca).
    • Venezuelaball - I remain fairly neutral about you, I prefer not to meddle in your affairs.
    • Palestineball - Yo recognize it and we both hate Donald Trump and mierda puppet. However, ¡your evil sibling had kidnapped 2 civilians of me! ¡Uno of them was already released, but the dos was murdered! ¡ELIMINAR A HAMÁS!
    • Texasball - Mi child. We had a complicated relationship over the years, and it’s still mad at mi for my immigrants. At least we’re fine now.

    Enemigos (Enemies)

    Bola estados (Stateballs)

    And one extraordinary entity and capital:

    Citas (Quotes)

    Mexicoball to USAball during Trump's presidency
    I love Mexicans. The way they mow my lawn. They all got a 100 kids 'cause they don't know how to put a condom on.
    — Puff Puff Humbert
    He's got so much rear end!
    Lewis Hamilton on Sergio Perez
    — El Primo from Brawl Stars
    — Mokey the MOUSE, voiced by Sr Pelo
    *Door opens* A̷̤̓̍Ä̶͚̯̰́A̷͖̙̬̍̓̔̏Ä̷̪̠́́̐A̴̍͜A̷̖̙̠͊Ä̸̛̛͇̌À̷̧̼̞͉̌͠A̸̠̖͒̿A̸̫̻̮̱̐A̸̘̓Ḁ̵̻̾̃̑̌Ȁ̴̳͇A̶̻̣̓́́͘Á̸̪A̴̡̛̘̣͔͒͌̿A̸̰̤̪̝̒̄̚Ạ̴̩̪̮̈͋͆̒A̸̧̨͔̾Ą̶͔̞̯́̋
    — Also Sr Pelo

    Trivialidades (Trivia)

    • The politics of Mexico are dominated by four political parties: Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI; Catch-all party ... Centrists), National Action Party (PAN; Conservatives), Democratic Revolution Party (PRD; Social Democrats), and the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA; Left-wing nationalists).
    • It has lost more than half of its territory.
    • It is responsible for the Tlatelolco massacre (the Mexican version of Tianannmen)
    • Axolotls are native only to its capital city, and they are close to extinction in their natural habitat.
    • Mexicans use "Azteca" as a nickname for their nationality, due to their ancient pre-Hispanic cultures although the majority of their population has had more than one indigenous roots.
    • It is perhaps one of the most pleasant countries in the world, having good relations with almost all the countryballs in the world and vice versa, although the same cannot be said in its relationship with its northern neighbor: USAball.
    • It is usually one of the countries that responds the fastest to a natural disaster, thus being one of the most supportive countries in the world in emergency situations.
    • Mexico is considered within North America, along with Canada and the United States.
    • In Spanish language, the native name of the country (Mexico) is a masculine noun.
    • It speaks and writes Spanish, usually with rudeness and insults.
    • Its hates the "Mexican Food" of USAball, like the Taco Bell or the Burritos (Since even though they are Mexican it is very rare that it eats them since it doesn't taste authentically Mexican).
    • It hates the number 7.
    • It's a cowboy, believe it or not, and it blames Murica for taking away its cowboy tradition.
    • USAball sometimes confuses it with Spainball and Italyball.
    • Uruguayball rarely calls it "Italy with a shield".
    • It is very exciting because, in 2026, it will once again have a Football World Cup with Canada and Murica.
    • It almost always wins on bets related to eating spicy foods.
    • In the last few editions of the World Cup it has made a lot of mess.
      • Italy 1990: It was disqualified for lying about the age of at least four players of the U-20 National Team in 1988, and trying to appeal with FIFAball the punishment imposed by CONCACAFball
      • France 1998: It urinated on a monument to a French soldier.
      • Germany 2006: It was locked in a bunker from World War II.
      • South Africa 2010: It disguised a statue of Nelson Mandela as a charro (traditional Mexican horseman)
      • Brazil 2014: A Mexicoball fell from a cruise ship and died.
      • Russia 2018: It burned the flag of Germanyball.
        • It did all of this while intoxicated.
    • It hates when someone playing Funkytown in its clay.
    • It is the most famous countryball after Polandball And reichtangle, So much so that on the internet there are many communities that are dedicated solely to Mexicoball who even created a Mexican Polandball canon with Mexico as the protagonist and it is planned to create Mexicoball centers where there are multiple contents about the character.

    Como dibujar (How to draw)

    Drawing Mexicoball is a bit difficult due to its emblem.

    1. Draw a circle. (Don't use circletool)
    2. Draw the red on the left and green on the right.
    3. Draw its emblem on the center.
    4. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
    5. Additional step: You can also draw a sombrero on top of it!

    Colores de la bandera (Flag colors)

    Principales colores (Main colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Bottle Green 0, 104, 71 C100-M34-Y93-K30 #006847
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFF
    Fire Engine Red 206, 17, 37 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1125

    Colores de la emblema (Emblem colors)

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Bottle Green 0, 104, 71 C100-M34-Y93-K30 #006847
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFF
    Fire Engine Red 206, 17, 37 C0-M92-Y82-K19 #CE1125
    Maximum Blue 48, 194, 220 C78-M12-Y0-K14 #30C2DC
    Saddle Brown 143, 70, 32 C0-M51-Y78-K44 #8F4620
    Earth Yellow 219, 173, 108 C0-M21-Y51-K14 #DBAD6C

    Galería (Gallery)

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Mexicoball.

    Click here to see it.

    The Allied Powers - Liberating the World from Tyranny
    The Triple Entente
    Principal Entente Powers: Franceball United Kingdomball Kingdom of Italyball (From 1915) • Russian Empireball (until 1917) • United Statesball (from 1917) • Empire of Japanball
    Associated allies and co-belligerents: 1914: Australiaball Canadaball Serbiaball Belgiumball Montenegroball Luxembourgball Czechoslovakiaball Assyrian Volunteersball Kuwaitball Egyptball 1915: Nejd and Hasaball Asirball 1916: Portugalball Hejazball Provisional Government of National Defenceball Romaniaball 1917: Greeceball Siamball Chinaball Brazilball 1918: Transcaucasian DFRball Centrocaspian Dictatorshipball Armeniaball
    Nations that declared war on the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: San Marinoball Andorraball Cubaball Panamaball Liberiaball Guatemalaball Nicaraguaball Costa Ricaball Haitiball Hondurasball
    Nations that severed diplomatic ties with the Central Powers, but didn't fight them: Boliviaball Dominican Republicball Peruball Uruguayball Ecuadorball
    Nations that were aligned to the Entente, but didn't get involved: Norwayball Monacoball El Salvadorball Tibetball
    Allies of World War II
    The Big Three United Kingdomball (From September 1939) • Soviet Unionball (From June 1941) • United Statesball (From December 1941)
    Allied combatants with governments-in-exile: Free Franceball Polandball Czechoslovakiaball Belgiumball Luxembourgball Netherlandsball Norwayball Greeceball Yugoslaviaball Ethiopiaball Philippinesball
    Other Allied combatant states: Chinaball Canadaball Australiaball New Zealandball Indiaball Southern Rhodesiaball South Africaball Brazilball Mexicoball Mongoliaball
    Co-belligerents (former Axis powers): Italyball (from 1943) • Romaniaball (from 1944) Bulgariaball (from 1944) • Finlandball (from 1944)

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