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    ¡Seamos libres, que lo demás no importa nada!
    José de San Martín-icon.png José de San Martín (hero and most important liberator of Argentinaball)
    Las Falklands-icon.png Malvinas son Argentinas!!!
    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball's catchphrase

    Argentinaball, officially the Argentine Republicball, is white the largest dinosaur species yet discovered a sovereign stateball and a federal republic located in South America. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with it's neighbor Chile-icon.png Chileball to the west, the country is also neighbored by Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball and Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball to the north, Brazil-icon.png Brazilball to the northeast and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball to the east, and the Drake Passage to the south. it's clay is divided into 23 separate provinces, along with it's autonomous capital CABA-icon.png Buenos Airesball. With a mainland area of 2,780,400 km

    Argentinaball is also a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), a club formed by the countryballs that have the 19 largest economies plus the EU-icon.png EUball. This countryball has the third-largest economy of Latin America. Argentina-icon.png Argie is also a NATO-icon.png non-NATO ally.

    Argentinaball is sometimes seen as an emerging power (Not potential superpower).

    Argentinaball's national day is July 9th. He is also located in the same latitude as Australia-icon.png Australiaball (the northern regions, the climate here is similar to the southern regions of Australia) and New Zealand-icon.png New Zealandball (central regions). The southern regions are very cold (Argentinian Patagonia), because they are very close to the Antarctica-icon.png Antarcticaball.


    Inca-icon.pngSpanish-Empire-icon.pngFrom isolation to the birth of the nationNapoleonic-icon.pngBritish Empire-icon.png

    Argentinaball was firstly inhabited by indigenous 3-icon.png 3ball such as Guarani-icon.png GuaraníballDiaguita-icon.png Diaguitaball, Selk'nam-icon.png Selk'namball, Comechingonball, Aymara-icon.png AymaraballQuerandi-icon.png Querandiball, Huarpeball, Guaicuruball, Inca-icon.png Inca Empireball, Tehuelche-icon.png Tehuelcheball, Charrua-icon.png Charruaball, etc. The ​​​​​Mapuche(rawr)-icon.png Mapuche tribe was also responsible for marking an end to the Southward expansion of the Inca-icon.png Incan Empire.

    In 1516 Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spain appeared in the Rio de la Plata, but got attacked by Charrua-icon.png Charruaball and had to scape.

    Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spain came from north and defeated the Inca-icon.png Inca Empireball and went south, colonizing tribes like Comechingonball and Diaguita-icon.png Diaguitaball. The Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball forced made Guarani-icon.png Guaraníball become Catholic-icon.png catholic to make him fight against Charrua-icon.png Charruaball and annexed both of them. Spain had to create CABA-icon.png CABA (Santa Maria del Buen Ayre) two times because Querandi-icon.png Querandiball killed the first one.

    The conquered territory bacame a Viceroyalty, and that fought and defeated bellically Portuguese Brazil-icon.png Portuguese Brazilball, and after that, it separated from the ​​​​​​Spanish-Empire-icon.png Viceroyalty of Peruball and became the Spanish-Empire-icon.png Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball. She continued fighting against Portuguese Brazil-icon.png Portuguese Brazilball and expanded to the now called Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball.

    During 1806 and 1807 Spanish-Empire-icon.png The Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball was invaded two times by British Empire-icon.png British Empireball, but​​​​​​ British Empire-icon.png Señorito Ingles was defeated by civilians failed in both attempts, during the invasion the viceroyalty suffered double personality disorder on Spanish Buenos Aires-icon.png Spanish Buenos Aires, this is known as the birth of Argentina, not as a political entity, but as a rebeld new personality inside Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish Empireball's mind.

    In 1810 the new personality decided to be independent after noticing that its mother was captured by Napoleonic-icon.png Napoleon, and fought against the Spanish-Empire-icon.png Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball to get out of it's body (and also fought Portuguese Brazil-icon.png Portuguese Brazilball while doing so) and became United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png United Provinces of the Río de la Plataball.

    United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.pngLiga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.pngUruguay-icon.pngFreedom wars and federal conflictsBrazilian Empire-icon.pngSpanish-Empire-icon.pngBritish Empire-icon.png

    In 1815 Argentinaball was divided into United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png unitaries and Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png federals, even so, United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png​​​​​ Argentinaball managed to liberate Chile-icon.png Chileball from Spanish Chile-icon.png Kingdom of Chileball.

    The conflict between the unitaries and federals started when  ​​​​​Banda Oriental-icon.png Banda Orientalball rebeled against the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png United Provinces due to political differences, becoming the Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png League of the Free Peoplesball.

    During the fight between the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png Unitary and Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png federal sides, Brazilian Kingdom-icon.png Kingdom of Brazilball took ​​​​​Banda Oriental-icon.png Banda Orientalball from the Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png Liga de los Pueblos Libresball. The Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png federals made the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png unitaries become anarchists after attacking CABA-icon.png CABAball, a thing that made all the provinces autonomous.

    In 1818 Kingdom of Hawaii-icon.png Kingdom of Hawaiiball recognized Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentina as a country, being the first one to do it. On the same year Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentina occupied Monterey-icon.png Montereyball  and helped on the liberation of Central America in 1819, and due to this, most central american countryballs made their flag similar to Argentina-icon.png Argie's.

    In 1820 the Liga de los Pueblos Libres-icon.png Liga de los Pueblos Libresball was killed by Entre Rios-icon.png Entre Riosball. After that, Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Airesball started to act like the boss of the other provinces, so in protest Entre Rios-icon.png Entre Riosball and Tucuman-icon.png Tucumanball proclaimed themselves as republics (they became semi-independent actually) but came back to Argentina (1818)-icon.png Argentina in 1821, because of this, Tucuman-icon.png Tucuman was divided into Santiago Del Estero-icon.png Santiago del Estero, Catamarca-icon.png Catamarca and Tucuman-icon.png Tucumanball, while Entre Rios-icon.png Entre Riosball was separated from Corrientes-icon.png Corrientes.

    In 1826 Protectorate of Peru-icon.png Gran Colombia-icon.png Chile-icon.png British Empire-icon.png along with other countryballs United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png​​​​​ Argentina liberated Protectorate of Peru-icon.png Peruball and Republiquetas-icon.png Boliviaball from the Spanish-Empire-icon.png Viceroyalty of Peruball, marking the end of Spanish colonialism in South America.

    During 1825 and 1828​​​​ United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png​​​​​ Argentina (Entre Rios-icon.png Entre Riosball, Corrientes-icon.png Corrientesball, Misiones-icon.png Misionesball and rebels from Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatinaball) and ​​​​​​Brazilian Empire-icon.pngThe Brazilian Empire (that got help from Kingdom of Prussia-icon.png Prussian mercenaries) fought for the territory of Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatinaball and United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png Argentina was gaining terrain, but British Empire-icon.png UKball stopped the fight and Provincia Cisplatina-icon.png Cisplatinaball became Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball.​ Tarija-icon.png Tarijaball left United Provinces of Rio de la Plata-icon.png Argentinaball and joined Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball due to the internal conflicts.

    Argentine Confederation-icon.pngPeru-Bolivian Confederation-icon.pngUruguay-icon.png Rise and fall of the confederation UK-icon.pngFrance-icon.pngBrazilian Empire-icon.png

    In 1830 Argie's provinces created two alliances, the Liga del Interior-icon.png Liga del Interior and the Argentine Confederation-icon.png Federal Pact, and started a civil war that ended with the federals winning and Argentinaball becoming the Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentine Confederation; all the provinces were able to control their own clay, but Argentine Confederation-icon.png Buenos Airesball's mind was the one controlling Argentine Confederation-icon.png argie.

    On 1832 the Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentine Confederationball, along with Chile-icon.png Chileball, defeated the Spanish-Empire-icon.png Pincheira Bandball.

    in the same year USA-icon.png Gringo attacked Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentinaball's colony on the Falklands, but Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentina resisted the attack and continued being around the weakened island's colonies.

    On 1833 British Empire-icon.png UKball arrived to the islands and asked nicely demanded Argentina to leave the place and take back the claim of them, wich Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentina did. Despite this, the relations between those two remained okay.

    Around the same year Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentinaball made expeditions to Wallmapu-icon.png Wallmapurawr and took some of its clay, also becoming Tehuelche-icon.png Tehuelcheball's friend and helping him against sickness.

    In 1837 Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentinaball declared war against the Peru-Bolivian Confederation-icon.png Peru-Bolivian Confederationball to get back Tarija-icon.png Tarijaball, which ended up being cut in half. Another civil war between federals and unitaries (which were helped by France-icon.png Franceball) started and the federals won.

    During 1839 to 1843 ​​​​​Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentina helped the Partido Blancos-icon.png Blancos Government rule Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay, defeating the Partido Colorados-icon.png Colorados and blocking their naval trade of the last city they were controlling. 

    In 1842 Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball tried to break the naval blockade, but it was defeated by the Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentine Confederation, so it scaped to Montevideo-icon.png Montevideoball to help the Partido Colorados-icon.png Colorados resist against the Partido Blancos-icon.png Blancos.

    In 1844 USA-icon.png USAball didn't notice about the situation in Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay and got attacked by Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentina while trying to trade. But both of them stopped fighting and USA-icon.png USAball left the river.

    UK-icon.png UKball and France-icon.png Franceball blocked the Silver River in 1845 as a response to the Uruguay-icon.png uruguayan situation​​​​​, but they left after UK-icon.png UKball got its ass kicked JA and France-icon.png Franceball surrendered as always.

    In 1851 Argentine Confederation-icon.png Buenos Airesball (the boss of the other provinces) wanted to annex Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball, but Entre Rios-icon.png Corrientes-icon.png Santa Fe (Argentina)-icon.png some provinces betrayed him and with the support of The Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilian Empire and Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay they almost killed Argentine Confederation-icon.png Buenos Airesball. The unitaries, liderated by Entre Rios-icon.png Entre Riosball, proceeded to take over the rest of the provinces to create a unified Argentina, but Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Airesball rejected that and became the Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png State of Buenos Ayres In 1852, the rest of the provinces unified in a Argentine Confederation-icon.png confederation again.

    In 1859 Spain-icon.png Spainball accepted that Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentina was independent​​​.

    In 1861 the Argentine Confederation-icon.png Argentine Confederation fought against the Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png State of Buenos Ayres, wich ended up being annexed by the Argentine Confederation-icon.png confederation, becoming modern-day Argentina-icon.png Argentina. Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Airesball started another civil war making the rest of the provinces into unitario.

    Argentina-icon.pngParaguay-icon.pngChile-icon.png A unified Country Nazi-icon.pngMapuche-icon.pngUruguay-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball secretly supported the Partido Colorados-icon.png Colorados Government to take over Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball, while Brazilian Empire-icon.png The Brazilian Empire helped them by directly attacking Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay. In 1864 Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay attacked Brazilian Empire-icon.png The Brazilian Empire in response to help its ally... or maybe to invade him and get direct access to the sea. Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay asked Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball to make its troops pass through its clay to reach Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay, but Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball didn't let him do that, so she got attacked by Paraguay-icon.png Paraguay. Uruguay-icon.png Uruguay, Brazilian Empire-icon.png The Brazilian Empire, and Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball formed an alliance and defeated him. Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball dealt with a Argentine Confederation-icon.png confederate revolt during the war.

    In 1870 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball conquered the Chaco, killing a big part of the 3-icon.png inhabitants in the process, at the same time Argie stopped another Argentine Confederation-icon.png confederate revolt.

    During 1870 and 1874 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball had a civil war when the Mitrists from Estado de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Aires revolted because Domingo Faustino Sarmiento got the presidency and not Bartolomé Mitre, but they ended up losing the war.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball and the German Empire-icon.png German Empire became friends after its unification and Argentina-icon.png Argie gained a lot of military influence from him. Also, in 1870 Argentina-icon.png Argie was adopted by the Italian-Empire-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball (culturally, not in the sense of becoming part of it/becoming a puppet), thing that improved their relationship a lot.

    ​​​In 1879, during the War of the Pacific, Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball was considering helping Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball and Peru-icon.png ​​​Peruball, but Chile-icon.png Chileball offered its the majority of the Patagonia if it doesn't intervene and Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball accepted. After the war, Argentina-icon.png Argentina and Chile-icon.png Chile almost killed Wallmapu-icon.png Wallmapurawr and took all of its clay.

    In 1880 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball had a civil war again, this time Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Aires started the conflict because it wanted the CABA-icon.png yes capital to be part of him, and the mitrist Corrientes-icon.png Corrientes helped him, but both were beaten.
    In the same year, Argentina-icon.png Argentina and Chile-icon.png Chile almost killed all the Selk'nam-icon.png Selk'namballs after tensions with cattle and crops. Both killed 900+ of them directly.

    Around 1885-1886 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball took most of the puna de atacama from Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball after invading it.

    During the Russo-Japanese War the Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japan and Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became friends after argie sold him ships as support. 

    From 1891 to 1916 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball had conflicts with UC-icon.png UCball and UCR-icon.png UCRball due to Argentinaball's olygarchy and won, but UCR-icon.png UCRball ended up becoming the ruling party.

    Around 1920 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball, ruled by UCR-icon.png radicalism, got attacked by Anarchism-icon.png anarchists and Communism-icon.png rebel workers, so Argie destroyed them, killing thousands of rebels.

    it stayed neutral during WW1 even under the pressure of UK-icon.png UKball to join and helped German Empire-icon.png Germany with supplies.

    During WW2 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball tried to stay neutral because it was secretly part of the axis powers and just was neutral to function as a spacepegoat if the axis lost  because it felt a lot of respect towards it's axis friends and adoptive father, but declared war on Nazi.gif Nazi Germany and the Japanese-Empire.gif Empire of Japan in 1944 under the USA-icon.png Gringolandia pressure. After the war, Argentina-icon.png Argie helped Italy-icon.png Italy to recover by sending food and Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball's ghost hid in Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball's body.

    Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.pngUK-icon.pngMurica-icon.pngChile-icon.png Cold War and Restoration of Democracy Ba'athist Iraq-icon.pngYugoslavia-icon.pngHaiti-icon.pngEcuador-icon.png

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became a Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png military dictatorship during 1930-1932 due to Murica-icon.png Murica's intervention due to the Cold War.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became a Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png military dictatorship AGAIN during 1943-1949 due to Murica-icon.png Murica's intervention due to the Cold War.

    In 1947 Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball helped Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball on its civil war.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became a Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png military dictatorship AGAAAIN during 1955-1958 due to Murica-icon.png Murica's intervention due to the Cold War.

    On 1958 Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball and Chile-icon.png Chile autistically screamed at each other had a fight for the "Islote Snipe", suprisingly nobody got harmed though.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became a Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png military dictatorship AGAAAAAAAAAIN during 1962-1963 due to Murica-icon.png Murica's intervention due to the Cold War.

    On 1962 Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball joined the naval blockade of Soviet-icon.png USSR's trade to Cuba-icon.png Cubaball during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    In 1965 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball defeated Chile-icon.png Chileball on the Battle of Laguna del Desierto, rising the tensions higher than never before. 

    In 1974 the last pure Selk'nam-icon.png Selk'nam died.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became a Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png military dictatorship AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN during 1976-1983. due to Murica-icon.png Murica's intervention due to the Cold War (yes, this one was real).

    During 1975-1976 Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball defeated the guerrilla groups called ERP-icon.png ERPball and Montoneros-icon.png Montonerosball, who were born as a result of the cold war.

    Through 1976-1982 Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball had an stress attack because of the mental instability that teh dictatorship and Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germany's ghost were causing on it's mind and almost declared war on Augusto Pinochet-icon-0.png Chile in 1978 but Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball convinced it to don't do that. So Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argie invaded the Falklands-icon.png Falklands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands-icon.png sanguche islands and occupied them for some time but UK-icon.png UKball beated Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball, forcing it to leave the islands alone.

    After the war, Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png Argentinaball reflexioned and became democratic again. In 1989 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball defeated the guerrilla group called MTP.

    Argentinaball recently

    In 1990 Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball became more interventionist, it joined the gulf coalition to fight Ba'athist Iraq-icon.png Ba'athist Iraqball, capturing +500 ships, recovering it's pride after the Malvinas war and becoming a NATO-icon.png non-NATO ally.

    In 1991 it helped Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball fight against Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball, in 1994 participated in the USA-icon.png Poland-icon.png Argentina-icon.png Operation Uphold Democracy against Haiti-icon.png Haitiball and in 1995 Argentina sold weapons to Ecuador-icon.png Ecuadorball for the War of the Cenepa against Peru-icon.png Peruball, Argentina-icon.png Argentina regrets doing that though.

    In 1994 the AMIA was bombed by an 404-icon.png unknown ball. And in 2001 Argentina-icon.png Argie suffered a economic crisis. In 2013 Argentina-icon.png Argentina became the Pope Francis-icon.png pope, being the first non-european to archieve this.

    Argentina-icon.png Argentinaball is now a part of the COVID-19 pandemic and locked down the country to prevent the spread of virus.


    Argentinaball is mainly portrayed as being puned for claiming to be White (European), due to Argentina having A LOT (I of mean a lot) of Italy-icon.png Italians, as well as Spain-icon.png Spanish and some Germany-icon.png Germans and Ireland-icon.png Celts

    Argentinaball usually doesn't start discussions but can get very aggressive when it feels insulted, or when other countryballs make fun of him, pointing at yuo, Brazil-icon.png Brazilball. But most of the time it's a very welcoming and friendly ball, just like its adoptive parent, Italy-icon.png Italyball.

    Argentinaball also loves football, and even if it's not the best at it, it's one of the best players on the world. And also enjoys making fun of each other with it's neighbours, sometimes going a bit too far with Chile-icon.png Chile and Brazil-icon.png Brazil, but deep down Argentinaball cares about them. This is what Japan-icon.png Japanball would call a "tsundere"

    Argentinaball also can be very bipolar when asked about things like his Argentine Confederation-icon.png confederate or Argentina(dictatorship)-icon.png dictatorial past and prefers not to talk about it's past friendship with the axis powers. Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball's ghost still lives inside its house.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Viking 116, 172, 223 C61-M18-Y1-K0 #74ACDF
    White 255,255,255 N/A #FFFFFF

    Emblem Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Buttercup 246, 180, 14 C0-M36-Y95-K0 #F6B40E
    Korma 133, 52, 10 C26-M79-Y100-K34 #85340A


    The country is subdivided into twenty-three provinces and one autonomous city, CABA-icon.png Buenos Airesball, which is the federal capital of the nation (Spanish: Capital Federal) as decided by Congress. Argentina-icon.png Argentina has a federal system, similar to another countries. This means that its provinces and its capital have their own constitutions.

    • Provincia de Buenos Aires-icon.png Buenos Airesball - (No capital) The over-crowded metropolitan area my largest and strongest province but also the biggest troublemaker through my history, the only time you were the face that i showed to the world you made me look like a madman! i have my eyes on youi loved being a confederation, let's try again Argentine Confederation-icon.png



    • Anyone that recognizes the Falklands as argentine, but mostly:
    • Bolivia-icon.png Boliviaball - Lots of them in my clay. Even though most sell only vegetals It's ok. DID YUO JUST KILL CHE GUEVARA!!
    • Cuba-icon.png Cubaball - Che Guevara-icon.png Ernesto Che Guevara (an Argentine) participated in the Cuban Revolution.
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Superchino stores are very popular here. But control YOUR MIERDAVIRUS! Hong Kong is yours.
    • Dominican-icon.png Dominican Republicball - Brother and good friend BUT TANGO > MERENGUE.
    • Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball - Good friend from the Nordics Baltics. She wants to be Nordic just like I want to be European. We have a Botswana-icon.png common enemy.
    • France-icon.png Franceball - Aunt who likes our cultura y stuff like Tango. We don't talk much these days. I use some french words in my rioplatence spanish like cana (canne) and reculie (reculé).
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - it establish my relations on Falkland war thanks for supporting me on Falkands issue .
    • Ireland-icon.png Irelandball - Best Friend. We both hate UKball for fought territory, there's a frienship song about us! Glory to William Brown!
    • Iceland-icon.png Icelandball - I'm the Only South American Country that likes LazyTown.
    • Italy-icon.png Italyball - My adoptive father. A lot of them in my clay and I use some Italian words, like laburo (lavoro), bacán and engrupir (gróppo) in my rioplatence Spanish (also called lunfardo).
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Another East Asian friend like South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball. I love anime and your video games.
    • Lebanon-icon.png Iran-icon.png Saudi Arabia-icon.png Syria-icon.png Middle Eastern Countryballs - We all recognized Palestine-icon.png Palestineball, some of them can into mate!
    • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - I have the highest percentage of Muslims in Latin America. We both hate abortion but it likes Facebook-icon.png Faceblock.
    • Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball - Almost always Saltamuros sin copas y multicuentas.
    • Netherlands-icon.png Netherlandsball - The Dutch queen was born in Buenos Airesball.
    • Norway-icon.png Norwayball - He keeps my Junta Trial tapes for safekeeping. Also, we both claim pieces of Antarctica-icon.png Antarctican land.
    • Palestine-icon.png Palestineball - You can into independence.
    • Peru-icon.png Peruball - He helped me once in the war of the Falklands-icon.png Malvinas Islands. In addition, I feel indebted with him for having sold arms to Ecuador-icon.png Ecuadorball while it was at war with Perúball. Nearly of making me not into world cup, and eats pidgeon too.
    • Philippines-icon.png Philippinesball - My Asian sister and major non-NATO ally, I heard it wanted to become a federal republic like me and I can help its to get into G20 with the help of USA-icon.png USAball, Germany-icon.png Germanyball, Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball, Mexico-icon.png Mexicoball and Singapore-icon.png Tringapore. We both have in common, corruption female leadership! Also can into boxing! Why did you cancel Violetta in your clay? I'm so sad. But, thank you for naming a corned beef brand after me. You actually knew that I ate beef a lot. Misunderstood nation We both hate Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball.
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - I'll remember Jan Pawel for you since it visited me for stopping us taking over Falklands-icon.png Las Malvinas between me and UK-icon.png UKball. I can into Pole's day! And happy 100th anniversary yuo are the best slavic guy. Misunderstood nation.
    • South Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - By chance, do you like Messi? Also good economy. She defeated kraut. Also Real Korea.
    • Spain-icon.png Spainball - My mother But 6-1 never forget. I'm its oldest son.
    • Sweden-icon.png Swedenball - He hates Chile-icon.png Chileball and India-icon.png Indiaball because of YouTube. Why can you not let Estonia-icon.png Estoniaball into Nordic?
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - We both want to join EU-icon.png EUball. Crimea-icon.png Crimeaball is yours. We have good relations recently.
    • Uruguay-icon.png Uruguayball - Little brother who broke away from Brazilian Empire-icon.png Brazilball (and Rebellious Province), we created the mate.
    • Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball - Pope Francis-icon.png Pope Francis is of my descent.
    • LGBT-icon.png Trabas LGBTQ - You are good, but Cristina Fernández-icon.png my former president legalize your marriage thought I am Catolico and recently had an abortion referendum but the cons won. (Somehow).
    • Hawaii-icon.png Hawaiiball - The first guy that recognized me as a country.
    • Finland-icon.png Finlandball - He can into Tango too!
    • EU-icon.png EUball - can I into yuo?
    • Paraguay-icon.png Paraguayball - My brother, there are lots of them in my clay and it can into mate, it is still a bit scared of me before the triple alliance thing though.
    • Equatorial Guinea-icon.png Equatorial Guineaball - Long lost daughter or sister. Argentine Confederation-icon.png Vos will be mine! Argentine Confederation-icon.png
    • Federal Republic of Central America-icon.png Central Americaball - I helped him get freedom, and in appreciation it made it's flag similar to mine! but he died.
    • Guatemala-icon.png Guatemalaball - I helped its beat its commie rebel during its civil war tho she made a genocide in her tierra. Well, its bandera looks slightly like mio but vertical.
    • El Salvador-icon.png El Salvadorball - One of the countries that were born from FRCAballHe is my favourite of its brothers.
    • Costa Rica-icon.png Costa Ricaball - Am not going to calm down!
    • Guarani-icon.png Guaraniball - He is the real creator of the mate, but let's pretend that never happened.
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - 1-0 NEVER FORGET!! Still only Football Rivals, lots of people in Argentina come from you. Can I into EU? Stop getting us out from world cups! we drink beer together sometimes and know each other from a long time.
    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball, Arab League-icon.png Arab Leagueball and African Union-icon.png African Unionball - They support me in the Falklands-icon.png Malvinas dispute! thank yuo all!!
    • Western Sahara-icon.png Western Saharaball - I don't fully recognize yuo, but I recognize your Self determination. Stay stronk brother!
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - I don't recognize Kosovo as independent and it recognizes Malvinas as mine.
    • South Africa-icon.png South Africaball - Well yuo sorta like me because it has mass diveristy and me is also has many all european.
    • Armenia-icon.png Armeniaball - Armenian diaspora is having colonies here.
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - WE ARE BEST BUDDIES EVEN THOUGH JUSTIN BIEBER IS CANADIAN. ALL GOOD. SAYING SORRY EH?! But why are you UKball's dad?
    • 2-icon.png 2ball - I'm your fan numer one! Lets remove 8-icon.png 3-icon.png The colored assholes
    • Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanese Empireball - I helped him during the Russo-Japanesse WarBOTH CAN INTO GENOCIDE!
    • SPQR-icon.png Roman Empireball - MY GLORIOUS EUROPEAN ANCESTOR!! I tried to use triunvirate, just like you did, but I failed....
    • Carthage-icon.png Carthageball - I'm your fan, yo copied your strategy and crossed los Andes like a boss!! But, tú tried to kill my SPQR-icon.png glorious European ancestor.


    • Australia-icon.png Australiaball - Why it can into Eurovision and I not? He did not even lives in Europe ... if it can participate in Eurovision I can too!!! Also... JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA I DEFEATINGS YOU IN RUGBY GET ABSOLUTELY REKT! You're 7th in the world! You've never been that low!
    • Brazil-icon.png Brazilball - Never forget 7-1! Friendly Rivals (especially in football) still we don't have to hate each other. we also should cooperate even more! And we fought together against ​Paraguay-icon.pngParaguayball in Paraguayan War. BUT MARADONA IS BETTER THAN PELÉ ! (Now my stan is ded, Reeeeeeee)
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - Complicated.
    • Quebec-icon.png Quebecball - We have neutral relations.
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Screw the Vulture Funds! (although they are already paid) We are seeking to restoring relations. Also, thanks for making me a Non-NATO ally. BUT ..(scroll below to enemies list)
      • California-icon.png Californiaball - I don't know yuo very mucho, but I remember that i occupied yuo for some days. Monterey-icon.png Hope you are doin' okay!
    • Botswana-icon.png Botswanaball - Hijo de UK-icon.png UKball. But can into removing of UK-icon.png him. ALSO BOTSWANA AND ARGENTINA NO ES SAME!!! he is the batman bootleg version of me. but it hates whites :(. We are frenimes.
    • Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball - Hehehehe, I allowed quite a lot of Nazi war criminals to come to my land and escape justice and we both hate UK-icon.png UKball. I can into Nazi. But I also have a large Israel-icon.png Jewish community too. HEIL HITLER! Tú will be back mein Führer!
    • Portugal-icon.png Portugalball - it always wanted to invade Uruguayball and reach the river of silver, Messi >>>>>>>> CR7 I also heard that you are UK-icon.png UKball's best friend so REMOVE!!!
    • Venezuela-icon.png Venezuelaball - Now that Cristina Fernández-icon.png Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is our current Vice President we are ok. But thanks for saying Malvinas is mine.
    • Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball - 3 - 0 WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! I helped him fight Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball.
    • India-icon.png Indiaball - He supports me in the World Cup and Malvinas dispute, pero DO YOU HATE BEEF? WHY? Also, it hate UK-icon.png UKball quite a bit, but it hates me because I eat cows.
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - I don't really hate you that much. I have the highest percentage of Jews in Latin America, BUT YOU WANTED TO TAKE THE PATAGONIA TO LIVE THERE!! I may recognize you BUT PLEASE RECOGNIZE Palestine-icon.png PALESTINEBALL AS WELL! GIVE INDEPENDENCE TO HIM OR ELSE MY Lebanon-icon.png Iran-icon.png FRIENDS Saudi Arabia-icon.png Syria-icon.png WILL REMOVE YOU! Remove Judíos from the premises!
    • Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball - I may not recognize you, but we have informal relations. (Lo siento, if I recognize yuo one of my provinces will fooking kill me).
    • Selk'nam-icon.png Selk'namball - Genocide?? Q-que is that thing? (starts sweating)
    • Soviet-icon.png Soviet Unionball - You helped me during the Malvinas War, but yuo also wanted to make me a commie! Also, Nazi > Commie.
    • Mapuche-icon.png Mapucheball - This freak claims a big part of my country, but at least it isn't as agressive with me as it is with Chile.
    • 3-icon.png 3ball - I respect you, but stop being such a pain in the ass!
    • Chile-icon.png Chileball - A frenemy, La Patagonia es mia!!, tengo mas copas que vos!!! Traitor, you helped UK in Malvinas War!!! we almost get along now though. (Che negro chileno, cuantas copas america te robaste boludo?)
    • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - My cousin. I don't mind you but pls be more kind to Western Sahara-icon.png my brother.


    • UK-icon.png Johnsonreich - You are my worst nightmare!!! He is just the guy who didn't realized those old glory days of its generation had passed. He has evenbeen overcomed by USA-icon.png his son. I disputed the sovereignty over Falklands-icon.png Falklands Islands with him. But now it had left the EU-icon.png EUball, so there may be room for me? MALVINAS SON ARGENTINAS!! REMOVE TEA!!! I DEFEATED TU THREE TIMES, YOU JUST DEFEAT ME ONCE!!! ALSO I'M BIGGER THAN TU!! But other than that, thanks for helping me in the past with my railroads and stuff like that. :) So maybe we can find a day to improve relations?
    • USA-icon.png USAball (Sometimes) - Vete Burger imperialista de mierda!! Glory to Che Guevara!!! 33-7, BEST DAY OF MY 2018 LIFE! And HANDS OFF MY LEMONS!
    • Jew-icon.png Jews - Stop calling me Nazi or am I? Nazi-icon.png Nazi Germanyball, I will summon yuo!
    • 8-icon.png 8ball - GET EL MIERDA AWAY FROM ME! REMOVE OGGA BOOGA!!!!
    • Gabon-icon.png Gabonball - STAY AWAY FROM Equatorial Guinea-icon.png MI SOBRINA, TU PERVERTIDO!!!
    • Ghana-icon.png Ghanaball - Stay, away, from, my, ship! Tu eres also a hijo of UK-icon.png UKball.
    • Peru-Bolivian Confederation-icon.png Peru-Bolivian Confederationball - This thing was creado when Bolivia-icon.png Bolivia and Peru-icon.png Peru joined in a confederation, it was a threat.
    • Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball - I don't care who are you, but you're part of Serbia-icon.png Serbia.
    • ERP-icon.png ERP and Montoneros-icon.png Montonerosball - KJJJJJJJ JAJAJAJA YUO CAN'T INTO MAKING ME A COMMIE! Oh mierda, I got infected with Montoneros now!
    • Spanish-Empire-icon.png Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plataball and Peruball - ENJOY YOUR STAY IN HELL! Especially el primero.


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