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    Afarball is very far away a regionball of Ethiopiaball. Instead of speaking Somali, they speak Afar (the language minority of people speak in Djibouti and Ethiopia).


    Afar was the child of Ancient Egyptball and Nubiaball because there were artifacts from the Ancient Egyptians and Nubia founded there. Their hair textures and styles made of Kibay are of the same of Nubia´s and the Egyptians.

    A growing historical power, Adal Sultanateball, one day thought it would take on Abyssiniaball to solve land dispute. This conflict was ignited by religious reasons. At first, Adalball was done great at conquering Abyssiniaball's clay, but then Portuguese Empireball came, and burned many of the villages. With Abyssiniaball advancing to Adal's clay, Adalball surrendered after the murder of it's sultan. It lost a lit of territory and the destabilization from the war made it more prone to outside attacks and raids, reducing it to the territory of Harariball, becoming the Harar Sultanateball.

    Due to the devastating Adal-Ethiopian War, the Adal Sultanateball located in the east of modern Ethiopiaball, began to rapidly decline, which did not fail to take advantage of the minorities living on its clay - Harariball and Afarball. Starting from the first half of the 16th century, they gradually expanded their autonomy, and when they noticed that Adal was about to drop his skates, in 1577, they announced the creation of the Aussa Inamateball. It was controlled by a dynasty of influential religious figures and occupied almost the entire territory inhabited by the Harari and Afar peoples.

    However, immediately after its creation, the life of the newly minted imamate was overshadowed by eternal conflicts both within the state and beyond its borders. The main instigators of civil strife in the state were representatives of the now extinct Kharla people, who lived within the imamate and, apparently, were very unhappy with this. As for the enemies of Ausa in the foreign policy arena, almost all of her neighbors belonged to them, starting from Christian Ethiopian Empireball throughout history striving to seize the clay occupied by the Imamate and ending with various states of the Oromo people, which inflicted a heavy defeat on Ausa in 1583. From 1887, the Imamate of Aussaball was vassalized to Ethiopian Empireball. From the Italian occupation of the state, it was known as the Harar Governorateball in Italian East Africaball.

    During the says of Dergball and PDR Ethiopiaball, the Afar Liberation Front Political party joined the coalition in opposition to the ruling communist goverment as a beacon for Afar autonomy. and eventually Ethiopiaball made them their region since then. The Afar National Democratic Party, the successor to the ALF had been the ruling party for the region.

    How to draw

    Drawing Afarball isn't difficult:

    1. Draw the basic circle shape with a red half-arrow from left
    2. Divide the rest into three horizontal stripes, blue, white and green
    3. Draw the symbol of Afar Region in the center
    4. Draw the eyes and you've finished.



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