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    Finnish Socialist Workers' Republicball or Red Finlandball is historical countryball created during the Finnish Civil War.


    Red Finlandball was an attempt to establish a socialist nation, based on the legacy of Scandinavian-Finnish culture, socialist ideas originating from Central Europe and Finnish nationalism, including plans to expand the Finnish territory. The political visions included principles of democracy, but as Red Finland was primarily the formation of revolution and civil war, the acts of violence and warfare were emphasized in the policy.

    After the start of the Finnish Civil War, on January 28, 1918, Kullervo Manner was appointed chairman of the People's Delegation, the Red Government. On April 10 of the same year, the Reds reformed their entire administration and Manner was appointed leader of the Red Finland and the Supreme Commander of the Red Guard under the authority of the dictator.

    The warfare between the Reds and Whites took major attention and energy of the Red leadership, and the situation wasn't alleviated by the loss of many strategically important sites, such as Tampereball, to the Whites. Therefore, the formation of the local Red civil administration remained unfinished and waited for the result of the Civil War. The top and middle-rank civil servants of the pre-civil war administration refused to co-operate with the Reds, and new leadership had to be chosen and trained from the lower rank servants.

    The Finnish Civil War ended with the German invasion of Finlandball and the consequent defeat of the Finnish Red Guards and FSWR on 5 May 1918. After the war, the initially powerful and well-organized Finnish Social Democrats, born and bred in the relatively free and nationalistic social atmosphere, within the Scandinavian and Russian culture, and affected primarily by socialist ideas of Germanyball, Austriaball and File:Czechoslovakia-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball (pre-World War I Austria-Hungaryball), were split in two. The moderate socialists continued their pre-1918 political culture, adhered to the society and political system of Finlandball, while the far-left faction formed the Communist Party of Finland in August 1918 in Moscowball, with the main leaders living in exile in Russiaball and a marked part of the common supporters living in Finlandball.

    Red Finland never gained a true status and form of state and republic as the Reds lost the Civil War on 5 May 1918.


    Perkele Republic of Angry Birds Finland: Nordic, Holiday, Olympic
    Regions Ålandball Central Finlandball Central Ostrobothniaball Kainuuball Kymenlaaksoball Laplandball North Kareliaball Northern Ostrobothniaball Northern Savoniaball Ostrobothniaball Päijät-Hämeball Pirkanmaaball Satakuntaball South Kareliaball Southern Ostrobothniaball Southern Savoniaball Southwest Finlandball Tavastia Properball Uusimaaball
    Cities Helsinkiball Mariehamnball Poriball Turkuball Tampereball Savonlinnaball Espooball Ouluball Vantaaball Jyväskyläball Lahtiball Kuopioball Kouvolaball Joensuuball Lappeenrantaball Rovaniemiball Seinäjokiball Kotkaball Mikkeliball Vaasaball Porvooball Hämeenlinnaball Kokkolaball
    Former entities Migrants from East (Prehistoric Europeans) Samiball Swedish Empireball Russian Empireball ( Grand Duchy of Finlandball) • Kingdom of Finlandball DR Finlandball Finnish Socialist Workers' Republicball Karelian ASSRball Karelo-Finnish SSRball
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