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    Kde domov můj, kde domov můj,

    voda hučí po lučinách

    Czechia-icon.png Czechiaball about to sing its anthem
    Strč prst skrz krk.

    (Stick your finger through the neck)

    Czechia-icon.png Czechiaball
    Trochu piva si rád dám!

    (I'd like some beer!)

    Tři sta třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo přes tři sta třicet tři stříbrných střech.

    (Three hundred and thirty-three silver syringes sprayed over three hundred and thirty-three silver roofs)

    Czechia-icon.png Czechiaball
    Na zdraví!


    — Misha/Mishovy Šílenosti (Pokemon GO kid)
    Jožin z Bažin
    — Ivan Mládek

    Checkia Czechiaball, officially the Czech Republicball or Bohemiaball is a countryball located in Central Europe. Its clay is landlocked, bordered by Poland-icon.png Polandball to the north, Austria-icon.png Austriaball to the south, Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball to the east, and Germany-icon.png Germanyball to the west. The countryball is divided into 13 regionballs, with its capital Warsaw-icon.png Pragueball located in the Western half of the countryball, giving it a total area of about 30,450 square miles (78,865 square kilometers), making it the 113th largest countryball in the world. As of 2018, giving its a population of about 10.62 million inhabitants and is the European countryball that has the saddest anthem.

    Like most other former communist stateballs, after the Soviet-icon.png Soviet Union collapsed, Czechiaball decided to join EU-icon.png EUball and NATO-icon.png NATOball to gain protection from Russia-icon.png Russiaball. Czechiaball is also a member in the Visegrád Group-icon.png Visegrád Groupball, being in Central Europe, as well as the UN-icon.png UNball like almost every other countryball.

    Czechiaball is often seen as the most stable and prosperous of all the post-communist stateballs of Europe. While it has had a rough history, being part of several different kingdomballs, duchyballs, empireballs, and unionballs, he was still able to keep its sense of nationalistic central European Slavic identity, making it one of the more peaceful Slavs of Europe. It also loves listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. It has very good beer.

    History[edit | edit source]

    We are told that this ball started as a Samoball. Samoball formed a union for the market only and haven't even dreamed about being a kingdomball. When Czechball realized that Samo Empireball isn't enough, it turned to Great Moravia-icon.png Great Moraviaball, it decided to have dukes and be as powerful as hell. But inside that Great Moraviaball was a smaller Bohemiaball, Moraviaball, and Nitraball (on Slovakiaball). After some years, this kingdomball included Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball, HRE-icon.png Holy Roman Empireball, and Poland-icon.png Polandball. When it became bored of this, it started a war with Vatican-icon.png Vaticanball, took farmers, women, and children and kicked asses during the four crusades. After that, Czechiaball became calmer and took a nap; during this nap, someone moved it in with Jagiellonianball, it wasn't even bothered, Slav master is a friend.

    After that, it became very lazy and when Jagellonianball decided to give itself to Austrian Empire-icon.png Habsburgball, Czechiaball didn't even move a finger. Since then it had waited to someone beat Austrian Empire-icon.png Habsburgball and finally in 1918, it turned into Czechia-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball, enjoyed this for a few years until the Nazi-icon.png Naziball said: "You ist mein now" and Allies were like: "Is good, no war", but Nazi-icon.png Naziball was also like: "No, you are nich of being Tscheckienslovakien, now du bist of Böhmen und Mähren!" Czechoslovakiaball was all like: "Oh no, fuck off". And then there was the war...

    Few years after Soviet-icon.png USSRball decided to make Czechoslovakiaball socialist. It was grateful to Soviet-icon.png USSRball (for letting it in space and helping it build two nuclear power plants), but it wasn't that friend which it claims to be and after Czechoslovakiaball tried to go its own way, Soviet-icon.png USSRball slaved it for 40 years. In 1989 it got pissed and got rid of Soviet-icon.png USSRball.
    Four years after that, Slovakiaball decided to leave it. Since then, Czech Republicball was bored and felt alone so one day it decides to visit EU-icon.png EUball and its friends and eventually it decide to stay them. Actually, Czech Republicball is interesting with 3 presidents Václav Havel, writer and humanist, Václav Klaus, who stole pen and Miloš Zeman with his funny English language or drink alcohol. *bubblebum*

    In 2016, Czech Republicball changed its name to Czechiaball, yet most still call it Czech Republicball despite the name change.

    In 2020, relations between Czechiaball and Taiwan-icon.png Taiwanball became softer and more friendlier. Miloš Vystrčil once said, 'I believe that Taiwan is a free and democratic country. I believe that free and democratic countries have the right and obligation to cooperate with one another. This is why I have issued an invitation to the speaker of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, inviting him to lead a delegation to visit the senate of the Czech Republic so that our two countries can continue our cooperation.' Vystrcil emphasized that he had done nothing wrong. He said he did not feel he had infringed on the “One China” policy, as the Czech Republicball defines it. He said that Chinaball has its interpretation of the policy, but that other countryballs have the right to see it differently.

    In October 2022 we can see birth of new meme, which is Czechia should take Kaliningrad from Russia and make best navy of the world. It's reaction to Russian "legitimate" referendums in Ukrainian regions for joining Russia. Czechs claims they have right for this region because it was founded for honor of Bohemian king Přemysl Otakar II. Železný a zlatý/golden and iron. Original name was Könisburg, (in Czech Královec) later renamed to Kaliningrad after annexation by SSSR.

    Flag Color[edit | edit source]

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Fire Engine Red 215, 20, 26 C5-M94-Y99-K1 #D7141A
    Dark Cerulean 17, 69, 126 C98-M68-Y17-K16 #11457E

    Relationships/Vztahy[edit | edit source]

    Friends/Přátelé[edit | edit source]

    • Slovakia-icon.png Slovakiaball - Best friend and twin sibling. Our languages are very similar.
    • Czechia-icon.png Czechoslovakiaball - Union with Slovakia.
    • Liberland-icon.png Liberlandball - Child. But why aren't you real?
    • Kingdom of Bohemia-icon.png Kingdom of Bohemiaball - Parent
    • Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball - Historical flag stealer. It likes my shoes and my gun. Is a good friend.
    • 🍺 Beer - Who needs balls with your gold friend?
    • Austria-icon.png Austriaball - Old friend (But I still remember Austria-Hungary.) And it sometimes pisses me and Slovakiaball off with its anti-nuclear power stance. Nevertheless, I am going to expand both Dukovany and Temelín and I don't care what you think.
    • Hungary-icon.png Hungaryball - Visegrád 4 stronk!
    • Poland-icon.png Polandball - It is the other westernmost Slav and my sibling. We are strong partners in peacekeeping. Gratulacje Poland! Happy 100th anniversary to you. I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM THE RUSSIAN BASTARD WITH NATO!
    • Croatia-icon.png Croatiaball - Favourite holiday destination. (Can't wait for summer!)
    • Germany-icon.png Germanyball - My good old beer friend. Thanks for getting me into the EU but you are also scary. Don't give me that nightmare again. I'm still watching you.
    • Mongolia-icon.png Mongoliaball - After Taiwan, my favorite Asian buddy. We are very good friends and business partners.
    • Syria-icon.png Syriaball - Best friend in the middle east, but why do you hate my Israel-icon.png friend?
    • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - We are good friends (it bought weapons from me and I recognize Jerusalem as its capital), but you should meet my Syria-icon.png arab friend.
    • Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball - Friends ever since with trading of humans. It like me and Slovakia-icon.png my sib as well. It usually calls me Séc all the time.
    • Romania-icon.png Romaniaball - Latin Beer buddy. I like its Dacia cars and it likes my Škoda cars too.
    • Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball - It's good Slavic friend
    • Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball .- Pls, join Visegrad my Slavic friend.
    • Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball - Best supportive sibling! I will defend you from the Russians just like what happened to me in 1968! My population sympathizes you. SLAVA UKRAINI
    • USA-icon.png USAball - Playing hockey with the Americans is great! We play a role in peacekeeping. GG you win this time 3-2 in hockey (IIHF 2018).
    • Canada-icon.png Canadaball - Playing hockey with Canada is fun! We like Canadians and they like us! Maple Syrup is great! I support you over China and Russia!
    • Cyprus-icon.png Cyprusball - Nothing special, we just get along very well.
    • NorthDakota-icon.png North Dakotaball - Ah yes, our colony in the USA-icon.png USAball.
    • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Thanks for translating Víla Amálka in your language!

    Neutral/Frenemies/Neutrální[edit | edit source]

    • Russia-icon.png Russiaball - We have a lot in common, but it is also a little aggressive (I'm sometimes scared of it). Yeah, and we both love ice hockey. We don't really share a positive nor a negative political point of view since it thinks I'm irrelevant. It also hates my Czech sibling. Sure we don't talk much however, Putin is indeed a threat to my nation we can all agree since we are on both different sides. 
    • China-icon.png Chinaball - Hey, why're you mad at me? Is it because I became friends with your older sibling Taiwan-icon.png Taiwan? It's okay, you're still my friend and one of my biggest trading partners but being with Taiwan is much better than you. It's so nice and kind. BUT I WON'T FORGET WHAT YOU DID TO Heunggong-icon.png HONG KONG IN JUNE 30 2020! Also Sorry for creating Anti-Chinese sentiment. We dont want to do that
    • EU-icon.png EUball - It is good money gibber, but it is also annoying (It wants to send refugees to my country without my consent!)
    • North Korea-icon.png North Koreaball - (It buys weapons and guns mostly from Czechia). It's making peace with its South Korea-icon.png Southern sibling which is a sign of relief.
    • Iran-icon.png Iranball - It Hates Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball but I don't think that my friend USA-icon.png USAball hates you.

    Enemies/Nepřátelé[edit | edit source]

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, gifs and videos of Czechiaball.

    Click here to see it.

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