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    The Yugoslav Wars were a series of conflicts that took place in the Balkans and saw the end of Yugoslaviaball.


    The beginning

    The war began when Croatiaball and  Sloveniaball declared independence from Yugoslaviaball. 10 days later Sloveniaball officially broke away from Yugoslaviaball. Meanwhile Serbian nationalists in Croatiaball's clay their own independence.

    Ten-day war

    The Ten day war was when  Yugoslaviaball fought  Sloveniaball for only ten days. The reason it lasted for ten days is that after ten days Milošević did not really care.

    Croatian war of Independence

    First the Serbian nationalist began to remove Croatiaball from there new republic  Serbian Krajinaball while  Yugoslaviaball laid siege to Dubrovnikball yet the cityball didn't fall. Meanwhile Macedonia peacefully left Yugoslaviaball. In January,1992 UNball called for a ceasefire and sent troops to keep the peace.

    The Bosnian War

    In 1992 Bosnia and Herzegovinaball declared independence from Yugoslaviaball so the  Serbs there responded by declaring independence, becoming Srpska Republicball. soon these  Serbs removed Bosnia and Herzegovinaball from their clay and sieged Sarajevoball. Meanwhile the Croat-Bosniak War began in July. soon Bosnia and Herzegovinaball lost a lot of clay but thanks to threat of Sanctions from USAball and other western nations, Croatia made peace with Bosnia in 1994 and allied to defeat Srpska Republicball and Serbian Krajinaball. Soon Croatiaball and Bosnia and Herzegovinaball retook a lot of clay and where helped by USAball's airstrikes and soon in late 1995 Serbian Krajinaball and Srpska Republicball surrendered and their clay was annexed by Croatiaball and Bosnia and Herzegovinaball respectively and Croatiaball and Bosnia and Herzegovinaball officially left.

    The Kosovo War

    The Kosovo War as a war between Albaniaball and  FR Yugoslaviaball over Kosovoball. It was caused when  Josip Tito (former leader of Yugoslavia) opened Yugoslaviaballs borders and allowed Albanian immigrants in. This eventually lead to Kosovoball being filled with an Albanian majority which outnumbered the Serb population. This lead to many protests and so Albaniaball and Serbiaball had a war with each other leading to an Albanian victory with the help of US troops .

    Insurgency in Macedonia

    In 2001 some Albanian nationalists started an insurgency in Macedoniaball.The insurgents were known as the NLA. Most NLA fighters were former soldiers of the KLA. Macedoniaball won and kept their eastern part.


    After the Kosovo War,  Yugoslaviaball became  Serbia and Montenegroball but in 2006 Montenegroball spilt from Serbiaball after a referendum.

    Kosovo's Independence

    In 2008 Kosovoball declared independence although  Serbiaball and many other countryballs don't recognize it. in 2022 July Serbiaball began to entering north Kosovo a group of kosovo serbs and it's still ongoing now however in 2023 8 January Serbiaball was planning to send 1000 Serbian military but declined by KFOR.


    [1]Yugoslav Wars | 3 Minute History


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