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    Armenian SSRball was a Soviet Socialist Republicball in the Caucasus region.


    In 1917, The Russian Republicball was overthrown by Sovietball. Sovietball then bought some of Russiaball's children new clothes that were red, had designs and had the Hammer & Sickle.

    The First Republic of Armeniaball had held its own for two years in wars with Turkeyball, Azerbaijanball and Georgiaball, but was too exhausted to resist when Sovietball anschlussed in 1920. Southern parts of Armeniaball's clay rebelled called the Republic of Mountainous Armeniaball, but the rebellion was silenced the next year. Then Sovietball gave Turkeyball and Azerbaijan SSRball most of Armeniaball's clay. However, meeting rebel demands, it let Armenian SSRball keep Syunikball.

    In 1922, Soviet Unionball decided to group its newly adopted children. It grouped Azerbaijan SSRball, Armenian SSRball and Georgian SSRball as Transcaucasian SFSRballs. But later they split up again.

    Also in 1922, Sovietball reformed the Armenian language so that spelling and grammar made more sense. Armeniaballs outside of Soviet clay were annoyed by this. But this reformed Eastern Armenian dialect is still used today by  Armeniaball. Around this time many of the Armenian cityballs had their names changed into communist ones.

    In the late 20's it had its borders redrawn again to give  Nakhchivanball a border with Turkeyball and making the cityball Artvashenball an exclave, yet more ways Sovietball was into screwing Armeniaball out of clay.

    Turkeyball threw a hissy fit when it found out Armenian SSRball used Mt. Ararat on its coat of arms, but because it was pointed out that the moon isn't Kebab clay and yet it's on its flag, Turkeyball was silenced.

    In 1942, Sovietball gave guns to its children including Byelorussian SSRball to fight Nazi Germanyball. During this time many Armenians fought and died in the war against fascism. After the war,  Germanyballs were brought over to build roads and bridges.

    On April 24, 1965, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, protests were held but a memorial was erected instead in 1967.

    In 1988, a terrible earthquake broke the cityballs  Spitakball and  Leninakanball, killing thousands and destroying the economy. Help came from around the world, but today the pieces are still being put back together.

    During this late period, Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblastball began asking Sovietball for independence or to join Armenian SSRball, but it kept saying nyet. Azerbaijani SSRball, furious at these efforts, began removing Armenian lavash from its clay, butchering hundreds. The stage was being set for a bloody war.

    In 1991, Sovietball died and Armenian SSRball bought new clothes and changed its name to Armeniaball.

    Flag Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Rosso corsa 206, 0, 0 C0-M100-Y100-K19 #CE0000
    UA Blue 0, 48, 154 C100-M68-Y0-K39 #00309A
    Gold 255, 216, 0 C0-M15-Y100-K0 #FFD800




    • Russian SFSRball- Neighbour's neighbour who invaded me in 1919. I'm annoyed it gave my clay to Turkeyball but don't want to be sent to gulag for complaining about it.
    • Yugoslaviaball - Some sub-region balls in it love me even though we're supposed to pretend they don't exist.


    • Georgian SSRball - Huge dick when it had the chance to rule, but am thankful it didn't try to erase my culture.
    • Azerbaijan SSRball - Is of holding my little sibling hostage.
    • Turkeyball - NATO kebab scum! You only join West to protect your sorry ass from us so we can't get back our clay! Gib Ararat! As if I needing more reasons to hating you. RECOGNISE GENOCIDE!
    • USAball - Remove Capitalist friend of Murderer!
    • Nazi Germanyball - You were inspired by Turks to try and commit Armenian genocide 2.0? NEVER!!