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    Postal Dude
    To the town of Agua Fria
    Rode a stranger one fine day
    Hardly spoke to folks around him
    Didn't have too much to say
    No one dared to ask his business
    No one dared to make a slip
    The stranger there among them
    Had a big iron on his hip
    Big iron on his hip
    Marty Robbins

    — Sonic Fanboy from Plainrock124

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    Arizonaball is a Japanese well-known landlocked stateball in the Pacific southwestern part of the USAball. Arizona is known for heat stroke the Grand Canyon, dumb coyotes, Navajoballs, western towns, cactus, desert, sports teams, and illegal immigrants (especially from Mexicoball).


    Its original inhabitants were the native Navajoballs along with several other native tribes such as the O'odham, Yaqui, Havasupai, etc. Spainballs conquered the region in the renaissance and the colonial era. It was later part of Mexicoball until after the Mexican-American War when Arizonaball was annexed by USAball.

    Previously the Arizona Territoryball, Arizona was the last stateball in the lower 48 (the contiguous United States) states to achieve statehood (in 1912). Alaskaball and Hawaiiball were the last 2 stateballs to achieve statehood but are NOT in the lower 48.

    Arizonaball sometimes gets mistaken for the country, Macedoniaball when only its upper part is shown.

    His senator John McCain wanted to be a president in 2008, but lost the election against Barack Obama. Eventually, it passed away in 2018 due to brain cancer.

    Because of so much sun in Arizona, it (Navajo and Hopi tribes can into daylight savings) cannot into Daylight Savings Time, as it would require him to waste energy for more. Hawaii also cannot into DST.

    As of 2016, Arizona couldn't into weed yet (although Tucsonball supported it), but in 2020, it finally can. He recently had bad pollution, along with some other states near him.


    Arizona is somehow related and friends with other stateballs.



    • Californiaball - Big brother, though we just try to get along with each other. Both have a lot of Mexicans. Also GIB SEA, SURF & BFDI PLUSHIES OR BFDI T-SHIRTS! BUT YOU INVADED ME! YOU MADE ME VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN! I DONT WANT TO BECOME 'YOU'!



    zh:亞利桑那球 pt:Arizonaball pl:Arizonaball

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