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    Rashidunball was the first ever caliphate.

    It was a very powerful empire that rapidly expanded, stretching from the Caucasus mountains to the north, up to Yemen and Oman from the south, to Northern Libya to the west, and up to Persia to the east. It was unstoppable until the Umayyad rebels beat their rivals in the First Fitna.

    Because of its pitch-black flag, it is usually featured in comics taking place in the dark, and it appears.


    Rashidun Caliphateball was established when Ancient Medinaball conquered Ancient Meccaball. Ancient Medinaball evolved into a caliphate when Muhammad died. Rashidun took Egyptball and the Levant countries from Byzantineball, afterwards conquering Sassanidball except for Dabuyidball near the Caspian Sea, and Bavandball. Eventually, however, all lucky things come to an end as a rebellion in Syriaball saw Umayyadball revolt and take control, and ended its reign, killing it in the process.



    • Kingdom of Aksumball - Shukron for gib refugees for Rasulullah and kebabs from the Paganist Quraysh. Also yuor citizen, Bilal bin Rabbah RA was a good man. He was the first man who peals adzan. Shukron once again.
    • Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib - The best leader druing this time around, he carried my legacy the best way possible and he’s a real hero!
    • Anshar - Me in the past. Shukron for gib refugees and headquarter before conquering mecca. Anshar and Muhajireen were the Best tribes I ever met. And Shukron for being the second kebab clan. May Allah bless yuo.
    • Mughalball - Thx of spreading Islam into India with some tolerance!
    • Saudi Arabiaball - Descendant. May Allah also bless them.


    • Sassanidball and Byzantineball - Killing my ambassadors huh? Even used elephant corpses and elite forces but yuo can't into beat me. Allah blessed! Also never of forget the Battle of Yarmouk, where yuo field 200,000 soldiers and we only of field 25,000 soldiers, yet we still of won the battle! And I will never forget the Battle of Qadisiyyah where  yuo field 100.000 soldiers and we only have 30.000 soldiers, and WE WON!!!
    • Umayyadball - Pls stop of revolting!
    • ISISball - Stop terrozing other kebabs! You aren't even Muslim just an evil infidel!
    • Serbiaball - I don't know them, but they are some country who hates kebab. Disgusts me.

    How to Draw[edit]

    Rashidunball and Abassidball is the second simplest countryball to draw

    1. Draw a circle
    2. Draw two circles for eyes
    3. Color body black
    4. You are done.


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