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    Welthauptstadt Germaniaball was a proposed capital city renewal project for the Third Reich tribeball in Central Europe. It was (one of) the greatest enemy of SPQRball and was able to kill it. It is one of the oldest of the ancestors of Germanyball , Belgiumball  Austriaball, Liechtensteinball, Switzerlandball Netherlandsball, Luxembourgball, Swedenball, Norwayball, Finlandball (minority), Icelandball and Denmarkball. It is also the one of the ancestors  Englandball and Franceball.


    Not much is known about Germaniaball's past (at least before SPQRball came into contact with it), but it is known that it was born as a child of 2ball. Much like the Italics and Celts, he was one of the earlier groups to split from 2ball given that his languages are Centum and not Satem like the slavs. Up until the great migration period, he lived above the Danube and east of the Rhine in Northern Germany and southern Scandinavia. Eventually, he had three sons: the Western Germanics (who became Englandball, BeNeLuxballs, Austriaball, Germanyball, Liechtensteinball and Switzerlandball), Northern Germanics (who became Norwayball, Swedenball, Denmarkball and Icelandball), and eastern Germanics (who died out completely in the 18th century but consisted of Gothsball, Burgundyball and Vandalsball).

    Tribes of Germaniaball

    West Germanicballs

    North Germanicballs

    East Germanicballs





    • Nazi Germanyball - Ek (Ich/I) is of understanding of du efforts to make Eastern Europe Germanic again, and Ek (Ich/I) is of appreciatings yuor efforts to remove Slavsball from die ost, but du attacked your own brüdern to try and restore me.


    • Rūmō: Damn, I killed Þu... Ek did not believe ek could do it... But ek did the impossible...heh heh! You are trying to raid our lands...
      • Italyball - Rome's weaker grandchild. Þu can into pay geldō (yields/debts), hôhô!
    • Hunnic Empireball: When we took down SPQRball, it also taken mein clay - which was then taken away bei this winid mannunz.
    • Walhaz (Welsh) - Filthy forefather of Frenchie, Normie and England's Celtic neighbours.
    • Slavsball - DEATH TO SE WINIDOZ (SLAVS), ÞIUDISKO (GERMAN) STRONK ÞU LITTLE WEAK COMMUNIST EK WILL DESTROY ÞU!! EAST GERMANIC TRIBES BECAME EXTINCT COZ OF ÞU! one of my descendants will avenge me und yuo Slavic filth will be made to bow down to the great Germanic Race once again!!!
    • Libyan Arab Jamahiriyaball - Why did you want mein one of my grandchildren dead!! Ich wonder why your flag look identical to the Celtic filth above but without the triskelion?

    How to draw

    1. draw a circle first, fill it with blue
    2. then draw a white small circle inside
    3. ​​​​then draw the Othal rune in thi white circle


    Kingdom of Sweden: The Börk, Heir Of Swedish, And The First EDM In Sweden (Avicii)
    Historical provinces Götalandball Svealandball ( Stockholmball) • Norrlandball
    Provinces Ångermanlandball Blekingeball Bohuslänball Dalarnaball Dalslandball Gotlandball Gästriklandball Hallandball Hälsinglandball Härjedalenball Jämtlandball Lapplandball Medelpadball Norrbottenball Närkeball Ölandball Östergötlandball Skåneball Smålandball Södermanlandball Upplandball Värmlandball Västmanlandball Västerbottenball Västergötlandball
    Former entities Migrants from the South (Prehistoric Europeans) Kingdom of Svearball Kingdom of Götarball Medieval Swedenball Kalmar Unionball Swedish Empireball Sweden-Norwayball
    Can you hear me? S.O.S., Help me put my mind to rest.. - Aloe Blacc
    Kingdøm øf Nørway: The First EDM In Eurøpe (Alan Walker, And Kygø), Kingdøm, And Viking
    Counties Agderball Innlandetball Møre og Romsdalball Nordlandball Osloball Rogalandball Troms og Finnmarkball Trøndelagball Vestfold og Telemarkball Vestlandball Vikenball
    Other Svalbardball Jan Mayenball Samiball Queen Maud Landball Peter I Islandball Bouvet Islandball
    Former entities Migrants from South (PreHistoric Europeans) Norwegian Realmball Kalmar Unionball Denmark-Norwayball Norwayball (1814) Sweden-Norwayball Nazi Norwayball
    Deep in the dark, I døn't need the light.. There's a ghøst inside me, It all beløngs tø the øther side, We live, we løve, we lie
    Number One Republic of Bjork Lazytown Iceland It's Iceland time!
    Regions Reykjavíkball Southern Peninsulaball • Western Regionball • Westfjordsball • Northwestern Regionball • Northeastern Regionball • Eastern Regionball • Southern Regionball
    Localities *Most of them are underpopulated, but the capitalball of Icelandball Reykjavíkball is exempted from the population gentrification project of the wiki.
    Former entities Migrants that crossed the ocean (its clay was totally uninhabited before the Viking Age) • Icelandic Commonwealthball Kalmar Unionball Norwegian Icelandball Danish Icelandball Kingdom of Icelandball
    Kingdom of Denmark: God's help, the love of the people, Denmark's strength
    Danish Realm Denmarkball Faroe Islandsball ( Tórshavnball) • Greenlandball (template)
    Regiøns Copenhagenball ( Bornholmball) • Central Denmark Regionball North Denmark Regionball Zealandball Southern Denmark Regionball Jyllandball
    Førmer entities Migrants from South (Prehistoric Europeans) Kingdom of Denmarkball Kalmar Unionball Denmark-Norwayball
    Who Is Called President Female Leadership?


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