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    Europe is full of questions and Hungary is full of answers.
    — Viktor Orbán
    Isten, áldd meg a magyart/Jó kedvvel, bőséggel.
    — Hungary beginning to sing its anthem
    Én not hungry.
    Neeeem... neeeem... neeem!!!
    Megölleeek!!! Megölleeek!!! Megölleeek!!!
    — Some random Hungarian guy yelling after missing a tram ride

    Hungaryball is very hungry to eat Cook Islandsball's food a landlocked countryball located in Central Europe. Its clay is bordered by Slovakiaball to the north, Serbiaball and Croatiaball to the south, Austriaball and Sloveniaball to the west, and Romaniaball and Ukraineball to the east.

    The countryball is divided into 19 countyballs including the capital cityball of Budapestball which acts separately from any of the county governments, giving it a total area of 93 028 square kilometers, making its the 108th largest countryball in the world. As of 2016, it maintains a population of about 9.818 million inhabitants.

    Being a Western Central European already gives Hungaryball the ability to join NATOball and EUball along with the Visegrád Groupball. Hungary also maintains membership in the Danube Commissionball being connected to the Danube river and the UNball like almost every other countryball in the world.

    Hungaryball is often seen as that strange neighbor that moved into your block whose way of life is different from the rest of the neighborhood. Though Hungaryball may have an isolated culture, it definitely doesn't have an isolated social status. It gets along with almost all of its neighbors and has a good economy along with a very safe society. However, it still has a few traits such as xenophobia and a nearly corrupt government, which are disapproved by countryballs like Germanyball.

    Its national day is August 20th.


    Hungaryball thinks it's the most genius of all the nations, so it usually comes up with a "great idea" (a trick or a loophole) to solve problems.

    It gets angry very easily.

    Hungaryball is BFFs with Polandball. Hungaryball hates to be called "mongol", "bozgor", "hungry", or even "slav" (and Eastern European) one and if called such, will usually respond with a rather quirky but devastating insult to the offender. Hungaryball's language is known to consist of the most curse words of all languages.

    It also hates immigration. Also, EUball is always arguing with it about its politics.

    It is secretly very sensitive and cries when someone reminds it to the Treaty of Trianon. It misses its child.


    Hungaryball was born as a 2ball, later being occupied by Illyriaball, Celtsball, Sarmatiansball, SPQRball and Hunball, who contributed to the fall of SPQRball by pushing Germanic tribes into SPQRball's clay.

    After Hunnic Empireball collapsed, it's western half was occupied by Germanic kingdoms, until Avarball came, and stayed there until it was beaten by Franksball.

    In the year 895, seven Magyarsball tribes settle in Europe, about 225.000 Nomads under Arpad's rule, in the Pannonian plain. In the following years, Magyarsball commit many raids in Europe, and even reaching Spainball. Under St. Stephen, the Magyars were converted to Christianity, thus forming Kingdom of Hungaryball.

    Then Mongol Empireball invaded Europe but however it and Poland kicked Mongolball out of Europe. For the next hundred years it, Habsburg Empireball, and Poland-Lithuaniaball defended from Ottoman Empireball.

    After that, Habsburgball anschlussed what was left of Hungaryball, until the revolution of 1848. Austrian Empireball made a deal with Hungaryball in 1867, and then they became Austria-Hungaryball.

    Shortly after this came WW1, in which Austria-Hungaryball fought alongside German Empireball. Ottomanball and Kingdom of Bulgariaball, but they lost, and as a result, two-thirds of Hungaryball's clay were given to Czechoslovakiaball, Austriaball, Yugoslaviaball and Romaniaball at the Treaty of Trianon. Because of this loss, Hungaryball hates Romaniaball, Serbiaball, and Slovakiaball ever since.

    Shortly before WW2, Nazi Germanyball gave back some of the stolen clay to Hungaryball, and because of this, they became BFFs for a short time. In 1941, Hungaryball took its revenge out on Yugoslaviaball by helping Nazi Germanyball invade its clay, and forcefully kidnapped Vojvodinaball afterwards.

    Hungaryball then fought Sovietball together but later Nazi Germanyball invaded it, and Sovietball occupied them both, along with many others.

    After WW2, PR Hungaryball was forced to give parts of Transylvaniaball's clay to SR Romaniaball and Vojvodinaball back to Yugoslaviaball. Hungaryball became a communist puppet state of Sovietball. Hungaryball rebelled against Sovietball in 1956, but failed.

    In 2004, Hungaryball became a member of EUball. In 2012 it change its name from Third Republic of Hungaryball to Hungaryball. From 2022 to 2024 Katalin Novák was the first female president of Hungary.

    Flag Colors

    Main Colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Madder Lake 206, 41, 57 C0-M65-Y58-K19 #CE2939
    White 255, 255, 255 N/A #FFFFFF
    Artichoke Green 72, 112, 80 C16-M0-Y13-K56 #477050


    Friends (Barátok)

    • Best Friends:
      • Polandball - (Until Ukraine War) Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát, együtt harcol, s issza borát! We are best Friends since the Middle Ages. We are almost siblings, also share the same word, Kurwa and Kurva. The best friend I've ever met. It is Godparent of my kids. We are both hussars, and a member of Visegrád 4. HAPPY 100th ANNIVERSARY TO YOU MY BEST FRIEND! I will protect you and Canada! If somebody hurts you, also hurts me. We are rivals in football only. I helped it in 1939 with that I accepted its refugees, we can into best friends! I want a common border with you, if only. Usually I cheer it up when it is sad. And I'm sorry for helping Nazi. But since Donald Tusk became leader. Things have changed.... And with Ukraine....
      • Austriaball - My spouse and my 2nd best friend ever. Kicsim, I love yuo *kiss*. We were the reason why we created a great empire. German Schnapps are delicious! WW1 and WW2 ally. We were both had hard times. But we still are best friends as of today.
      • Szekelylandball - My poor little child and my second best friend. It mark me as its best friend. I love yuo and I miss yuo too. *cries* But thank to EUball I can visit it whenever I want and I support it.
    • Albaniaball - A great friend whom we have honoured. A great Muslim country!
    • Burgenlandball - My child with Ausztria. Yuo is of so cute.
    • Austria-Hungaryball - A union along with Austriaball. My fugging glory day.
    • Azerbaijanball - It gibs oil for a vote in Eurovision. Also a Caucasian trade partner.
    • Bulgariaball - Slavic friend, we have some identical personality. We are friends since the Magyars first arrived in the Roman Empire. When it was formed in 681, I was there to help it. But it is my 4th best Slav since it is pretty far away and that we need to talk some more :) WW1, WW2 and Cold War ally.
    • Bosnia and Herzegovinaball - A Kebab, but yuo defended my ass back in WW1.
    • Chinaball - Trading partners. It has been opening up to each other in recent years, I also have a lot of refugees from its clay during Mao Times. WHY DO YOU INFECT MY COUNTRY WITH KORONAVÍRUS HUH? >:(
    • Croatiaball - Ex-spouse, good friend. We made a personal union in 1102. I went to vacation here a lot, because yuo have the best beaches. I honestly have no idea how I beat yuo in football. But that sure was fun! We also can into buddies.
    • Estoniaball - My little sibling. Yuo is of so cute, I love yuo. It lives with its step-siblings, but it wants to be Nordic. Also it is fine with my government, but it does not understand why I hate the Fourth Reich.
    • Khanty-Mansiball - My lost twin sibling who live in Russiaball. And it is my closest linguistic kin. We speak to each other very rarely.
    • Komiball - My sibling who also has a ambiguous name.
    • Kingdom of Hungaryball (1000-1526) - My young time. I was of stronk. I miss my teenager years. *begins to cry gently*
    • Uralball - Parent! I'm its oldest child. Yuo is of always kind and I love yuo. *hugs* (: *hugs*)
      • Other uralic countryballs - My siblings.
    • Hunnic Empireball - My other parent. It was a great warrior. I never met with yuo, because yuo are died before I moved to Europe.
    •  Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplénball - My Ohio child. Unfortunately my other childs makes fun of it. Maybe they don't, but I love you.
    •  Budapestball - My child. My capital. Happy 150th birthday!
    • Georgia - We both hate that idiot.
    •  Zakarpattiaball - My child.
    • Magyarabball - My long lost kebab child.
    •  Lithuaniaball - My good friend. It is My Sibling's friend and Poland's ex.
    • Canadaball - It helped to save our people during the Revolution of 1956. Is also a well-respected country :). It has a lots of Hungarians living in its clay and we share a great relationship. Also I trust you can handle American and Canadian relationships eh?
    • Germanyball (Sometimes) - Your football team is alright. I will give credit for you. But Merkel has not mentioned our great deeds in the EU! Also a WW1 and WW2 ally. Also, I helped it in its reunification in 1989.
    • Greeceball - We both don't like Germany.
    • Babka - One of my Best Friends, I constantly support yuo at the UNball and Merkelreich, and during the 2021 War between yuo and Hummus I stopped the EUball from Denouncing yuo. I have Trade Office in Jerusalemcube and yuo is also help me Go Into Space. Bibi and Orban are friends. Worth noting Theodor Herzl come from Here.
    • Armeniaball - It is now one of my good friends and I have excellent ties with it.
    • Kosovoball - I recognize yuo unlike my rival. If you dare do something very bad to Serbiaball, i will withdraw your recognition.
    • Malaysiaball- Hey look, another Asian friend who has some yummy Malay and Chinese mix culture! It also like my Magyar girls!
    • NAFTAball and Mexicoball - Good friends. I support the NAFTA deal. Mexicoball, plox change your flag.
    •  NATOball - I is of member but plox leave my spouse alone. It don't want to join yuo. But why you against my friend? STOP HATING HIM OR I WILL LEAVE YUO!
    • Philippinesball - It likes me, because I do not criticize its drug war.
    • Serbiaball (Since 2010) - At first since 2006 after the Montenegrin independence, our relations were worse since i recognized Kosovoball, but during the middle ages, we were friends and enemies at the same time but we cooperated during the 18th century as i let the refugee live in Vojvodina. Im starting to think you're the best neighboring country ever as both Vucic and Orban love each other and they agreed to make a train station from Belgrade to Budapest as we both love Russiaball. As times went on, we cooperate like the good old days. I forgive your apology for the crimes you did in the Yugoslav wars. Pssst... if he gets closer to your nerves, i'll withdraw his recognition
    •  Russiaball - Thanks for GIBBING me Oil and trade please. In exchange I will use the Ruble on your dealings as you want.
      • - XAXAXA your the only good European country other than Serbia and Belarus. Thank you for the business.
    • Slovakiaball - My stepchild. You are an alright Slavic friend who has some Magyar that were famous in your area. I guess we can be friends. And plox stop using my coat of arms.
    • Sloveniaball - My Slavic stepchild and best neighbour and good trade partner. A 3rd favorite Slavic friend.
    • Switzerlandball - Nice friend. Yuo have the best chocolate and yuo is op rich. Also my sibling-in-law.
    • South Koreaball - Plox forgive me that happens Duna. Anyway It is my Ural-Altaic cousin. We have a common enemy.
    •  Spainball - It wanted to help in 1956 but unfortunately was too late.
    • Turkeyball - Political and military ally. We have been enemies in the past but now we are great friends. Had problems talking with Armeniaball.
    • Turkmenistanball - Has few friends so I established some friendship.
    • Uzbekistanball - Gibbed me face masks! Thank you so much. It is a best Central Asian kebab.
    • Somaliaball and Pakistanball - I accepted your refugees.
    • UKball (except  Englandball) - We are both hate 4th reich. It is Poland's boss. I sorry for yuor Queen.
    • USAball - It helped me many times, and now I'm in NATO, It also help me with my military force. Nice burgers. Please be friends with Canada. I don't want to see two big friends fighting over NAFTA. Also stop calling me hungry or Italy plox!
      • Ohiorawr - It is of having the largest magyar population in the USA.
    • Vaticanball - Yes, can into Catholic! Thanks for visiting my clay twice!
      • : Yuo're welcome, child!

    Neutral (Semleges)

    • Czechiaball - It has Cold beer, nice cars and pretty women and can also into every organization as I. But don't start confusing your language with Russian. Your language is pretty difficult to understand. Your language is written using the Latin script (just like Hungarian) while the Russian language is written using the Cyrillic script.
    • Hummus - You never won a war and you hate my Jewish friend, but we both hate that evil neoliberal Soros.
    • Finlandball - My sibling. But why do yuo support  EUball against me and hate my friend Russia? *Sighs* Fine, I let you into NATO now.
    • Iraqball - My partner who needs to tone it down with mass migration. Only then can we be friends. But at least you are not as bad as the other kebabs.
    •  Australiaball,  Latviaball,  Lebanonball, and  French Polynesiaball - HOW DARE YUO STEAL MY SPOUSE'S IDENTITY?! >:(
    • Ottoman Empireball - 1526 NEVER FORGET! YUO ANSCHLUSSED ME AND RULLED ME MORE THAN LIKE 150 YEARS! But we fight at the same side in World War I, so I guess we’re cool.
    • Indonesiaball - Malaysia's sibling and it like Rubik cube but why you hate me idk why?!! Oh, that football match...
    • Romaniaball - My rival and arch-nemesis. A partner who also home to many Magyars called Transylvaniaball. We can be good friends because we are both in the EU. Please make some Hungarians famous in your territory at least so we can be better friends. AND STOP CALLING ME "BOZGOR" OR "MONGOL" AND LEAVE MY CHILD ALONE OR ELSE...
    • Italyball - We both hate the EU. Plox change your flag. WW1 NEVER FORGET WHICH YOU BETRAYED US! In WW2, yuo are OK.
    • Gambiaball - FLAG STEALER! But you replaced my white with blue so I'm neutral over you.
    •  Swedenball - *sigh* Yuo can into  NATOball.
    • Liberlandball - Why do yuo hate me? I did nothing wrong to yuo. Anyway I'm yuor step-grandparent.
    •  Vojvodinaball - My child but why do yuo hate me?

    Enemies (Ellenségek)

    Counties (Vármegyék)

    He's subdivided administratively into 19 counties (vármegyék, singular: vármegye) and the capital city (főváros) Budapestball. The counties are further subdivided into 174 districts (járások, singular: járás). The capital Budapestball is subdivided into 23 districts (kerületek, singular: kerület).


    • It had the highest hyperinflation in history.
    • One of the most successful countries at the Olympics.
      • Hungary has won the most gold medals in the Olympic summer games of all countries per capita
    • It has the highest VAT ín the EU (27%).
    • It hates George Soros for being the one who ruins all everyone's economies and finances,despite Orbán's Fidesz party inflating the entire country.
    • The Hungarian is the most spoken Uralic language.
    • It is one of the oldest countries in Europe.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Hungaryball.

    Click here to see it.

    zh:匈牙利球 es:Hungríaball cs:Maďarskoball pl:Hungaryball ru:Венгрия pt:Hungriaball

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