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    Chinaball singing his anthem
    我在北京 (Wazzup Beijing)
    Xi Jinping wishing a happy New Year
    The First wish is that I hope China has a world-class seaport; The second wish is that China has 160,000 kilometers of railways, which are accessible in all directions and convenient in transportation; The last wish is 'Great Harmony in China.' I hope that everyone is public and willing to work hard for their compatriots.
    Sun Yat-sen
    枪杆子里出政权! (Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun!)
    Mao Zedong
    Patience is a bitter plant, but its fruit is sweet.
    — Chinese Proverb
    I will send you to Jesus!
    Steven He
    What do you mean 'hehe'!?
    — Paimon, Genshin Impact
    NO! For the last time, Paimon is NOT EMERGENCY FOOD!
    — Paimon, again, Genshin Impact
    Kuru kuru~ / Time to twirl!
    — Herta, Honkai: Star Rail
    雪花飘飘 北风萧萧
    天地 一片 苍茫
    (Xuěhuā piāo piāo běi fēng xiāoxiāo
    tiāndì yīpiàn cāngmáng)
    — Chinese Eggman, originally by Fei Yu-Ching
    (Lí jiā de háizi, liúlàng zài wàibian, méiyǒu nà hǎo yīshang, yě méiyǒu hǎo yān)
    — Chinese Neckman
    (Wǎlán lán de tiānshàng fēi xióng yīng
    wǒ zài gāo gǎng liàowàng běijīng
    cè'ěr qīngtīng mǔqīn de shēngyīn
    fàngyǎn yù chuān chóngshānjùnlǐng)
    — Ulan Tuya

    Chinaball, officially known as the People's Republic of BingChilling Chinaball (or PRCball) is a partially recognized countryball in East Asia that is only unrecognized by Bhutanball (who doesn't recognize Taiwanball either), Taiwanball (which is not an official country), Vatican Cityball, Haitiball, Belizeball, Eswatiniball, Guatemalaball, Marshall Islandsball, Nauruball, Palauball, Paraguayball, Saint Luciaball, Saint Kitts and Nevisball, Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesball, and Tuvaluball, mainly because of the One-China Policy.

    Chinaball is the third-largest countryball on Earthball, with 9,596,960 square kilometers. It is the 2nd most populous countryball on Earthball with a population of 1,455 billion (as of May 29, 2023).

    Chinaball has the second-largest economy in the world after USAball. It is a member of BRICSbricks, SCOball, G20, and one of the five countryballs in the United Nationsball Security Council (UNSC). It became the biggest official creditor with $700 billion in loans, mostly to Africa and Latin America, in 2019. It is generally considered a great power. Due to continuous economic and military growth, it could be a superpower in the future.

    It has a very long border with many other countryballs in Asia. These are Mongoliaball and Russiaball to the north; Bhutanball, Indiaball, Laosball, Myanmarball, Nepalrawr, and Vietnamball to the south; North Koreaball to the east; and Afghanistanball, Kazakhstanbrick, Kyrgyzstanball, Pakistanball, Tajikistanball, to the west (the most neighbors out of every other countryball). The countryball is divided into 33 divisions, 22 being provinceballs (23 if you are including Taiwanball), five being autonomous regionballs like Tibetball and Uyghurball, four being municipalityballs such as Shanghaiball, and two being special administrative regionballs, Hong Kongball and Macauball.

    The "National Day of the People's Republic of China" is October 1. It celebrates the forming of the Central People's Government. It takes place in Tiananmen Square, in the center of the capital Beijingball, and also small to large celebrations in other cityballs.


    Due to the page's length, it has been split. See Chinaball/History.

    Chinaball can into good history :D


    Chinaball is business-oriented and materialistic. Being prideful of itself, considers itself the center of the world as the Middle Kingdom. In public, it often talks loudly. It can be polite but ready to resist if other people or countries harm it. Chinaball is also quite group-oriented and likes to live with other Chinaballs in their communities. It can be individualistic by putting itself and family before anything else. He has a strong affiliation with his own culture and also remains stoic and calm in most, if not all, situations.

    Chinaball loves to do business and usually loves to build projects in other countryballs. Chinaball has recently been doing business with Africanballs and seems to love building projects in Africa. Though USAball has criticized it as colonialism, some studies have shown that African countryballs would be able to pay off their debts and gain political power over their deal. As well as Chinaball's lack of caring of politics in other countries and Chinaball's past of being neo-colonized by European powers. Chinaball also hates dealing with politics with other countryballs and usually doesn't care what kind of government a countryball has and will do business with them anyways. When it comes to their goals, Chinaball can be extremely determined, strategic and hard-working, but can also be cunning and somewhat manipulative, despite seeing this as a "necessary evil".

    Due to historical events.Chinaball has mixed feelings of superiority and inferiority.In the 1840s till 1945 it was de facto overruled by the imperial powers UKball, Russian Empireball , Franceball, Empire of Japanball and German Empireball. Chinaball's urban areas are developed, but many rural areas are still poor. The government is trying to improve it, but most resources keep going to the coastal cities.

    Chinaball wants to change the world order because Chinaball was a developing country turned into a superpower, and Chinaball was bullied by western powers back then. Chinaball often has a mistrust of the west and generally seeking to differentiate themselves from the “Greedy Parasites” western. By claiming the Chinaball claims to adhere to international law, though according to USAball and its allies Chinaball doesn't follow intellectual properties, nor human rights and the rule of law in the sea by UNball.

    Chinaball prefers its cuisine with diverse meals. Many people in Chinaball eat almost anything edible. This is due to the great famine caused by the Great Leap Forward. Such as frogs, snails, and insects. Some still eat dogs.

    In Polandball, China's speech sometimes has "R" s and "L"s swapped to make fun of the stereotype of Asians' accents. In reality, the majority of China while the Japanese, whose language has the "R" sound but does not contain the "L" sound (In Korea, this is similar but vice versa). There are man loan words from other languages in Japanese, such as "lamp." However, the "l" sound is usually pronounced as an "r" sound in these loan words. Hence in Japanese, "lamp" is "ranpu." This led to the misconception that Asians tend to mix up the two letters in the West. On the contrary, there are fewer loan words in most Chinese languages. Moreover, in Mandarin (the most widely spoken Chinese language), there is a distinct "r" sound and "l" sound. Nonetheless, the poor general clarity of the Chinese when they speak in English does contribute to the misconception. Yet another common stereotype is the "Chinese eyes." This is often represented by either drawing Chinaball's eyes as slanted lines or narrowed almond-shaped eyes.

    China has appeared using/purchasing items, only for them (depending on how the artist portrays China) to get confused when reading the tag/item, as it says "made in China."Things like HUAWEI are good.awesome ones.


    Note: Due to the page's length, it is being split up. See Chinaball/Relationships.

    Administrative divisions/行政区划

    Most of them usually have the same personality as Chinaball. They don't have a flag of their own, which explains why not many appear in the comics. Most of them do not have their flags and emblem, They are usually expressed as this icon , but almost all Chinese cityballs have their Logo. Some cityballs also have their flags, emblems, and logos at the same time, like Guangzhouball.


    Autonomous regions/自治区




    How to draw/如何画

    1. Draw a basic circle filled with red color.
    2. Draw the one big yellow star on the upper-left side of the ball.
    3. Draw the smaller yellow stars around the bigger star. (Don't draw it on the line!)
    4. Draw two eyes, either the normal countryball eyes or lines, and you're done!

    Flag colors/旗帜颜色

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Orthodox Red 238, 28, 37 C0-M88-Y84-K7 #EE1C25
    Golden Yellow 255, 255, 0 C0-M0-Y100-K0 #FFFF00

    Additional notes/其他注意事项

    If you want your comic or animation to be available in China, please:

    • Aim the tips of the little stars at the big star;
    • Trace the flag;
    • Write 5★;
    • Don't draw stars.

    Unfortunately, the Chinese flag is protected by law, meaning that hand-drawn flags are not legal for public display in China. The four suggestions above are methods to avoid being taken down by auditors. Though somewhat against Polandball rules, these are the only ways your comics can get inside China without being censored.


    Polandball Wiki has a gallery of artwork, comics, GIFs, and videos of Chinaball.

    Click here to see it.


    1. Bolger, Rosemary. "How Peppa Pig Became a Gangster Figure in China." SBS, SBS News, 1 May 2018, https://www.sbs.com.au/news/how-peppa-pig-became-a-gangster-figure-in-china.



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