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    Picardyball is a historical and cultural region located in the North of Franceball and a little part in Belgiumball.

    Its language is picard, a langue d'oïl (And not a patois) which looks a lot like french. Picard has its dialects, for exemple the "ch'ti" which is spoken in Artois.

    Picardyball, unlike this neighbors ( Normandyball  Champagne-Ardenneball or Flandersball) never was a political entity (Comty, duchy or principality) and the borders of Picardyball is often debated. For exemple, the Nord-Pas-de-Calaisball is a administrative region of Franceball but culturally they have Flemish (Lille, Dunkerque, Saint-Omer) and Picard (Arras, Cambrai, Valenciennes, Douai, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, Calais). Also in Belgiumball in Tournai where picard architecture is present and picard is spoken. But some consider Lilleball picard but in reality they speak picard today but the city is historically Flemish.


    Picardyball born as 2ball.

    In the 5th century BC, The Gaulball occupies the territory. In the 3rd century, a Gallic people, The Belgaeball occupies the territory, divided into several tribes (Ambiens, Véliocasses, Suessons, Veromandil, Atrébates, Bellovaques, Viromanduens and other).

    After Gallic Wars, Picardy is integrated into Gallia Belgicaball.

    In 457, the Kingdom of Soissonsball is etablished. In 481, Franciaball invade and conquer the kingdom. Clovis I is born in Tournai who is the capital of Franciaball. Soissons becomes the new capital of Franciaball before Parisball. In 511, after the reign of Clovis I, two kingdom born in Picardy : Neustriaball and Austrasiaball.

    After the Merovingian period, is the Carolingian period, Pepin the Short is crowned in Soissons in 752 and Charlemagne is crowned in Noyon in 768.

    In 9th century, the vikings raid Picardy and pillage Saint-Riquier, Amiens and Saint-Valery but they are stopped in Corbie. Louis III won in the battle of Saucourt-En-Vimeu but vikings continues to loot and burn the cities of Picardy.

    In the battle of Bouvines, picard milice will participe in the battle, the battle is a French victory.

    In the Hundred Years War, a picard paysan will be noticed, is the "Grand Ferré". Grand Ferré k!ll 70 English.

    After the Hundred Years War, Picardy will be attached to the Kingdom of France after a war against the Burgundians .

    In the Renaissance, Picardy will experience several Spanish invasions.

    In the Franco-Prussian war, several battle will take place in Picardy, after the war, Prussian who is now  German Empireball occupied the three administrative Picardy department until the end of 1871.

    In World War I, Picardy will be a battlefield throughout the war, it will experience the Battle of the Somme which is the deadliest of the WW1.

    In World War II, Picardy will be also a Battlefield, where the blitzkrieg will strike French army. A famous general of the Free France is a Picard, Philippe de Hautecloque (General Leclerc). Picardy will be liberated in August 1944 by the Allies

    Today, Picardy is part of the  Hauts-de-Franceball region in France. And in Belgiumball, part of Walloniaball

    How to draw

    Like almost every French region, drawing Picardyball is a pain:

    1. Divide the basic circle shape into quarters with a transparent + cross
    2. Color that (from up-left, clockwise) of blue, white, blue and white
    3. In each blue quarter, draw three yellow fleur-de-lys
    4. In each white quarter, draw three red heraldic lions seeing to left
    5. Draw the eyes and you've finished.


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