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    The new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religion from Baekje.
    — Bill Wurtz, history of japan

    Baekjeball (pronounced "[pɛk̚.t͈ɕe]") was a historical countryball that existed in southwestern Korea. It was one of the Three Kingdoms.


    Baekjeball was born as Goguryeoball. Still, in 18 BC, Baekjeball left Goguryeoball to go south, because it was going to be the king, but another Goguryeoball became the king and fled. It left with its sibling, but it died in modern-day Incheonball. It was first named Sipjeball (which means ten vassals) but changed to Baekjeball (Hundred vassals). It became part of Mahanball, but it killed it and Anschlussed its clay (Mahanball was of Confederation, so it actually killed Mok-jiball). It used pretty good use of the Han River and became strong. In the third century, Baekjeball became a friend of the Japanese Shogunateballs. In its golden age, it Anschlussed much of modern-day gyeonggi-doball, but around 400 CE, Goguryeoball defeated Baekjeball. Later, it of lose the Han River, so it of movings south. It then moved its capital to Ungjinball. Later, moved to Sabiball, seemed to revive. Later, they lost the Han River. It conquered it again with Sillaball, but they lost what they got by Sillaball. In 660 CE, Baekjeball was killed by Tangball and Sillaball.

    How to draw

    Draw Baekjeball is very simple.

    1. Draw the basic sphere and color it of yellow like here
    2. Draw a little white circle inside and add there a black 백제
    3. Add two slant eyes and a rice hat. You've finished.


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