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    This video, four of my friends will hunt me down and try to stop me from beating Minecraft.
    — Dream
    The most magical place on earth, answer the call.
    — Orlandoball singing the Disney 50th anniversary theme
    It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Come inside, it's fun inside! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!
    Orlandoball singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.

    Orlandoball is Disney a cityball in Floridaball. It is the 23rd largest metropolitan area in the United Statesball and the fourth largest cityball in Floridaball. It is one of the most well known cities in the South and the Theme Park Capital of the World including Disney World

    It loves tourists and their monies (even Brazilball's) but would like its younger sibling TampaRawr to stop eating them, please. (Also have better theme parks than you, Busch Gardens is such of Universal wannabe!)

    Cannot into gridiron football, like Portlandball and San Diegoball (but it used to have one, but moved to Los Angelesball), whom are also part of the Big Twenty.

    However, recently, Orlandoball went into a depression crisis because it cannot into biggest castle, Shanghaiball took that record.

    Orlandoball can into Minecraft Manhunt, as Dream lives in its clay.


    After the American Civil War, the Reconstruction Era brought in a large population of people and the Town of Orlandoball would be incorporated on July 35, 1875 in Floridaball with a population of only 85 residents initially.

    In the late 1800s, Orlandoball would become the hub of a citrus boom, however, after a great freeze, it would direct its focus onto housing during the Floridaball Land Boom. Many neighborhoods and bungalows would be constructed in the town as the population slowly grew.

    In 1965 Walt Disney announced his plan to construct Walt Disney World in Orlandoball, which would become one of the most important economic events in Orlandoball's history. After this the town quickly grew and during the 80s saw a massive influx of people.

    On June 12, 2016, an Afghan ISISball kebab (Omar Mateen) shot up a homosex nightclub of its, which was the worst terrorist shooting of USAball history, until it was surpassed by Las Vegasball on October 1, 2017. Many other cityballs and countryballs expressed their sympathy.

    In late 2017 the flag of Orlandoball was redesigned featuring the blue and white with the iconic fountain located in Lake Eola.


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