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    Gambelaball is a regionball of Ethiopiaball.


    Gambelaball was born as a  8ball, later adopted by D'mtball, Kingdom of Aksumball, Zagweball, Ethiopian Empireball, Italian East Africaball, Abyssiniaball, Dergball, PDR Ethiopiaball and then Ethiopiaball.

    Gambela is a nomad who is currently living in Ethiopiaball who was living in the country for almost 3 million years. It gets along with Sudanese refugues living in the county. Other then those groups, the plains are mostly lifeless. Unfortunately, it as well as the people of the Omo valley were the targets of slavery during the Arab slave trade. They get kidnaped by Habeshas and get sold to Arabs because they practiced African tribal religions instead of Christianity and skin color logic. For being wise and supper old,  Gambelaball forgave Ethiopiaball but sometimes prefers to be an independent state living alongside the valleys.


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