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    Miamiball (Spanish: Miamibola) is another ripoff of Indiaball and Nigerball a cityball located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Floridaball, USAball. It encompasses the Greater Miami Area, which includes the cities of Fort Lauderdaleball and several other beaches, including Pompano Beachball ( Fort Lauderdaleball's neighbor) and, to a lesser extent, West Palm Beachball. Conch Republicball, its sibling from the keys, loves it to death. Lil Pump was born here.

    Like most coastal cities Miamiball is suffering from climate change.


    Miamiball was founded in 1896 by Floridaball and USAball. The surrounding region was previously part of Spanish Empireball, French Louisianaball/Spanish Louisianaball, and CSAball.

    During the second half of the 20th century, Miamiball had a problem with Cubaball and illegal immigrants, as well as drug cartels from Colombiaball and Mexicoball. Nowadays, it is nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America", due to its Latino-American and Spanish-speaking majority. Additionally, it is known for its beaches, cruise ships, and the Ultra Music Festival.

    Like Dr. Österreich, who is a psychologist, Miamiball can also into doctor, as Dr. Miami, but instead of being a psychologist, it is a plastic surgeon and it makes videos of its surgeries online in a mobile app.

    Miami also loves Latino Culture, (With the exception of Brazilball of course). especially Cubaball, Mexicoball, El Salvadorball, Hondurasball, Guatemalaball, Colombiaball, and Argentinaball. In 2017 Miamiball got badly hit by Hurricane Irma.

    It's also a big sports fan and has several sports teams:

    • The Marlins of MLB (he got the team at the same time as Denverball and won the World Series twice)
    • The Heat of the NBA (Lost to Los Anglesball)
    • The Dolphins of the NFL (Dan Marino is a legend!)
    • Inter Miami of the MLS (they won the 2023 texmex soccer world cup Leagues Cup)
    • The Panthers of the NHL (they got to the Stanley Cup final in 1996)

    In 2023, Messi arrived at his clay and then more goats came and Miami became one of the most powerful teams in the MLS. Now if they can get 149 - 0 against Real Madrid


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