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Sicily-icon.png Sicilyball aka legball is a islandball located in the Mediterranean Sea, and also a Italy-icon.png Italian autonomous region. It is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, and home to Italy-icon.png Italyball's Mafia. Sicily-icon.png Sicilyball also has one of the only flags to have a trinacria on it. 

History[edit | edit source]

Sicily was founded when it became an island after Africa and Europe split off, then soon later humanity came into Sicily and became a 2-icon.png 2ball.

The first settlers to land on it was Carthage-icon.png Carthageball, who settled on the west side of the island and after, Ancient Greece-icon.png Ancient Greeceball came and settled on the east to expand its trade. SPQR-icon.png Roman Empireball discovered Sicily, then after a few wars with Carthage-icon.png Carthageball, sent a giant fleet to seize the island. After the dissolution of the Roman Empire, it became apart of the Western Roman Empire-icon.png Western Roman Empireball, and then after the fall of the Western Roman Empire by celts and germans, Sicily was unclaimed until the Byzantine-icon.png Eastern Roman Empireball came along.

Later. the arabs colonize Sicily and created the Fatimid-icon.png Emirate of Sicilyball. Long after, Normandy-icon.png Normans took over Sicily and beat out the arabs, and making the Kingdom of Sicily-icon.png Kingdom of Sicilyball.

After the Napoleonic Wars, Sicily became the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies-icon.png Kingdom of the Two Siciliesball, and then after Italian unification, which became apart of Kingdom of Italy-icon.png Kingdom of Italyball. During WWII, the allies invade Sicily, and even if he might've been able to survive at that, Kingdom of Italy-icon.pnghe had a revolution, and Benito Mussolini, his leader, was killed by hanging, which turned him into the modern day Italy-icon.png Italian Republicball. During that same time, USAball killed people of his clay during the Biscari Massacre and it hates the USA to this day.(tho he does not hate the godfather movies and any other mafia movies that USA made)

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