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    Kingdom of Polandball, or Crown of the Polish Kingdomball was a historical countryball representing stronk  Polandball under a series of governments of the Jagiellonian dynasty. Despite its flag not being rectangular shaped, this country is named -ball. The non-ball version is more like an Anschluss form.


    From the 12th to the 14th century, ​First Kingdom of Polandball was in a long period of fragmentation (1138–ca. 1320). During the fragmentation, ​First Kingdom of Polandball lost Duchy of Silesiaball and Pomeraniaball. After the re-unitary United Kingdom of Polandball started to conquer the east territory, United Kingdom of Polandball gained a terrain of today Ukraineball's clay, including the cityball of Lvivball.

    In the mid-1320s, an agreement between the king of Polandball, Władysław Łokietek, and Grand Duke of Lithuaniaball, Gediminas, was made. Gediminas' daughter, Aldona, married Władysław Łokietek's son and future successor, Casimir III of Poland, in 1325, which led to improved relations between the two states.

    In 1321, UKPball sued  Teutonic Orderball for unlawful seizure of Pomereliaball, and the judge ordered the land and enormous money to be returned. Teutonic Orderball did not agree and the case was eventually suspended.

    In 1326, it was attacked by Teutonic Orderball, which led to a truce, UKPball used the truce for the raid on Brandenburgball, and decided to dominate  Duchy of Masoviaball ​​​sons, who signed an alliance with a Teutonic Orderball. In 1331, when the truce ended, Teutonic Orderball declared war on him.

    In 1385, the growing threat of the Teutonic Orderball to both countryballs led to a closer alliance - the Polish-Lithuanian union, which marked the beginning of the Jagiellonian dynasty.

    On 10 November 1444, Polandball lost fighting  Kebab in Varnaball, Which resulted in Polandball losing its king for many days. At this point, Polandball became a somewhat Elective Monarchy.

    In 1569, the Kingdom of Polandball and  Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball merged into a single nation, the  Polish-Lithuanian Commenwealthball.





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