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    Shenzhenball is  Hong Kongball's territory dispute cityball in Guangdongball, Chinaball. He is an excellent scientist and entrepreneur, many high and new technology and famous companies created/built on here. He can also into vice-provincial cityball and cityball specifically designated in the state plan. He is right on top of Hong Kongball. He can also into gay people.


    Shenzhen is believed to be populated as early as 5000 BC. Afterwards (3 century BC) the place was a centre of salt monopoly, thus earning special Imperial protection. Shenzhen is also famous for being the place of suicide of the last Song dynasty emperors, who have jumped off a cliff escaping the Mongol capture.


    Now Shenzhen is a centre of drone production, 90% of world's drones are produced there. Huaweiball, Zteball, and many other companyballs have their headquarters in Shenzhenball.


    • Cantonball - Stop copying everything I do! Hong Kongball’s your brother NoT ME!
    • Beijingball - He is the big brother of my family and the one who made the decision to let me into rich and prosper. Also up to now he is the only one whose high tech can compete with mine. Many of his universities have institutions in my clay.